Tuesday, 10 February 2015


On a gloriously clear and sunny day, the views from Craigielaw Clubhouse on Monday 9th February were wonderful - let's hope that the sun shines like that on our competitions in 2015!!!

The now annual ESVLGA Coffee Morning proved just as popular as the first one last year with 57 ladies attending.  The music to accompany our speakers' talks this year ranged from Abba's SOS to Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake : an eclectic mix.  Gillian Kirkwood and Anne Brownie provided an entertaining insight into what goes on behind the scenes when refereeing golf tournaments.  A case of always expect the unexpected - especially when it comes to TV camera buggies and swans! 

Lots of laughter and fun catching up with fellow members are the memories of the day.

For ladies who were unable to attend, the following "business" items were covered:
1. A reminder to ensure fixture cards and diaries are updated to reflect the change of date for our Championship Semis and Final to (25th July) and the venue for our AGM on 16th November will be Gullane Members' Clubhouse.
2. Polo shirts - our ESVLGA mint colour is back in stock at Wilkies.  Dulcie Barnes has a supply of discount vouchers entitling purchase at the special rate of £12.79.  Please contact Dulcie if you want a voucher, otherwise members wishing to buy a polo shirt can go to the North Berwick Wilkies branch where staff are most familiar with our special discount.