Monday, 24 October 2011

38th East Vets AGM

The 38th AGM of the East Vets Division took place today at 11.15 in Liberton Golf Club. 50 ladies were present for the meeting although only 46 could stay for the lovely lunch.

Captain Noreen Fenton welcomed the company and asked for a few moments silence to remember Elise Guy, past captain, who died earlier this year. Those ladies unfortunately unwell at this time and unable to attend the AGM, were also remembered and the very best wishes of the company sent to them.

Without further ado the presentation of prizes took place, but as nearly a majority of prizewinners were not present, this was a somewhat lightning event. The Elise Duncan Trophy retained in the East v West Singles match was on display as was the Scroggie Cup which, as in 2010, had been retained by another East Vet, this year by Noreen Fenton. It made complete sense that there were 71 apologies considering how many ladies had been unable to accept their prizes and trophies in person. A great number had mentioned that they would be on holiday, this being the school holiday week. It was announced that next year this meeting and lunch, would be held one month later, on November 19th to see if this made a difference to the rather poor attendance. Katherine is already panicking that snow comes early.

It had been agreed last year that the minutes would not be read out to the meeting but that they would be posted on the East Vets website - which had been done. A copy of the minutes for 2010 had been emailed to all ladies with an email address with copies being sent in the post to those who did not. Two ladies declared that they had not been emailed and a plea was made by the chair for all ladies to inform Katherine of a change to their email address or, if they now had one when before they had not. An up-to-date list of email address would be desirable.

Matters Arising. There were only two matters arising, the first referring to the use of DMD's. It had been agreed last year, providing the course on which it was to be used was happy for its use. However one lady, last year, had suggested to be on the safeside, the matter be raised at the SVLGA meeting in Blairgowrie. This had been brought up and no objection aired, despite the SLGA being unable to view it rationally.

The other matter arising concerned the uniform, particularly in matches against other divisions, but also for the wearing at the meetings. The Captain said that the committee favoured the adoption of a mint green teeshirt in place of the yellow, asked if there were any objections from those present but found none. She recommended that if anyone wished to buy one, Katherine was taking orders. There was general surprise at the numbers ordered. Clearly yellow had not been a popular shade and that the mint was vastly preferable. The preference for a plain shirt or one with the East Vet logo was indicated at the time on the order sheet.

Katherine read out the financial report and apart from a couple of questions about the need to raise the subscription when we had money in the bank, this report was approved and seconded.

The Captain read out her report which was quite compehensive, effort being made to include East Vet, Scottish Vet, SLGA and county events where East Vets had been honourably mentioned. The Vice-captain, Marjory Lauder stood up and read out an extensive list of prizes won by Noreen Fenton in 2011, including the Scottish Senior Ladies Championship and the Scottish Vets Championship, since such minor details had been omitted from the Captain's report. Much had been said however about the typical Scottish weather that had been enjoyed, not all of it bad.

The captain then asked for a computer literate helper or possible committee member who would be able to to help at the competitions with regard all matters computer-related. This would allow the Captain and Vice-captain to devote themselves to other matters on these days - not drink more cups of coffee.

The captain announced a committee decision to arrange for the later stages of the Ramsden Cup to be played on neutral courses on the grounds that this seemed fairer. At present ties are played on the challenger's home course which might or might not create an unfair advantage to the home player but was highly unlikely to create the opposite. At this stage it was suggested only the semi-finals and final be played at clubs different from those of either competitor, but that it might be extended in future years. A pool of clubs would be sought so that there would be a choice depending on who won through to the semifinals. Several ladies volunteered to appproach their clubs to offer availability. The association would of course pay the green fees. The captain thanked ladies who had made themselves available to play in team matches, often at short notice and their enthusiasm in their golf. She also thanked her committee for their hard work, in particular Katherine, who was inexhaustible (despite her brown coat!)

There being no objection from the meeting, the office-bearers would serve another year. And there being no further AOCB either, the meeting was closed and a delicious lunch was served, a little earlier than possibly imagined but nonetheless welcome.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Minutes of 2010 AGM

As was decided last year the minutes of the AGM are now being posted prior to the AGM on Monday 24th October.

Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association - East Division


Gullane Golf Club ~ 25 October 2010

The Captain Elise Guy welcomed everyone to the 2010 and 37th AGM and Prize-Giving.


There were 69 apologies

All prizewinners most of whom were present this year were duly congratulated. After the presentation Karen paid tribute to the general organisation of the golfing events & how she had enjoyed her year. She not only won the East’s Championship & the Ramsden Cup but to crown it all as the Blairgowrie Champion she won the Scroggie Cup which she had brought along to our A.G.M.

The minutes of the meeting held at Murrayfield Golf Club were read then proposed for adoption by Karen Ballantyne and seconded by
Carol MacLeod. This would be the last time for the verbal report and in future the minutes would be presented on the website.

The announcement that the trial using the two best aggregate scores from the spring and summer meetings as qualification for the championship would be replaced by reverting to the summer meeting only was met with hearty approval from the audience. Members were reminded to refer to the

The accounts which had been circulated previously were approved by Clare Bowe and Catriona Shedden. Apologies from Katherine for the rather blurred signature by the auditor due to her printer.

Inter-Divisional Matches

East v West Singles (scratch & upwards) played over Troon Portland where the East retained the Elise Duncan Trophy.
East v West Foursomes played over Gullane No.2 where East won the Friendship Trophy much to Asp Robertson’s delight.

East v Midlands
An inaugural meeting at Turnhouse resulted in a win for Midlands.

Elise then invited Noreen as Vice-Captain to say a few words on the East Vets’ achievements in international events.
In conclusion Elise thanked the committee and Katherine for all their hard work and support during her term of office. Gullane Golf Club was thanked for the use of their premises for the day.

With the meeting’s approval, Marjory Lauder would be the next Vice-Captain and Dulcie Barnes our new committee member. Katherine would continue in office.
Noreen was presented with her badge of office.

Noreen mentioned the slight dilemma some ladies might have in the hole & hole Ramsden Cup if all square at the 18th. A show of hands decided the best of three holes thereafter was preferable to sudden death.

The format for the Championship play-offs was as before, first round on Saturday afternoon, semi-finals & final on Sunday. Dates to be confirmed when John Sandilands the pro returns from holiday. Possible weekends, 11/12 June, 18/19 June or 9/10 July. Summer Meeting at Haddington on Tuesday 7 June.
Liberton was now the permanent venue for the Autumn Meeting as entry numbers had doubled since changing from Murrayfield. The A.G.M./Prize-giving on 24 October would also be at Liberton Golf Club.
Uniform for Matches
It was felt that uniformity was preferable but a show of hands for shirts stated yellow/green.

Use of D.M. Devices in East Vets meetings
A request by two entrants playing early in the Autumn Meeting had been turned down. However, a short survry conducted later had shown a positive reaction for their use. The general feeling from the present company was no objection to their use as a local rule. Karen Ballantyne wisely suggested the S.V.L.G.A be asked for a general view.

There being no further business the meeting closed.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

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