Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Next Round Completed

Well that was quick!  The second round of the Ramsden Cup has been completed and so here is the next draw to be completed by 18th June.  Thanks to Katherine for sending the results through so promptly and on her birthday too!

Third Round Draw
Seonaid Stewart  v  Denise Mitchell
May Hardy  v  Christine Reid
Vivien Mitchell  v  Dulcie Barnes
Ray Lynch  v  Norma Richmond
Helen Holton  v  Joanne Watt
Isobel Hastings  v  Mairi Pollock
Phyl Early  v  Sandra Simpson
Gilly Glen  v  Kate Johnston

Already this is revving up to be a very exciting contest this year.  Good luck all.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Don't get Excited!

No, this is not the very  latest set of results for the Ramsden Cup.  This is the one before that , which has somehow been omitted.  At least this will look like a proper draw when all the byes ares incorporated .  Most of these following matches have actually been played but we shall wait until all the games are completed before putting them on the web as a fait accompli.  This is due very soon.

Second Round
Christine Clark  v  Seonaid Stewart
Irene Campbell  v  Denise Mitchell
May Hardy  v Alice Archbold
Betty Redwood  v  Christine Reid
Vivien Mitchell  v  Deirdre Kinloch-Anderson
Dulcie Barnes  v Vicki Cullen
Ray Lynch  v Fiona Ford
Hilary Thomson  v  Norma Richmond
Sandra Kempston  v  Helen Holton
Elsa Todd  v  Joanne Watt
Isobel Hastings  v  Ros Thoresen
Mairi Pollock  v  Maureen McKay
Lynne or Phyl  v Mary Davidson
Sandra Simpson  v Isobel Haliday
Rita Dee  v  Gilly Glen
Kate Johnston  v  Val Hallam

The results of the next round are eagerly awaited.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Draw for the Summer Meeting

The Summer Meeting will be held at Haddington on Monday June 4th.  This will of course be the qualifying round for the East Vets Championship and you will be asked before going out if you are intending to play in the matchplay event should your score be in the top eight.  For those who have not played in this previously, the winner of the matchplay will then proceed to play in the Scottish Vets Championship at Blairgowrie in September, representing the East Division.

9.30    Maureen Woodward, Carole Ross, Norma Richmond
9.38    Carol MacLeod, Ellice Cackett, Noreen Fenton
9.46    Karen Ballantyne, Sophia Spiewak, Anne Brownie
9.54    Lesley Johnston, Sandra Ashurst, Caroline Kinnaird
10.02  Susan Penman, Frances McFadzean, Barbara Biggart
10.10   Ros Thoresen, Christine Clark, Elsa Todd
10.18   Sydena Cullen, Denise Mitchell, Betty Redwood
10.26   Dulcie Barnes, Pamela Williamson, Margaret Thompson
10.34   Marjory Lauder, Margaret Dalrymple, Lynne Loudon
10.42   May Hardy, Nancy Gow, Seonaid Stewart
10.50   Margo Blair, Isobel Hastings, Christine Simpson
10.58   Margaret Campbell, Moyra Loughran, Margaret Magson
11.06   Mary Richardson, Anne Hanson, Rosie Dennis
11.14   Maureen Stewart, Sylvia Cunningham, Pam Townsend
11.22   Ann Hanna, Kate Johnston, Sally Brian
11.30   Isobel Halliday, Linda Grieve, Ray Lynch
11.38   Carol Foggo, Judy Fordyce, Thelma Dey
11.46   Ruth Brown, Alice Archbold, Fiona McLaren
11.54   Sandra Craig, Liz Smith, Muriel Armstrong
12.02   Cynthia Guthrie, Libby Campbell, Fiona Ford
12.10   Janey Horberry, Sandra Simpson, Vivien Mitchell
12.18   Eleanor Stewart, Anne Beedie, Jackie Squires
12.26   Rita Dee, Joanne Watt

Katherine reminds you that you still have £5 of a balance to pay.  Distance measuring devices are allowed.  Enjoy your game.    

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of a greatly loved friend and golfing icon, Ethel Jack, who died today May 23rd.  Ethel has been ill for quite some time but bore this illness with the same fortitude and bravery that has been her trademark throughout her life.  She will be greatly missed.  More details will follow once they are known.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Slideshow of East v Midlands match

Success at last at Murrayfield

East Vets have at last achieved their target of winning the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy.  This is the trophy presented by Liz Miskimmin to the winners of the scratch match (handicaps 6 - 10, but no lower than six) between East Division and Midlands Division, now in its third year.  Up till now East have only been able to gaze in wonder at this trophy although touching was defnitely out of bounds.  And now, they could still gaze in wonder but unfortunately, still couldn't touch it - but this is another story!     Midlands have promised faithfully that we shall have it for all to peruse at our AGM or maybe before.

What exactly happened that all our ladies were treated to such a wonderful day for their match.  East is notorious for incurring the disfavour of the Weather- man.  Why, even the Elie match ten days ago had to be cancelled because of the conditions.  And those with sufficiently good memories will recall that this very match over in Fife last year, was on the day of the Big Storm and had to be cancelled, the replacement day being only fractionally better - but at least playable. Today was absolutely glorious and Murrayfield could not have looked more beautiful.  It was a photographer's dream, with every imaginable shade of green on display and even a buzzard sweeping the skies endlessly above.  Perfect.

Midlands arrived early and were already digging into coffee and bacon rolls when East nonchalantly rolled up much to the relief of the captain who was sitting a trifle apprehensively with the visiting team. Everyone was ready in plenty of time for the first tee-off and how pleasant it was to have a leisurely practice putt in the early morning sun without layers of jerseys and waterproofs.  Even the two captains were able to stroll around, admiring the splendid golf and not be frozen to death.  The result?  Oh yes, there has to be a result.  East won by 4 1/2 to 2 1/2, despite arithmetical efforts to make this a halved match.

Very many congratulations to the members of our team all of whom played so well but also to Midlands, three of whom had to leave promptly for other engagements and even to play again at night!  Many thanks  to Murrayfield Golf Club for their catering.  Lovely spicy soup and a delicious array of sandwiches awaited everyone on arrival.

Anne Brownie beat Joan Peden 3 and 2
Sheila Lyon halved with Dawn Butchart
Norma Richmond beat Christine Steedman  3 and 2
Elinor Blair beat Sandy Bushby 4 and 3
Ray Lynch beat Emma Wilson 4 and 3
Alice Archbold lost to Marie Curran 1 up
Caroline Kinnaird lost to Sylvia Copland 4 and 3

Well done everyone

Thursday, 3 May 2012

East Vets team to play against the Midlands Vets

It always seems as if there is every time in the world in the early months of a new season before matches get going and teams are to be chosen .  Then suddenly they are upon us and it is all systems go.  This year the East v Midlands Vets match for the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy is on the 21st May at Murrayfield.  The team in alphabetical order is:

Alice Archbold (Gullane)
Elinor Blair (North Berwick)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse)
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
Sheila Lyon (Kingsknowe)
Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)

You are invited to be at Murrayfield shortly after ten o'clock to meet the oppostion - and please remember nice though they are, they are the OPPOSITION - we have never won this trophy yet and there is no time like the present.  There will be coffee and bacon rolls for those who want them and golf begins at 11am.  We have been unable to get the lovely green poloshirts exhibited at the AGM to add a touch of colour to our jerseys so for this year, could you please wear the East Vets green jersey, a yellow teeshirt and pale coloured slacks - stone, beige, light fawn - if this is possible.  If you have a problem with any of this , please contact Katherine.  DMD's are permitted but not those, including phone apps, with a slope or wind facility.

Let's win this year.