Monday, 17 December 2012

Season's Greetings

Let's hope the winter weather stays in winter in 2013, and that you enjoy this wintry scene from the Botanic Gardens:

Monday, 19 November 2012

East Vets AGM at Gullane

This whole golfing year has been governed by the weather so why should this, the last official blog of the year, be any different.  It was a complete treat/relief to be inside Gullane clubhouse, looking out on the empty wind- blasted courses rather than the reverse.  What a gale.  All ladies turning up for the AGM and lunch must have got the shock of their lives when checking their coiffure in the mirror, prior to the meeting.  One poor lady who shall remain nameless arrived late, having mistaken the venue and had had to race at break-neck speed to Gullane.  She came through the door just as her name was being called to receive the Wallace Williamson Aggregate Cup,  only to be greeted by a "Have you just come off your motor-bike?"  Pay no attention Vivien, everyone had that harrassed wind-blown look when they came in.

The meeting with 60 ladies had opened with a request for a moments silence to remember Ethel Jack and Moira Thomson.

The prize-giving followed and it was gratifying to have so many people present to receive their trophies and awards.  We mention here only the trophy winners.
Senior Salver won by Christine Reid
Wallace Williamson Aggregate Cup  won by Vivien Mitchell
Beddowes Trophy won by Rosie Dennis
The Rosebowl won by Vivien Mitchell
Ramsden Cup won by Isobel Hastings
Lady MacInnes Shaw Championship Cup won by Ruth Brown

The apologies were reported , this being 67.  The decision had been taken last year to email the minutes to all members with known email addresses and to post a copy to all those who did not, rather than producing piles of hard copies .  This has proved an efficient way of distributing the minutes.  The minutes were proposed and seconded.

There were two matters arising.  With regard to the Ramsden Cup, last year it had been proposed to find neutral ground for the semifinals and final.  The organisation of this proved easier than had been thought and it is to be continued.  Only one of the semifinals had to be played on Liberton for which a guest fee had been paid, courtesy of the Vets Association, whereas the final had been played on Murrayfield, as both contestants were Murrayfield Ladies.  This was won by Isobel Hastings , Denise Mitchell being runner-up.  The decision to play three extra holes - with strokes as necessary - when the game was all square at the 18th, was reiterated, rather than sudden death.

Dulcie Barnes high-lighted to the company her efforts to procure a shirt from Wilkies which could be worn with our traditional green jersey, descibed as turquoise? and how she had managed to get a substantial discount.  Last year a shirt of similar colour had been approved, only to find that Glenmuir was discontinuing that shade.  The Wilkie shirt has been guaranteed for the distant future.

The financial statement had been distributed and opened to questions.  The generous balance we have, was queried and the meeting was invited to suggest useful ways of decreasing it.  The Captain said she had hoped to initiate another scratch match of the lowest handicap players with local Divisions,( none of which have yet been approached) in the manner of our East v West match.  Low handicap Vets, who potentially form the squad from whom the Scottish vets team is selected possibly require more matchplay experience and the more matches between divisions the better.  This was one suggestion.   The suggestions from the company were sending flowers to  members who were unwell, increasing the value of prizes (this had actually already been done) and coaching for the ladies who played in any of the teams. The ladies were asked to put on their thinking caps and communicate with their committee over the next few weeks if any other ideas arose.

The financial statement was adopted.

Katherine said she had some green jerseys she wanted to sell off at bargain prizes and at the end of the meeting these vanished as if by magic.

The Captain gave her report recounting the events of the year in chronological order.  There was a great deal said about the weather conditions and how this had influenced all manner of games, many of which had been postponed or cancelled.  The Spring meeting had been rescheduled, the Elie Match had been cancelled and Haddington had gone underwater with postponement of the championship matchplay games. We had lost on both occasions to the West Vets but had won both our Borders match and our Midlands match, the latter for the first time. Ruth Brown had beaten Sue Penman in our championship in a very tight final , had proceeded to challenge for the Scroggie Cup at Blairgowrie only to be beaten at the seventeenth hole in the final.  Karen Ballantyne had represented the East Division in the Scotland versus Ireland match at Templepatrick but Scotland had not won.  No East Vet had been selected for either of the teams representing Scotland in the Vets Jamboree or the Senior Home Internationals.

The captain thanked all those who had helped throughout the year and in particular her committee. With no further ado and with very little introduction, she then presented Marjory Lauder, as the next Captain and asked for the approval of the meeting.

Marjory thanked Noreen for her work over the last two years.  She in turn introduced Anne Brownie as her Vice Captain.  Anne will take over the writing of the East Vets website, so this is the last entry from this webmaster.   Marjory  dealt efficiently with the AOCB and then pronounced the meeting closed. 

Gullane had produced the most delicious hot and cold buffet which was enjoyed by all.  

Thursday, 8 November 2012

East Vets AGM

Just a quick reminder that the closing day for AGM numbers is the 10th November which is this Saturday.  The AGM prizegiving and buffet lunch starts at 11.15.  Please contact Katherine if you have not already done so.

Monday, 17 September 2012

May Hughes pips Ruth to the Post.

Ruth Brown of Lothianburn who won the East Vets Championship last weekend was narrowly beaten in the final of the Scottish Veteran Ladies' Championship at Blairgowrie Lansdowne today.  She lost on the seventeenth hole to May Hughes of Lanark. 

Ruth had been disappointed to learn that her opponent in the first round, Jill Harrison from North Division, had had to withdraw owing to a last minute work commitment.  She proceeded therefore to the semifinals where she met Liz Campbell of Borders who has been a winner of the Scroggie Cup twice before.  They were ideally matched both having an excellent short-game and the game was very tight,  with an exciting exchange of holes won and lost.  Ruth however built up a gradual lead and went into the seventeenth hole two up with two to go, winning at that hole.

In the other semi-final May was playing fellow Scottish Vet Anne Ryan from the Highland Division.  Anne went into an early lead and was three up by the sixth hole.  She picked up her ball by accident thinking it was on the green, drew attention to this fact herself and declared the hole lost.  This seemed to upset her rythmn slightly and over the next few holes her drives were not quite so good, catching the rough on either side.  The rough on the Lansdowne is generally of a heathery nature or some other tenacious plant life which is unwilling to release its prey without some penalty.  This inevitably led to an extra shot being squandered and consequent loss of hole.  In no time at all her three hole lead had reversed to a two hole deficit.  The changed scoreline gave May that boost she was needing  and she played with more confidence, taking the game to a 3 and 1 result in her favour and an appointment with Ruth in the afternoon.

And so to the final.  Whereas the morning had been bright and largely warm, the afternoon was a different kettle of fish.  The sun disappeared, the wind got up and may indeed have changed slightly in its direction. The clouds loomed large and threatening.

The game started with a half at the first hole where Ruth's second and third shots were a little odd but she had a pitch to die for, which was conceded.  The second hole, unfortunately like many of the others, did not see the balls on the green, leading to a half in a bogey.  Lansdowne is one of these courses where a straight or at least correctly positioned drive is essential, otherwise the trees and heather come into play, resulting in maybe lots of halved holes but rather a lot of dropped shots.  The scoreline remained all square till the short fifth where Ruth was fractionally short and May, hitting her ball well but with one club too many, leaving her with a downhill putt.  Ruth put hers dead for a par three but May three-putted allowing Ruth to slip into the lead.  She took three to get to the next hole to May's two but surprisingly May again three putted allowing her to halve the sixth.  Another half in five at the seventh where Ruth had yet another beautiful approach.  A ten-foot saving putt on the eighth by Ruth ensured another half.  Again halves at the tenth and eleventh, sadly in bogeys.  By now the weather had deteriorated and the rain brought a rather lacklustre look to some of the shots, with mistakes by one being echoed by the other, almost in an effort to ensure further halved holes!.

Ruth was still one up going into the twelfth.  May's drive went into the right-hand trees, one of which gave it a helping hand back on to the fairway where Ruth's ball was sitting quite innocently.  Not content with this exploration into the undergrowth, May tried again this time into the special heather regenerating area from which there was a free drop.  Ruth sent a corker on to the green.  May was rather blocked off from the pin by a solitary tree which she tried to ignore but which caught her ball.  From the base of this tree May sent a lovely chip to the pin but Ruth put her putt dead and went two up.  A short-lived lead, as May took the next two with pars.  All square.  The fifteenth was not a good hole for either but May won it with a five to a six and was up for the first time.  There is no saying how the players felt at this point but the majority of the small audience  was by now, rather cold and wet.  The sixteenth went May's way, dormie two and getting a par on the seventeeth was all she needed to clinch the Scoggie Cup, for the first time.  Bad luck Ruth.  Up till the fifttenth there was absolutely nothing between the players and it could definitely have gone either way.

. Please go to the West Vets site tomorrow where Carol Fell will be exhibiting some of her pictures.        

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Ruth Brown wins East Vets Championship

                                                           East Vets Champion 2012

The East Vets Championship certainly took a long time in getting played but it was well worth the wait!   When the River Tyne broke its banks flooding the lower holes at Haddington, away back in June was it?  the golf course was closed to play.  This delayed the earlier rounds of the championship considerably, but they were eventually played with Ruth the winner in the semis over Rosie Dennis  and Sue Penman beating Anne Hanson. All that remained was to find a mutually agreeable date for the final and with Blairgowrie and the Scroggie Cup  very imminent - next week in actual fact - fingers were crossed nothing would go wrong. Today it was accomplished, and Ruth has emerged a very worthy victor beating Sue on the eighteenth hole, after a most exciting match.

What a final!

Ruth started a winning streak by running her second shot of the first hole on to the green and up the little slope, to pin high.   Sue had gone through the green and had a nasty downhill chip which didn't come off.  One up to Ruth.  The next two holes were halved in par.  The dreaded fourth where the ball always seems to run endlessly down the left to right sloping green - it was made to look easy by Sue who had a good par to Ruth's bogey.  All square.  Ruth chipped dead at the fifth to win the hole after Sue had driven into a bunker.  The sixth was then played beautifully by Ruth who had a birdie 3.  Now two up!

Both were to the left of the short eighth.   Ruth putted dead for her par but Sue chipped in for a birdie two!   Both bogeyed the ninth into the wind but Sue played the tenth well and won it with a four.    All square.  The eleventh was conceded to Sue for a birdie four.  Now she was one up.  The damage that the flooding had caused two months previously was now all too obvious with areas in the fairways on the next few holes quite dead.  Not all were made ground under repair, but our finalists were adamant that relief would be given should it be necessary.  It is interesting to note, however that grass will still keep growing above a temperature of four degrees so there is plenty of time for some recovery- a small snippet for your enlightenment supplied by S. Penman while she was waiting to play!

The match had ground to almost a complete halt at this point, having caught up with a couple of (ssh, men) in front.  They routinely persisted in waiting till the game in front of them had cleared for miles even when this distance was considerably in excess of their capabilities - possibly hoping for a Tiger Woods day.

The twelfth was halved in fives but the thirteenth also went Sue's way and again she was conceded a birdie four.  A complete reversal of fortunes and now she was two up. The fourteenth was halved but uncharacteristically, Sue three putted the fifteenth.  Ruth saved her par by holing a good putt.  Only one hole in it.  With all its lovely trees, including a Wellingtonia (never noticed before) the sixteenth hole  always requires such a tight second shot.  Both our ladies caught the green very nicely but Ruth was that bit closer.  Whereas Sue putted dead for her par, Ruth sank her putt for a birdie three and, liking the feeling so much, proceeded to birdie the seventeenth as well.  Back to back birdies if you please giving Ruth the advantage of being  one up going into the eighteenth hole.  A half was all that was needed and so now Ruth will represent the East Vets Division at Blairgowrie next week in the Scroggie Cup.  Bad luck Sue, but you know you played well.  Well done Ruth and good luck next week.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Autumn Meeting at Liberton

No, these happy ladies haven't heard their syndicate has picked up the jackpot .  Better than that.  They've just been told today's Autumn Meeting at Liberton was a non-counter.  So it's quite understandable they are raising the roof.

Today was quite difficult owing to the high winds.  At least there had to be some reason for a distinct lack of sparkling scores.  Plenty smiley faces handing over the completed scorecards but pretty much all accompanied by rueful expressions and tales of woe - missed putts (isn't there always), lost balls in the semi-rough, bunkers (and not coming out) and absolutely no distance into the face of the wind at all.  Oh, and the fox.  Yes a lovely cuddly baby fox on the short eleventh who was tearing up and down the bunkers, doing roly-polies on the grass, sitting being adorable and trying to help out generally by lifting balls and dropping them nearer the hole. Well he was a baby fox and hadn't quite learned about never lifting a ball until it was marked.

But there were one or two quite good scores, one especially good nett score and one pretty respectable indeed scratch score.  The last mentioned, the scratch score, was produced by Anne Brownie who had succeeded in bringing in a 77, five strokes better than the nearest score.  She modestly put this down to a fairly successful day on the putting green. Which just goes to prove how funny golf is when most people said it was impossible to putt because of the wind!

The best net score came late in the day.  Vivien Mitchell was over the moon to bring in a net 68, but the CSS had gone up to 71 and was 'reduction only' so Vivien is in for a different kind of reduction!  Very well done indeed.

Results CSS 71 Reduction Only
Scratch results
77   Anne Brownie (Gullane)
82   Linda Grieve (Musselburgh)
83   Kate Johnstone (Baberton)
84   Elinor Blair (Gullane) Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
85   Dulcie Barnes (Gullane)

Division 2
96   Christine Reid
99   Irene Campbell, Maureen Stewart

Handicap Results
Silver Division
68   Vivien Mitchell (20)
71   Anne Brownie (6)
72   Kate Johnstone (11)
73   Isobel Halliday (15), Katy Gillies19), Alice Jack (13),  Christine Clarke (16),
74   Dulcie Barnes (11),
75   Sally Brian (18), Elinor Blair (9),
76   Ellice Cackett (12), Linda Grieve (6)

Division 2 Handicap Results
74   Christine Reid (22)
76   Irene Campbell (23)
78   Senga Grant (29), Maureen Stewart (21), Sandra Simpson (24)

Thanks to all who helped administratively on the desk and in particular Katherine.  Thanks also to Liberton Golf Club who looked after us so well.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

East vets do not wrestle the Asp Trophy back from the West

Sadly it is true.  The East has yet again failed to win back the Asp Trophy from the West and this year, it was on home ground at Gullane No. 2.  Unquestionably they did their best - our team - but still no trophy.  Clearly some sort of  review body or Quango or at best, questions, should be asked.  Why are we so unlucky?  And the worst of it is, the West are totally uncaring.  A very sad situation indeed.

There was of course quite wonderful and in many cases, par golf.  Kate Johnstone and Denise Mitchell fought back with terrier- like tenacity from being four down at the tenth to only one down going into the eighteenth.  Good drives from both favouring each side of the fairway, produced quite special irons on to the green, one 20 feet short and one fifteen feet too high.  Both sides putted to within about a foot.  Clearly no hope of winning back that vital hole, but an excellent match..

However -  and there is usually a 'however' - everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and wins or losses quickly forgotten in the clubhouse later on.  An excellent repast awaited all, which sounded most mouth-watering and clearly raised energy and hydration levels after playing on quite the most wonderful evening.  It was warm, no, let's be frank here, it was hot, windless (yes, at Gullane) with stupendous views over the Forth to Fife as the sun started to sink, and if it hadn't been for the dastardly flying ants in their millions landing on pastel coloured shirts and getting everywhere they shouldn't,  it would have been quite perfect.  Vice-captain Marjory(seen above) was overheard to say that she could hear them landing like raindrops on  (luckily) the outside of  her demure pink umbrella under which she was sheltering against the hot sun.  One wonders if the flying ants were on the side of the West?

Ah well there is always next year!

Results (East first)
Carole Ross and Maureen Woodward lost to Maureen Stewart and Annabel Laing 4 and 2
Fiona Ford and Liz Simpson beat Morag Key and Anita McMillan 2 up
Sandra Simpson and Ros Thoresen lost to Sandra Gilchrist and Karen Maxwell 6 and 5
Kate Johnstone and Denise Mitchell lost to June Irons and Anne Aitken 1 hole
East 2 West 3

PS The observant and mathematically superior will notice a slight discrepancy here.  Don't ask!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Autumn Meeting Draw - at Liberton

Here is the draw for the East Vets Autumn Meeting at Liberton Golf Club on Tuesday the 28th August.

 9.30   Carol McLeod, Alice Jack,  Noreen Fenton
 9.38   Carole Ross, Sally Brian, Libby Campbell
 9.46   Dulcie Barnes, Liz Simpson, Christine Clarke
 9.54   Denise Mitchell, Betty Redwood, Thelma Dey
10.02   Marjory Lauder, Linda Grieve, Dorothy Thomson
10.10   Sydena Cullen, Mary Richardson, Sandra Ashurst
10.18   Margaret Thompson, Christine Simpson, Nancy Gow
10.26   Isabel MacDonald, Irene Campbell, Eleanor Stewart
10.34   Isobel Hastings, Patricia Rose, Rita Veitch
10.42   Margo Blair, Sylvia Cunningham, May Hardy
10.50   Ellice Cackett, Hilary Forbes, Beth Freedman
10.58   Seonaid Stewart, Vivien Mitchell, Katy Gillies
11.06   Ray Lynch, Frances MacFadzean, Elinor Blair
11.14   Nook Weir, Judy Fordyce, Christine Reid
11.22   Ros Thoresen, Kate Johnston, Cynthia Guthrie
11.30   Liz Smith, Liz McLelland, Pam Stephenson
11.38   Moyra Loughran, Senga Grant, Anne Beedie
11.46   Amelia Taylor, Margaret Dalrymple, Sandra Simpson
11.54   Pam Townsend, Anne Brownie, Isobel Halliday
12.02   Joan Marshall, Vickie Sandeman, Fiona Ford
12.10   Molly Woolgar, Maureen Stewart, Ann Hanna
12.18   Margaret Magson, Jackie Squires, Judy Cuthbertson
12.26   Catriona Shedden, Margaret Campbell

There will be £15 to pay for this competition .  Should anyone wish to make a late entry, please contact Katherine who will possibly be able to slot them into a cancellation or even at the end of the draw.  Distance Measuring devices are of course now allowed.  Enjoy your game..

Despite the Weather, at last - the Ramsden Cup Final

Two ladies have  survived the challenge of our Scottish weather and are now ready to face each other with pistols drawn, in the final of the Ramsden Cup.  In an effort to ensure complete fairness we have been endlessly muttering something about finding neutral courses for the semis and the final and when done, the final will not be on a neutral course after all, because both our finalists are from the same course!  Hurrah. Money saved and champagne on the captain's table at the AGM - just kidding.  The two finalists are Denise Mitchell and Isobel Hastings,  preparing to play on Murrayfield of course.  Denise eliminated Dulcie Barnes in the first semi-final and Isobel put paid to Sandra Simpson's hopes.  Bad luck to both but good luck to Denise and Isobel.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Scottish Vets Team for Jamboree Announced

The team to represent the Scottish Vets in their annual Jamboree against the English regions - this year hosted by Scotland at the Hirsel -  has been announced by the captain Helen Faulds (West).  The team is perhaps a little unusual in that expected names have been omitted and new, introduced. The recent Seniors Championship  at Kemnay produced surprises -  and of course some disappointments.  Inevitably, these results from Kemnay have been considered in the announcing of this team. For the first time in many years, there is no representation from the East apart from the Vice-Captain, Noreen Fenton from Dunbar.

Heather Anderson (Midlands)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands)
Fiona de Vries (Midlands)
Alex Glennie (West)
Janice Paterson (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (North)

Kathleen Sutherland (North)
May Hughes (West)
Anne Ryan (Highland)
Jill Harrison (North)

Captain Helen Faulds (West)
Vice-Captain Noreen Fenton (East)

We wish the team the very best of luck and good golf

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

East Vets lose Elise Duncan trophy

What a day!

The amber weather warning over and around Edinburgh did not deter the intrepid East Vets team as they sallied forth to defend the Elise Duncan Trophy, first thing on a very wet and horrible morning.  Much emailing had gone on the night before to determine whether the match was still to go on but the general opinion was that the journey would be awful (and it was!) but that Troon Portland  "wouldn't be too bad".  How wrong could it have been!  It was magnificent at Troon.  Sun, sun, sun.  A soft blue Arran floating in a shimmering sea was a mouthwatering backdrop to the whole game and surely made everyone in both teams feel that much better - even when they lost - after the days of nonstop rain that we have all had recently.  No one wanted to leave afterwards especially when they knew that the rain - and what rain - was waiting for them just up the road.

The downside was that the Elise Duncan trophy having been in the possession of the East since 2006 is now sitting in a West trophy cabinet somewhere.  East lost by 5 games to 4. but lots of good golf, lots of incredible putting and birdies. 

The day started with coffee and bacon rolls and finished after the game, with a lovely prawn salad and cheescake to die fo.  And everyone seemed to be smiling so a great day was had by all.  An East person who shall remain nameless arrived without golf shoes, another east person seemed to lose the second pair of spectacles in a week but it was only a slip of the memory and found them  (the second pair) in a safe place she had forgotten about and a West person  forgot to put enough balls in her golf back and had to send out to eBay for more - actually it was the west Captain who was sent back to get them.   Not to mention the momentary eclipse when the world went black for a minisecond - a Prestwick plane blotted out the sun.  The excitement of the day was almost too much.

Start practising fo next year.  We want that trophy back.

Noreen Fenton lost to Alex Glennie 5 and 4
Anne Hanson beat May Hughes i hole
Fiona Hunter beat Helen Faulds 4 and 3
Pamela Williamson lost to Suzanne Cadden 1 hole
Karen Ballantyne lost to Jane Finnie 3 and 2
Sue Penman lost to Janice Paterson 2 and 1
Lesley Johnston beat Pat Hutton 2 and 1
Linda Grieve lost to Jennifer Mack 6 and 5
Ruth Brown beat Anne Robinson 5 and 3

Looking Back on Kemnay

The Scottish Seniors at Kemnay was certainly different but by the time it was finished, most people would have claimed to have enjoyed it.  It began with very disappointing conditions, grey and wet but by Wednesday, this had done the complete circle to, quite literally, summer weather and all this while Edinburgh and the Lothians were being flooded out.

The practice round on the Monday - for those who bothered  - was a slog.  As was round one on the Tuesday.  Most had on waterproofs for the entire round, although it wasn't particularly cold, but because many of the fairways had areas of casual water, this kept the referees very busy dispensing with kindly advice.  Many of the referees wore appropriate footwear and we apologise for not having a photograph of June McEwen's flowery red wellies for all to enjoy.  Most tasteful.  All those who had never been to Kemnay before, were deprived of a view of the local mountain, Benachie, until the Thursday when the mist rolled back and exposed it in all its solitary glory.  In fact when the mist rolled back, the whole place changed and everyone exclaimed at how lovely it was.  Whereas on the first two days, it was drenched in mist and rain and most people, heads down, just plodded doggedly up and down fairways they could never recognise again, miserable and probably wishing they had never come.  Actually it wasn't quite as bad as that and the odd good hole fairly perked one up.  The scoring was undoubtedly rather high and its only redeemable factor seemed to be it was a non-counter.

At night was the traditional supper after which the ladies were entertained by those who had a story to tell, a poem to relate, a skit to perform or a downright dirty joke - the latter generally being the most popular.  We have to isolate an East Vet/County captain here whose contribution practically brought the house down. It came under the latter category.

Round Two maybe started dull and misty but in no time the mist rolled back just enough to let the sun through and it was all very nice.  Scoring was still high although fractionally better, but considering the distinct possibility of the stroke-play competition being completed on simply the one round due to the wet conditions, the SLGA must have been breathing a sigh of relief.  A most excellent score was brought in by Alison Bartlett of the Highland Vets.  This, together with her first round score meant that a play-off was needed to find the Stroke-Play winner, which indeed proved to be Alison.

The top scratch sixteen players went forward to the matchpay and this included Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and Fiona Hunter (Baberton).  Both played very well.  Pamela beat Anna Telfer (West) by 3 and 2 but then lost to Linda Urquhart of the North by 1 hole.  Fiona played steadily to beat helen faulds by 6 and 5 before losing to Karen Burns (Bathgate) by 1 hole.

Last year was the inauguration of a new consolation tournament, the net Championship.  After the names of the sixteen scratch players had been removed for the Seniors Championship, the players with the top sixteen net scores went forward for the Net Trophy.  This proved to be an excellent idea last year  as it meant more ladies stayed at the venue rather than leaving immediately after the strokeplay finished.  This year Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse), Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) Karen ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) and Mairi Pollock also Craigmillar park qualified for this tournament.  Barbara, Morag and Mairi were both beaten in the first round but Karen fought through all the way to the final, which she won to become the 2012 Net Championship winner.   She beat Barbara (unfortunate draw) in the first round by 3 and 1, Karen Maxwell (Milngavie) by a runaway 8 and 7, Sandra Littlejohn (Erskine) 5 and 3 then Leigh Duff (Cathkin Braes) in a very tight match at the 19th.  Well done Karen.

All scores and matchplay results are on the SLGA website.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Ramsden Cup latest

Despite problems with getting dates, here are the next ties due to be played in the Ramsden Cup.

Denise Mitchell v May Hardy
Dulcie Barnes v Ray Lynch
Helen Holton to play the winner of Isobel Hastings/Mairi Pollock(arranged)
Sandra Simpson v Gilly Glen

When the winners of these ties report back to katherine she will give the name of a neutral course on which it is to be played - by 11th August.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

East Division well represented at Scottish Seniors

The usual large representation from the East Division will hopefully be making its presence felt  on Tuesday 1st July at Kemnay, Aberdeenshire, when the Scottish Senior Ladies, 2012 kicks off.  Nineteen ladies (apologies if this omits anyone) are ready and willing to take on the challenges of the Stroke-play Championship, the Scottish Senior Championship (for the 16 leading scratch qualifiers) and the Net Match Play Championship  for the 16 competitors with the best net scores excluding those who have qualified for the Scratch Match Play Championship.

Vets/Senior ladies from the East Division are: (order as per official draw)
Sue Penman (Gullane Ladies)
Anne Brownie (Gullane Ladies)
Marion Quigley (Craigmillar Park)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Morag Wardrop (Turnhouse)
Joanne Watt (Gullane Ladies)
Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Alison Wilson (Uphall)
Gillian Glen (Craigmillar Park)
Mairi Pollock (Craigmillar Park)
Dorothy Thomson (Gullane Ladies)
Roz Thoresen (Gullane Ladies)
Mary Richardson (Craigmillar Park)

Can't help noticing the huge input from Gullane Ladies and Craigmillar Park.  Six from each.  Are they having a separate competition? 

The weather forecast is not wonderful so waterproofs etc may be the order of the day.  Good luck  to all

Friday, 22 June 2012

Team for the East v West match at Troon Portland

The West Vets have promised their strongest team yet with plenty new faces to try and wrest the Elise Duncan from our grasping grip.  They felt they were so close last year it was hardly worthwhile leaving the trophy with us but that having the match on homeground this year at Troon Portland will be just their ticket.  How wrong they will be!  The team to make sure it doesn't happen is:

Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Linda Grieve (Musselburgh)
Anne Hanson (Glencorse)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Lesley Johnstone (Gullane)
Susan Penman (Gullane)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)

This is always a most fiercely fought match - much looked forward to.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Ramsden Cup Concession

If East Vets have been wondering why the latest round of the Ramsden Cup has not been reported , then wonder no more as it is not yet completed.  The ability to toss a coin successfully to choose a winner in the event of a match not being played is not necessary.  No dire threats of completion by the required date OR ELSE can really do it when we have weather such as we have had this last wee while when competitors arrange dates and then can't get the games played because the course is unplayable or due to the rain coming down incessantly, as so often has been the case lately.  The next round of the Ramsden is therefore not due to be completed till 18th July.

Note to the eventual winners.  Are you remembering that it was agreed at the AGM last year that in the interests of fairness, the games at that stage will take place on a neutral course.  Once your result is known and reported to Katherine, she will tell you which course your game is to be played on.  This will not see you out of pocket any more than it is at the moment.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sun at Haddington

It was almost unbelievable.  Can the East Vets have at last ditched their climate jinx.  The Summer Meeting at a beautiful Haddington was played in glorious sunshine.  The grass (inevitably) verdant, the trees luxuriant (but often quite in the road of the perfect approach) and the water sparkling as the bright light danced over the unbroken surface - until the odd golf ball spoilt the effect of course.  All under the gaze of the watchful heron.

Golf.  Oh yes.  The golf.

Did anyone hand in their card without a smile,  a rueful smile perhaps as scores were slightly higher than this perfect day merited.  No, everyone seemed to enjoy the day and surely that is what it is all about.

The best scratch scores came in later in the day and were in the hands of two new East Vets, Rosie Dennis of Murrayfield and Ann Hanson of Glencorse who each had a scratch 77 - and both played together.  So Ann knew that she had been pipped by a better inward half long before the computer checked her score.  Well done Rosie who, playing off a handicap of 10, was also the overall winner.  That handicap of 10 will be a distant memory!

In Division 2, the winner was Lesley Gray of Gullane who brought in a net 73.  Sandra Simpson of Murrayfield also had a net 73 but Lesley won on the countback - better last six holes.

The Summer Meeting is of course used as the qualifying round for the East Vets Championship, the draw for which is below.  It promises to be a really exciting contest.

Well done all ladies.  The greens seemed to cause a little trouble although they were lovely, the rough was definitely rough and the leafy glades may have got in the way.  It was a real test.

The CSS stayed at 73 and 68 ladies played.

Silver Division (qualifiers)
77   Rosie Dennis (Murrayfield)
77   Ann Hanson (Glencorse)
79   Lesley Johnston (Gullane) - not playing in championship
79   Susan Penman (Gullane)
82   Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
82   Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
82   Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
83   Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
84   Pam Townsend

Nett Scores
Overall Winner.  Rosie Dennis (Murrayfield) 77 - 10 - 67
Pam Townsend   (Murrayfield) 84 - 13 - 73
Vickie Sandiman (Gullane)  86 - 13 - 73
Ann Hanson (Glencorse)  77 - 4 - 73
Lesley Johnston  (Gullane) 79 - 05 - 74
Sandra Craig (Prestonfield)- 94 - 20 - 74
Susan Penman (Gullane) 79 - 5 - 74
Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 82 - 8 - 74
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield) 83 - 9 - 74
Liz Smith (Murrayfield) 94 - 19 - 75
Phyl Early (Glencorse) 92 - 17 - 75
Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse) 85 - 10 - 75
Bronze Division Scratch and Handicap
Lesley Gray (Gullane) 94 - 21 - 73
Sandra Simpson (Murrayfield) 97 - 24 - 73
Isobel Hastings (Murrayfield) 99 - 22 - 77
Sylvia Cunningham (Murrayfield) 100 - 22 - 78

Draw for the Championship
Rosie Dennis v Pam Townsend
Ruth Brown v Karen Ballantyne
Sue Penman v Barbara Biggart
Ann Hanson v Ray Lynch

Ladies your ties must be played between Monday 9th and Friday 13th July.  Arrange the time between yourselves then phone up the professional at Haddington to book it.  We have been given the courtesy of the course.  Please let Katherine know the result as soon as possible.  The semifinals and finals are on Sunday 15th July.  Please ensure before you start that you can definitely play on all dates. 


Friday, 1 June 2012


Today in a few hours, we prepare to say the final goodbye to Ethel.  She was one of a kind. 

Although diagnosed with lung cancer last year and having to undergo the unpleasant chemotherapy, she carried on just as before for as long as she could, showing the same dignity and courage she had showed throughout her life.   There will be many present  who are more able to wax lyrical about her golfing achievements, both on and off the course, so we shall leave that side of her to them.

The Ethel we knew (and loved) was quite simply a unique and very special person, someone to whom people of all ages and walks of life could relate.  She meant something to everyone who knew her, from the young aspiring golfer to the not-so-young (and aspired), quite simply because she was interested in them.  Her support for girls', women's and senior golf (including vets) was unstinting, whether it took the form of sending cards and good wishes, on the spot advice, flag-waving, caddying, you name it , she did it.  She even helped on the desk at the Vets Spring Meeting when she was already critically ill and clearly quite exhausted. 

But beyond all that, when in full flood, she could quite literally light up a room.  Always relied on to come away with a wisecrack that would loosen the stays of the stuffiest of company, she saw straight through the ridiculous and pompous in any situation and cut it down to size.  She was never afraid to voice her opinion, to say it like she saw it, or to crush a contrary view with a disparaging laugh -  the view, but not the person who held it.  The often unsmiling facade, failing to hide her innate sense of fun, fooled no one, pulling only the flimsiest of curtains over a heart of pure gold. That infectious laugh will ring out in people's memories for long days to come - and make them smile back.  As for her repartee and off the cuff humour, she was famed for them.  Indeed, some of her little personal stories and speeches will be long remembered and regurgitated many times in the future.  Could there have been an inauguration speech like hers at the SLGA Annual General Meeting - not renowned as a jolly day out - when she became President?  The hall was in an uproar.  And her address at the Midlothian Centenary Dinner, likewise.

Ethel had a circle of very good  friends who were a tower of strength to her towards the end.  Ballooning outwards from this was another larger circle of people who probably felt enormously priviledged to have been counted as friends.  To pass even a few moments with Ethel in idle chit-chat was likely to be  agreeably amusing, promised to leave that person with a big smile and generally feeling much better than before. She quite unconsciously was the centre of gravity in any company, possessing that kind of polar attraction.

This will undoubtedly be a sad occasion despite Ethel's request that her "mourners" wear bright clothes. However, it is almost guaranteed that at some point someone will tell a story about Ethel or repeat something hysterical she did or said.  From beyond the grave she will have done it again - broken the ice.  Step back a moment from it all, let the mind run free and just remember the laugh, the smile and that twinkle  in her eye.  Remember Ethel. .

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Next Round Completed

Well that was quick!  The second round of the Ramsden Cup has been completed and so here is the next draw to be completed by 18th June.  Thanks to Katherine for sending the results through so promptly and on her birthday too!

Third Round Draw
Seonaid Stewart  v  Denise Mitchell
May Hardy  v  Christine Reid
Vivien Mitchell  v  Dulcie Barnes
Ray Lynch  v  Norma Richmond
Helen Holton  v  Joanne Watt
Isobel Hastings  v  Mairi Pollock
Phyl Early  v  Sandra Simpson
Gilly Glen  v  Kate Johnston

Already this is revving up to be a very exciting contest this year.  Good luck all.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Don't get Excited!

No, this is not the very  latest set of results for the Ramsden Cup.  This is the one before that , which has somehow been omitted.  At least this will look like a proper draw when all the byes ares incorporated .  Most of these following matches have actually been played but we shall wait until all the games are completed before putting them on the web as a fait accompli.  This is due very soon.

Second Round
Christine Clark  v  Seonaid Stewart
Irene Campbell  v  Denise Mitchell
May Hardy  v Alice Archbold
Betty Redwood  v  Christine Reid
Vivien Mitchell  v  Deirdre Kinloch-Anderson
Dulcie Barnes  v Vicki Cullen
Ray Lynch  v Fiona Ford
Hilary Thomson  v  Norma Richmond
Sandra Kempston  v  Helen Holton
Elsa Todd  v  Joanne Watt
Isobel Hastings  v  Ros Thoresen
Mairi Pollock  v  Maureen McKay
Lynne or Phyl  v Mary Davidson
Sandra Simpson  v Isobel Haliday
Rita Dee  v  Gilly Glen
Kate Johnston  v  Val Hallam

The results of the next round are eagerly awaited.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Draw for the Summer Meeting

The Summer Meeting will be held at Haddington on Monday June 4th.  This will of course be the qualifying round for the East Vets Championship and you will be asked before going out if you are intending to play in the matchplay event should your score be in the top eight.  For those who have not played in this previously, the winner of the matchplay will then proceed to play in the Scottish Vets Championship at Blairgowrie in September, representing the East Division.

9.30    Maureen Woodward, Carole Ross, Norma Richmond
9.38    Carol MacLeod, Ellice Cackett, Noreen Fenton
9.46    Karen Ballantyne, Sophia Spiewak, Anne Brownie
9.54    Lesley Johnston, Sandra Ashurst, Caroline Kinnaird
10.02  Susan Penman, Frances McFadzean, Barbara Biggart
10.10   Ros Thoresen, Christine Clark, Elsa Todd
10.18   Sydena Cullen, Denise Mitchell, Betty Redwood
10.26   Dulcie Barnes, Pamela Williamson, Margaret Thompson
10.34   Marjory Lauder, Margaret Dalrymple, Lynne Loudon
10.42   May Hardy, Nancy Gow, Seonaid Stewart
10.50   Margo Blair, Isobel Hastings, Christine Simpson
10.58   Margaret Campbell, Moyra Loughran, Margaret Magson
11.06   Mary Richardson, Anne Hanson, Rosie Dennis
11.14   Maureen Stewart, Sylvia Cunningham, Pam Townsend
11.22   Ann Hanna, Kate Johnston, Sally Brian
11.30   Isobel Halliday, Linda Grieve, Ray Lynch
11.38   Carol Foggo, Judy Fordyce, Thelma Dey
11.46   Ruth Brown, Alice Archbold, Fiona McLaren
11.54   Sandra Craig, Liz Smith, Muriel Armstrong
12.02   Cynthia Guthrie, Libby Campbell, Fiona Ford
12.10   Janey Horberry, Sandra Simpson, Vivien Mitchell
12.18   Eleanor Stewart, Anne Beedie, Jackie Squires
12.26   Rita Dee, Joanne Watt

Katherine reminds you that you still have £5 of a balance to pay.  Distance measuring devices are allowed.  Enjoy your game.    

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of a greatly loved friend and golfing icon, Ethel Jack, who died today May 23rd.  Ethel has been ill for quite some time but bore this illness with the same fortitude and bravery that has been her trademark throughout her life.  She will be greatly missed.  More details will follow once they are known.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Slideshow of East v Midlands match

Success at last at Murrayfield

East Vets have at last achieved their target of winning the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy.  This is the trophy presented by Liz Miskimmin to the winners of the scratch match (handicaps 6 - 10, but no lower than six) between East Division and Midlands Division, now in its third year.  Up till now East have only been able to gaze in wonder at this trophy although touching was defnitely out of bounds.  And now, they could still gaze in wonder but unfortunately, still couldn't touch it - but this is another story!     Midlands have promised faithfully that we shall have it for all to peruse at our AGM or maybe before.

What exactly happened that all our ladies were treated to such a wonderful day for their match.  East is notorious for incurring the disfavour of the Weather- man.  Why, even the Elie match ten days ago had to be cancelled because of the conditions.  And those with sufficiently good memories will recall that this very match over in Fife last year, was on the day of the Big Storm and had to be cancelled, the replacement day being only fractionally better - but at least playable. Today was absolutely glorious and Murrayfield could not have looked more beautiful.  It was a photographer's dream, with every imaginable shade of green on display and even a buzzard sweeping the skies endlessly above.  Perfect.

Midlands arrived early and were already digging into coffee and bacon rolls when East nonchalantly rolled up much to the relief of the captain who was sitting a trifle apprehensively with the visiting team. Everyone was ready in plenty of time for the first tee-off and how pleasant it was to have a leisurely practice putt in the early morning sun without layers of jerseys and waterproofs.  Even the two captains were able to stroll around, admiring the splendid golf and not be frozen to death.  The result?  Oh yes, there has to be a result.  East won by 4 1/2 to 2 1/2, despite arithmetical efforts to make this a halved match.

Very many congratulations to the members of our team all of whom played so well but also to Midlands, three of whom had to leave promptly for other engagements and even to play again at night!  Many thanks  to Murrayfield Golf Club for their catering.  Lovely spicy soup and a delicious array of sandwiches awaited everyone on arrival.

Anne Brownie beat Joan Peden 3 and 2
Sheila Lyon halved with Dawn Butchart
Norma Richmond beat Christine Steedman  3 and 2
Elinor Blair beat Sandy Bushby 4 and 3
Ray Lynch beat Emma Wilson 4 and 3
Alice Archbold lost to Marie Curran 1 up
Caroline Kinnaird lost to Sylvia Copland 4 and 3

Well done everyone

Thursday, 3 May 2012

East Vets team to play against the Midlands Vets

It always seems as if there is every time in the world in the early months of a new season before matches get going and teams are to be chosen .  Then suddenly they are upon us and it is all systems go.  This year the East v Midlands Vets match for the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy is on the 21st May at Murrayfield.  The team in alphabetical order is:

Alice Archbold (Gullane)
Elinor Blair (North Berwick)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse)
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
Sheila Lyon (Kingsknowe)
Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)

You are invited to be at Murrayfield shortly after ten o'clock to meet the oppostion - and please remember nice though they are, they are the OPPOSITION - we have never won this trophy yet and there is no time like the present.  There will be coffee and bacon rolls for those who want them and golf begins at 11am.  We have been unable to get the lovely green poloshirts exhibited at the AGM to add a touch of colour to our jerseys so for this year, could you please wear the East Vets green jersey, a yellow teeshirt and pale coloured slacks - stone, beige, light fawn - if this is possible.  If you have a problem with any of this , please contact Katherine.  DMD's are permitted but not those, including phone apps, with a slope or wind facility.

Let's win this year.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Alice Archbold wins Rescheduled Spring Meeting

The weather foreast was not the best and everyone expected the rain to sweep in and ruin the day but it didn't. There may have been rain all around but it left Gullane Links like a dry oasis in the desert.

Only 51 ladies eventually took part in the rescheduled Spring meeting against the 96 entrants for the original day two weeks ago, but they all agreed it was a splendid day, with plenty sun, very little wind for Gullane and not much more than a quick skoosh from the average car giving a dirty windscreen a quick clean. Apart from several rueful expressions of "couldn't putt" in general the day was definitely given the thumbs up. The jauntiest thumb belonged to Alice Archbold (10) from Gullane whose nett 65 was the target for the best part of the day. Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) and Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) shared the scratch lead with a 74 but Karen took the prize owing to the best last six holes. Christine Reid (Kilspindie) coming in in the very last group, was the winner of the bronze division with an excellent net 70.

There were five two's, Alice Archbold and Marjory Lauder on the 8th, Noreen Fenton on the 11th, Caroline Kinnaird on the 13th and Margaret Thompson on the 15th. The CSS was 70.

Net Results (Silver Division)
65 Alice Archbold (Gullane) (10)
69 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar) (5)
70 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) (4)
70 Jane Herd (Musselburgh) (7)
70 Vickie Sandeman (Gullane) (14)
70 Maureen Woodward (Gullane) (10)
72 Fiona Ford (Murrayfield) (12)
72 Gina Thomson (Glencorse) (16)
73 Anne Brownie (Gullane) (7)
73 Marjorie Lauder (Turnhouse) (14)
73 Sue Penman (Gullane )(6)
73 Judy Fordyce (Longniddry) (18)
73 Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park) (9)
73 Pam Stephenson (Glencorse) (14)
73 Sandra Ashurst (Murrayfield)(14)

Net Scores Bronze Division
70 Christine Reid (Kilspindie) (22)
73 Anne Patrick (Baberton) (21)
73 Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield) (21)
73 Irene Campbell (Gullane) (22)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Rescheduled Spring Meeting Draw

Unfortunately the rescheduled draw for the Spring meeting at Gullane on Tuesday April 24th has clashed with other fixtures - in particular a Baberton Invitation - but we were really lucky to get another date at all and hence not making a loss of the deposit. Numbers are down about a third but better this than nothing at all. Katherine has calculated that there will now only require £5 to pay for the balance. There are spaces so anyone without their name down could contact Katherine with a view to finding a suitable time.

8.48 Vickie Sandeman, Libby Campbell
8.56 Frances McFadzean, Noreen Fenton, Gilly Glen
9.04 Alice Archbold, Maureen Woodward, Clare Bowe
9.12 Margaret Magson, Judy Fordyce, Jackie Squires
9.20 Wendy Ross, Pam Townsend, Carol Halliday
9.28 Elinor Blair, Ruth Brown
9.36 Asp Robertson, Sandra Ashurst, Rita Dee
9.44 Jane Herd, Fiona Ford
9.52 Anne Brownie, Sue Penman
10.00 Sheila Hunter, Margo Blair, Janey Horberry
10.08 Margaret Thompson,Liz Smith, Maureen Stewart
10.16 Marjory Lauder, Dulcie Barnes, Beth Freedman
10.24 Catriona Shedden, Phyl Early,
10.32 Val Hallam, Karen Ballantyne
10.40 Thelma Dey, Elsa Todd
10.48 Judy Cuthbertson, Maureen Cranston
10.56 Caroline Kinnaird, Sheila Lyon
11.04 Patricia Rose, Nanette Weir, Anne Patrick
11.12 Isobel Halliday, Christine Simpson, Pam Stephenson
11.20 Denise Mitchell, Margaret Sneddon
11.28 Lesley Johnston, Ros Thoresen
11.36 Gina Thomson, Vivien Mitchell, Katy Gillies
11.44 Isobel Hastings, Lesley Gray, Irene Campbell
11.52 Pauline Scott, Christine Reid, Amelia Taylor

Scottish and Irish teams

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Scottish Vets Lose to Irish at Hilton Templepatrick

This blog, written on Sunday seems to have got permanently delayed over the Irish Sea which is all the more unfortunate since at that time there was all to play for, and with a two all draw after the first day's fourball foursomes, the singles matches on day two were eagerly awaited. Unfortunate was indeed the correct term, because the singles matches were to prove a massive disappointment. The previous year at Craigielaw, the foursomes were the disappointment with only half a point coming to Scotland but in the singles, the team rallied to produce the most creditable and exciting fightback, just failing to grab back the Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy. At Hilton Templepatrick, Scotland only managed to get one halved match on Day Two, resulting in possibly one of their worst ever results in the Tournament - 9 1/2 to 2 1/2.

Having said that the games were, on the whole, very close and almost all finished on the 16th, 17th or 18th holes. The singles are of course almost a lottery as the couples doing battle are not drawn on a skill basis but literally "out of the hat" which is always exciting and generally causes much hilarity. There is no question that each match is treated with the utmost focus and determination, on both sides.

Results (Scotland first)
Day One 4 ball Foursomes
Lorna Bennett and Mary Smith beat Sheena McElroy and Carol Wickham 4 and 3
Heather Anderson and May Hughes lost to Helen Jones and Pat Doran 2 and 1
Elaine Allison and Linda Urquhart beat Mairead MacNamara and Suzanne Corcoran 2 and 1
Karen Ballantyne and Alison Bartlett lost to Pauline Walsh and Gertie McMullen 2 and 1
Result Scottish Vets 2 Irish Senior Select 2

Singles (Day 2)
May Hughes lost to Sheena McElroy 3 and 2
Alison Bartlett lost to Pat Doran 3 and 2
Linda Urquhart lost to Gertie mcMullen 2 and 1
Heather Anderson lost to Pauline Walsh 2 holes
Mary Smith halved with Carol Wickham
Elaine Allison lost to Mairead Macnamara 2 and 1
Lorna Bennett lost to Suzanne Corcoran 2 holes
Karen Ballantyne lost to Helen Jones 4 and 3
Scottish vets 1/2 Irish Select 7 1/2

Total Scottish Vets 2 1/2 Irish Senior Select 9 1/2

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Scottish Vets Team on point of leaving for Ireland

The annual match against an Irish Senior Select Team for the Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy is almost on us and will take place on Sunday 15th and Monday 16th April with Saturday as the practice day. The match will be played over the Hilton Templepatrick outside Belfast, a course which will be familiar to a few of the team as it was the venue for the British Senior Ladies in 2008. They may possibly remember it with a little apprehension for the not inconsiderable expanses of water!. It will be a great match. Our own Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) is again representing Scotland and we wish her well.

Scottish Vets team
Elaine Allison (Midlands)
Heather Anderson (Midlands)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (North)
Non-travelling reserves
Anne Ryan (Highland)
Jill Harrison (North)
Alex Glennie (West)
Captain Helen Faulds (West)
Vice-Captain Noreen Fenton (East)
President Jean Thomas (Borders)
Vice-president Sally Coster (West)

Tuesday, 10 April 2012


Somewhere, sometime, in another life, the East Vets must have been a thoroughly bad lot when they are constantly being punished with terrible days for their Spring Meeting. Although many ladies turned up simply to have a coffee and chat, many were prepared to "go out" should their partners be keen. But the ladies from Edinburgh, Mid and West Lothian had had snow to cross through en route for Gullane and their eagerness to play had never exactly been kindled by the time they had arrived. Strangely therefore no one showed distress when another date Tuesday April 24th, was found and the game was cancelled. It is to be stressed that Gullane No 3 was in no way unplayable and was indeed almost begging for friends to play with as no other golfers showed any enthusiasm for going anywhere near it.

All ladies who originally entered today's Spring meeting (before any changes were made) have been emailed with a fresh copy of the draw. Should any of you be unable to play on Tuesday April 24th, could you please telephone Katherine not later than 17th April and she will remove your name. However if there are any ladies out there who didn't enter today's draw but could now play on the replacement day, please phone Katherine and see if there are any spaces. We have booked the tee only till 12.56 so no additional names can be accepted beyond this.

Should April 24th be at all suspect - and surely not - please phone the reception desk on 01620 842255 where a report on the state of the course will generally be ready before 8am and this might stop a journey. You can also phone mobile no 07845 25 2014 to inform that you are not coming.

Fingers crossed for the 24th.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Spring meeting Reminder

Latest weather report looks not too bad, showers at worst. Phew!

Katherine wishes to remind everyone that the balance to pay on Tuesday is £7. If possible can you please bring exact money. Good golfing.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ramsden Cup draw

The draw for the Ramsden Cup has been made. Phone numbers and emails will be available at the Spring Meeting to allow you to contact your opponent. You will then have between April 11th and May 7th to play your first round tie unless you are one of those with a bye into the second round.

Christine Clarke

Seonaid Stewart

Irene Campbell

Denise Mitchell

May Hardy

Alice Archbold

Betty Redwood

Christine Reid

Katy Gillies
Vivien Mitchell

Ellice Cackett
Deirdre Kinloch-Anderson

Isabel MacDonald
Dulcie Barnes

Vicki Cullen
Molly Woolgar

Ray Lynch
Sheila Hunter

Sue Caton
Fiona Ford

Hilary Thomson
Sally Brian

Norma Richmond
Anne Brownie

Liz McLelland
Sandra Kempston

Helen Holton
Christine Simpson

Elsa Todd
Maureen Stewart

Joanne Watt
Margo Blair

Isobel Hastings
Susan Tudball

Noreen Fenton
Ros Thoresen

Sandra Ashurst
Mairi Pollock

Ann Hanna
Maureen NacKay

Lyn Lockerbie
Phyl Early

Mary Davidson

Sandra Simpson

Isobel Halliday

Rita Dee

Gillie Glen

Kate Johnston

Val Hallam

Looking forward to seeing the results of these matches. Please let Katherine know.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Spring Meeting Draw

After a pretty blustery winter which isn't the best incentive for early season practice, this last week must surely have been delightful enough to entice anyone on to the golf course just in time for the East Vets Spring Meeting. Can the weather hold up for another two weeks? (Knowing our track record, probably not but we can always live in hope)

Tuesday 10th April is the date and Gullane No 3 is the venue. Here is the draw. As usual, if your situation has changed and you had not previously entered but now can, give Katherine a ring. Please note that now that the draw has been completed, there are no refunds should you now be unable to play.

8.48 Jean Dawson, Jackie Squires, Senga Grant
8.56 Frances McFadzean, Vickie Sandeman, Gillie Glen
9.04 Pat Mavor, Maureen Woodward, Clare Bowe
9.12 Margaret Magson, Maureen Matthews
9.20 Noreen Fenton, Pamela Williamson, Carole Ross
9.28 Wendy Ross, Jane Butters, Carol Halliday
9.36 Elinor Blair, June McEwan, Ruth Brown
9.44 Sally Brian, Mary Richardson, Rita Dee
9.52 Jane Herd, Fiona Ford, Dorothy Thomson
10.00 Anne Brownie, Susan Penman, Alice Jack
10.08 Sheila Hunter, Margo Blair, Janey Horberry
10.16 Muriel Armstrong, Margaret Campbell, Dorothy Silver
10.24 Margaret Thompson, Margaret Dalrymple, Liz Smith
10.32 Marjory Lauder, Dulcie Barnes, Beth Freedman
10.40 May Hardy, Phyl Early, Catriona Shedden
10.48 Val Hallam, Barbara Biggart, Karen Ballantyne
10.56 Liz McLelland, Liz Simpson, Anne Beedie
11.04 Marion Law, Elsa Todd, Carol Macleod
11.12 Judy Cuthbertson, Sandra Craig, Maureen Cranston
11.20 Eleanor Stewart, Thelma Dey, Jane Millar
11.28 Anne Hanson,Sheila Lyon, Caroline Kinnaird
11.36 Patricia Rose, Christine Clarke, Nanette Weir
11.44 Isobel Halliday, Christine Simpson, Kate Rorke
11.52 Lynne Loudon, Maureen Stewart, Anne Patrick
12.00 Seonaid Stewart, Margaret Sneddon, Denise Mitchell
12.08 Alice Archbold, Pam Townsend, Pam Stephenson
12.16 Lesley Johnston, Joanne Watt, Ros Thoresen
12.24 Gina Thomson, Vivien Mitchell, Katy Gillies
12.32 Judy Fordyce, Lesley Gray, Asp Robertson
12.40 Isobel Hastings, Mary Davidson, Irene Campbell
12.48 Anne McKenzie, Christine Reid, Molly Woolgar
12.56 Nancy Gow, Pauline Scott, Amelia Taylor

This is an excellent entry of 95 and several of our new Vets are showing their enthusiasm by entering straightaway, so a warm welcome to all of them. You will enjoy it (that sounds like an order but it is actually a statement of fact!)and like everyone else, if you bring in a good score, you'll enjoy it even more.

Katherine has not yet been able to work out what you will need to pay on the day but we will be able to let all know before the end of the week. If you don't have the change, cheques will be acceptable. Distance measuring devices are allowed now but not the ones of course with wind or slope assistance.

One last point. Many of you who attended the AGM and lunch last year, placed orders for the new East Vets mint green shirt to go with the green jersey. Imagine our disappointment when placing the order, we were informed that mint green is off . How bad is that? We are bringing along a lilac shirt for all to examine which we are told is a stable catalogue colour for the foreseeable future.

Good luck all.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Round 2 of the Spanish

Pamela Williamson was the best Scot in the Spanish Seniors Championship at La Manga. Most of the Scottish players managed to achieve an improvement in the second round - as did the winner, Maria Castillo Dolagaray who scored 72, by far the best score of the tournament - but on the whole scoring was still quite high so it is safe to presume this was a very tricky venue. There will no doubt, be many memories of shots just lost but more of the pleasure in playing in warmer temperatures than the rest of us, still vegetating in front of our firesides.

153 Maria Castillo Dolagaray (81, 72)
159 Maria de Orueta Pemartin (76, 83)
161 Rocio Ruiz de Velasco Colas (79, 82)
166 Diane Williams (86, 80)(joint eighth)

Leading Scottish Scores
170 Pamela Williamson (Baberton)(83,87)(joint 16th)
179 Lesley Johnston (Gullane) (96,83)
180 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle) (92, 88)
185 Sue Penman (Gullane) (92,93)
190 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) (96,94)
193 Suzannne Cadden (Cardross) (98, 95)

The webmaster is putting in a special plea for winning scores on the Scottish side next year as the home names are easier and quicker to type.

Round One of Spanish Senior Championship

Pamela Williamson will have been reasonably happy to bring in a score of 83 in Round One of the Spanish Senior Women's Championship at La Manga. She was three ahead of her friend and playing foursomes partner Diane Williams (Canada) and nine strokes better than the nearest Scots, Sue Penman and Jennifer Mack, both on 92. Round 2 is today.

Leading Score
76 Maria de Orueta Pemartin
Leading Scottish Scores
83 Pamela Williamson (Baberton) (joint 13th)
86 Diane Williams (Canada)
92 Sue Penman (Gullane) Jennifer Mack (Haggs Castle)
96 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
98 Suzanne Cadden (cardross)

East Vets Participating in Spanish Seniors

This early season seniors championship in Spain used to boast a fair Scottish entry but of late it has declined in popularity. Often the weather can be a little disappointing. This year it is being played at La Manga. Four East Vets out of an entry from Scotland of only seven are hopefully enjoying a little early sunshine and getting their swings into gear for a successful season.

The first two days were the "Doubles" day 1 a four ball and day 2 the two ball foursomes. For some reason the scores were very much higher throughout the field in the two ball foursomes. the Spanish couple of Catalina Castillego Oriol and Maria Orueto Pemartin won the Doubles Championship with a total of 154. Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and the adopted Scot from Canada, Diane Williams were our leading entry with a joint total of 168

"Doubles" Scores
154 Catalina Castillego Oriol and Maria Orueto Pemartin
Scottish scores
168 Pamela Williamson and Diane Williams (81, 87)
175 Lesley Johnston and Suzanne Cadden (81, 94)
176 Sue Penman and Dorothy Thomson (84, 92)
179 Helen Faulds and Jennifer Mack - West Vets (84, 95)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Karen Ballantyne selected for Scottish Vets Team

At last, with the New Year having been installed for almost six weeks this East Vets site is up and running again and definitely open for business. And what better way to start up than by announcing that an East Vet lady has been selected for the Scottish Vets team. Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) is to play in the annual match against an Irish Senior Select team with the clear and single-minded object of wrestling the Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy back from Irish hands. This year, the match is on Irish soil - so all the sweeter to win - and will take place on the Hilton Templepatrick outside Belfast.

The team, captained by Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) and apprentice Noreen Fenton Dunbar(vice-captain) has some changes. Fiona de Vries(Midlands) is hoping for a full return to duties after her curling accident of last year and Anne Ryan (Highland), having had a lean 2011 owing to back problems will both be aiming for inclusion in the Jamboree at the Hirsel in August, but this has been seen as an opportunity to recall Alison Bartlett who shone in the Irish Seniors last year and to introduce Linda Urquhart of North who was runner-up to Noreen Fenton in the Scottish Vets Championship. Noreen indicated last year she was retiring from international participation. The team will hardly be rudderless with the talent it has.

Scotland has a wealth of players in the wings and competition for a place in future vets international games this year will be fierce. So watch this spot.

Scottish Team (in alphabetical order)
Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (Midland)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Alison Bartlett (Highland)
Lorna Bennett (Midland)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Linda Urquhart (North)
Anne Ryan (Highland)
Jill Harrison (North)
Alex Glennie (West)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and great golf to all East Vets

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