Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ramsden Cup draw

The draw for the Ramsden Cup has been made. Phone numbers and emails will be available at the Spring Meeting to allow you to contact your opponent. You will then have between April 11th and May 7th to play your first round tie unless you are one of those with a bye into the second round.

Christine Clarke

Seonaid Stewart

Irene Campbell

Denise Mitchell

May Hardy

Alice Archbold

Betty Redwood

Christine Reid

Katy Gillies
Vivien Mitchell

Ellice Cackett
Deirdre Kinloch-Anderson

Isabel MacDonald
Dulcie Barnes

Vicki Cullen
Molly Woolgar

Ray Lynch
Sheila Hunter

Sue Caton
Fiona Ford

Hilary Thomson
Sally Brian

Norma Richmond
Anne Brownie

Liz McLelland
Sandra Kempston

Helen Holton
Christine Simpson

Elsa Todd
Maureen Stewart

Joanne Watt
Margo Blair

Isobel Hastings
Susan Tudball

Noreen Fenton
Ros Thoresen

Sandra Ashurst
Mairi Pollock

Ann Hanna
Maureen NacKay

Lyn Lockerbie
Phyl Early

Mary Davidson

Sandra Simpson

Isobel Halliday

Rita Dee

Gillie Glen

Kate Johnston

Val Hallam

Looking forward to seeing the results of these matches. Please let Katherine know.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Meeting Draw

After a pretty blustery winter which isn't the best incentive for early season practice, this last week must surely have been delightful enough to entice anyone on to the golf course just in time for the East Vets Spring Meeting. Can the weather hold up for another two weeks? (Knowing our track record, probably not but we can always live in hope)

Tuesday 10th April is the date and Gullane No 3 is the venue. Here is the draw. As usual, if your situation has changed and you had not previously entered but now can, give Katherine a ring. Please note that now that the draw has been completed, there are no refunds should you now be unable to play.

8.48 Jean Dawson, Jackie Squires, Senga Grant
8.56 Frances McFadzean, Vickie Sandeman, Gillie Glen
9.04 Pat Mavor, Maureen Woodward, Clare Bowe
9.12 Margaret Magson, Maureen Matthews
9.20 Noreen Fenton, Pamela Williamson, Carole Ross
9.28 Wendy Ross, Jane Butters, Carol Halliday
9.36 Elinor Blair, June McEwan, Ruth Brown
9.44 Sally Brian, Mary Richardson, Rita Dee
9.52 Jane Herd, Fiona Ford, Dorothy Thomson
10.00 Anne Brownie, Susan Penman, Alice Jack
10.08 Sheila Hunter, Margo Blair, Janey Horberry
10.16 Muriel Armstrong, Margaret Campbell, Dorothy Silver
10.24 Margaret Thompson, Margaret Dalrymple, Liz Smith
10.32 Marjory Lauder, Dulcie Barnes, Beth Freedman
10.40 May Hardy, Phyl Early, Catriona Shedden
10.48 Val Hallam, Barbara Biggart, Karen Ballantyne
10.56 Liz McLelland, Liz Simpson, Anne Beedie
11.04 Marion Law, Elsa Todd, Carol Macleod
11.12 Judy Cuthbertson, Sandra Craig, Maureen Cranston
11.20 Eleanor Stewart, Thelma Dey, Jane Millar
11.28 Anne Hanson,Sheila Lyon, Caroline Kinnaird
11.36 Patricia Rose, Christine Clarke, Nanette Weir
11.44 Isobel Halliday, Christine Simpson, Kate Rorke
11.52 Lynne Loudon, Maureen Stewart, Anne Patrick
12.00 Seonaid Stewart, Margaret Sneddon, Denise Mitchell
12.08 Alice Archbold, Pam Townsend, Pam Stephenson
12.16 Lesley Johnston, Joanne Watt, Ros Thoresen
12.24 Gina Thomson, Vivien Mitchell, Katy Gillies
12.32 Judy Fordyce, Lesley Gray, Asp Robertson
12.40 Isobel Hastings, Mary Davidson, Irene Campbell
12.48 Anne McKenzie, Christine Reid, Molly Woolgar
12.56 Nancy Gow, Pauline Scott, Amelia Taylor

This is an excellent entry of 95 and several of our new Vets are showing their enthusiasm by entering straightaway, so a warm welcome to all of them. You will enjoy it (that sounds like an order but it is actually a statement of fact!)and like everyone else, if you bring in a good score, you'll enjoy it even more.

Katherine has not yet been able to work out what you will need to pay on the day but we will be able to let all know before the end of the week. If you don't have the change, cheques will be acceptable. Distance measuring devices are allowed now but not the ones of course with wind or slope assistance.

One last point. Many of you who attended the AGM and lunch last year, placed orders for the new East Vets mint green shirt to go with the green jersey. Imagine our disappointment when placing the order, we were informed that mint green is off . How bad is that? We are bringing along a lilac shirt for all to examine which we are told is a stable catalogue colour for the foreseeable future.

Good luck all.