Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Photocopy of letter sent from St Columba's Hospice

After the passing of our former captain Elise Guy, a cheque for £50 on behalf of the East Veteran Ladies' Association was sent to St. Columba's Hospice, in accordance with the wishes of her family. This is a photocopy of the nice letter received back from Martin Lawlor, the campaign manager. Apologies for the poor quality but the webmaster was unable to scan it in and this was a photograph of it (with a shaky hand). Click on it to enlarge and facilitate the reading.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Karen Ballantyne selected to play in Senior Home International Team

Karen Ballantyne of Craigmillar Park has been selected to play for Scotland in the Senior Home Internationals at Tramore in Ireland on 28, 29 and 30 September. Karen is the 2010 - 2011 Scottish Vet Champion and has recently returned from the Jamboree at Wellingborough where she won two out of five games. Karen is reported to be surprised but delighted. We wish her and Scotland all success.

This is not the first time that Karen has sported a Scotland jersey. After winning the Scottish Stroke-Play Championship at Ballater in 2003, she was selected to play in the inaugural women's senior home international matches at Whittington Heath. The East Vets were actually well represented in these far-off days. Karen was accompanied in the team by Moira Thomson, Noreen Fenton and Pamela Williamson. Ruth Brown was a reserve. In 2011 there is now only Karen. Moira and Noreen have followed Pamela into retirement and hung up their international golf shoes.

The Scottish team welcomes two other new caps, Alex Glennie and May Hughes both of whom played at Wellingborough when Pamla Williamson was Vets Captain.

Scottish Team
Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie)
Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
May Hughes (Lanark)
Anne Ryan (Tain)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Captain Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Reserves to be announced

Draw for the Autumn Meeting

Moving the Autumn Meeting from Murrayfield to Liberton seems to have been a popular decision, going by the numbers entering the competition. Sixty-nine ladies are drawn to play on Monday 5th September. No deposit was taken for this game at the beginning of the season and so the entrance fee will be £14 which Dulcie will be glad to subtract from all, prior to playing. She will be most grateful if the exact money can be tendered whenever possible, otherwise she might require to bring sixty-nine one pound coins with her in her handbag, just to cover all emergencies. Remember also that skye caddies or the like are acceptable.

Katherine will have a supply of East Vet green jerseys for sale.

9.30 Noreen Fenton, Elinor Blair, Frances McFadzean
9.38 Maureen Stewart, Jean Dawson, Isobel Hastings
9.46 Seonaid Stewart, Carol Macleod, Sally Brian
9.54 Carole Ross, Elice Cackett, Alice Jack
10.02 Margo Blair, Libby Campbell, Elizabeth Smith
10.10 Moyra Loughran, Margaret Dalrymple, Anne McKenzie
10.18 May Hardy, Rita Veitch, Rosemary Denny
10.26 Patricia Rose, Amelia Taylor, Ann Hanna
10.34 Barbara Biggart, Fiona McLaren, Norma Richmond
10.42 Marjory Lauder, Shona Low, Ros Thoresen
10.50 Molly Woolgar, Katy Gillies, Jane Butters
10.58 Dorothy Silver, Pat Mavor, Betty Redwood
11.06 Margaret Thompson, Sandra Ashurst, Beth Freedman
11.14 Marion Law, Davida Simpson, Carol Foggo
11.22 Joan Marshall, Dulcie Barnes, Clare Bowe
11.30 Barbara Halliday, Liz McLelland, Mary Richardson
11.38 Kate Johnston, Fiona Ford, Carol Halliday
11.46 Anne Beedie, Jane Millar, June Robertson
11.54 Catriona Shedden, Christine Reid, Asp Robertson
12.02 Pam Stephenson, Lyn Lockerbie, Maureen Woodward
12.10 Irene Campbell, Sylvia Cunningham, Carol Scott
12.18 Isabel MacDonald, Nancy Gow, Vivien Mitchell
12.26 Nanette Weir, Judy Cuthbertson, Senga Grant

Good game to everyone

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sandra Kempson wins Ramsden Cup

Sandra Kempson beat Mary Davidson in the final of the Ramsden Cup. It is hoped that a report on this game will follow in due course. Congratulations to Sandra.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Scotland do not Retain Miller-Stirling Salver

Not our finest hour! Not only did Scotland fail to beat the South, they lost in spectacular form. After losing all the foursomes, they lost all the singles bar one which thankfully they halved. 8 1/2 to 1/2. Of course several of the games were very tight, three going to the eighteenth hole but in itself, it does not bode well for the Home International team in October, the selection for which is pending. Captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and Vice-captain Helen Faulds are naturally very disappointed considering the promise of the early games. They will no doubt be turning over many questions in their minds as to what went wrong.

Our own Karen Ballantyne, who will likewise be disappointed at the margin of her defeat on paper against Chris Quinn, has no reason to feel so. According to the officials, she played very well against a quality opponent who in her own words "played the best golf she had all week" and finished at four under par. So Karen, congratulations on a good tournament. At any other time, this standard of golf played would have led to a win.

Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison lost to Carole Weir and Lulu Housman 5 and 3
Mary Smith and May Hughes lost to Chris Quinn and Carole Caldwell 2 holes
Karen Ballantyne and Kathleen Sutherland lost to Irene Brien and Cathy Armstrong 2 holes
Scotland 0 South 3

Karen Ballantyne lost to Chris Quinn 7 and 6
Lorna Bennett lost to Carole Weir 1 up
Heather Anderson lost to Carole Caldwell 1 hole
Mary Smith halved with Lulu Housman
Alex Glennie lost to Jeannie o'Keeffe 4 and 2
May Hughes lost to Irene Brien 2 up
Scotland 1/2 South 5 1/2
Total Scotland 1/2 South 8 1/2

Results of the games between North and Midlands have not been accessed and therefore the winner of the Miller Stirling is not known as yet. If Midlands has won there would have been a countback. The webmaster is not even going to think about hazarding a guess as to how that would go. Result awaited but sadly, not us this year.

Scotland lose Foursomes against the South

The morning foursomes against the South have not gone according to plan. Scotland lost all three games and now have a mountain to climb to win. They need to win five of the singles for an outright win. Four and a half would beat the South but could possibly not be enough without a countback against the Midlands should they win against the North. This match is almost always a nail-biter.

Foursomes Results
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison lost to Carole Weir and Lulu Housman
Mary Smith and May Hughes lost to Chris Quinn and Carole Caldwell
Kathleen Sutherland and Karen Ballantyne lost to Irene Brien and Cathy Armstrong

Pairings for this afternoon's singles
Karen Ballantyne v Chris Quinn
Lorna Bennett v Carole Weir
Heather Anderson v Carole Caldwell
Mary Smith v Lulu Housman
Alex Glennie v Jeannie O'Keefe
May Hughes v Irene Brien

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Other Results from the Jamboree

All the results from the other matches eg North v South on Wednesday 10th and also those between the South and Midlands Vets today Thursday 11th, can be found on the SVLGA site - see links down the left hand side under Fixtures.

Scottish Vets Draw with the North

Scotland have not lost a match in the Jamboree. Today they drew with the North of England. Considering the rampage they went on yesterday to win all but one of their singles, they were more than likely a little disappointed with today's result. They won the morning foursomes by two games to one but unfortunately were unable to cash in on yesterday's magic touch to repeat singles success. They only managed to win two of the singles, halving one and losing two. Sum total - a draw.

Those watching the weather forecast at home will have noticed that this area of England was spared Scotland's drenching. With the South being tomorrow's opponents, it is cheering that they, the South, lost to the Midlands, 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 which was the margin of Scotland's success yesterday. But experienced data collectors in this particular match will know there can only ever be one reliable method of predicting a result and that is not to predict at all. The only sure way to retaining the MIller-Stirling is to go out there all guns blazing and win it. The only division who cannot win outright is North but a win by them would put an end to the Midlands' aspirations. Although Scotland leads the table after Day 2, any of the others apart from the North could win.

Results (Scotland first)
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Alison beat Caroline Marron and Karen Lee by 1 hole
May Hughes and Alex Glennie lost to Barbara Laird and Ann Lowe 4 and 3
Heather Anderson and Karen Ballantyne beat Elaine Elliot and Ali Hanson 2 up

Karen Ballantyne lost to Caroline Marron 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett beat Ann Lowe 2 and 1
Kathleen Sutherland lost to Karen Lee 8 and 6
Alex Glennie halved with Julia Smith
Mary Smith beat Ali Hanson 2 and 1
Heather Anderson lost to Barbara Laird 1 up

Halved Match

Good luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Scottish Vets Win on Day One

Scotland made the very best possible start to their defence of the Miller-Stirling Salver when their Vets team produced a magnificent turnaround on Day One. They converted a negative situation from the morning foursomes to a great thumping win after the singles in the afternoon. In the morning, in relatively good conditions (unlike at home) despite a troublesome wind, and playing against the strong Midlands side, they went down 2/1 in the foursomes. Alex Glennie and May Hughes from the West Division, brought in the winning point against Anne Booth and Carol Gibbs - at least one former Curtis Cup player there (webmaster not having details at hand and memory getting worse as the years go by!) But lunch must have set the team up good style for a real tussle. They won all but one of the singles to win outright by 6 games to 3.

East Division's own Karen Ballantyne, not having played in the foursomes, led the team out in the afternoon against the highly experienced Janet Melville, whose pedigree needs no embellishment. After a terrific battle, Karen saw off the opposition on the last hole. Word has it her legs just about gave way with the strain but maybe she was just fixing her shoelaces. What a success! East is proud of you, Karen.

Scotland plays North tomorrow. Same again please.

Results ( Scotland first)
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison (Midlands) lost to Jo Ashmore and Janet Melville 4 and 2
Alex Glennie and May Hughes (West) beat Anne Booth and Carol Gibbs 3 and 1
Heather Anderson (Midland) and Mary Smith (Highland) lost to Pat West and Julie Walter 4 and 3

Karen Ballantyne (East) beat Janet Melville 1 up
Lorna Bennett beat Andrea Stockdale 3 and 1
Kathleen Sutherland (North) beat Cindy Ireland 2 up
Mary Smith lost to Jo Ashmore 7 and 5
Elaine Allison beat Carol Gibbs 4 and 2
Heather Anderson beat Pat West 2 and 1

In the other match, the South - always the "one to beat" (even when the other two are stronger) won by 5 1/2 to 3 1/2 over tomorrow's opponents, the North. There are no details yet of the individual game results. Two big names however, if one may say so, were playing - Chris Quinn and Carol Caldwell, old friends of Scotland over many years.

Right girls. You know what you have to do tomorrow. More of the same.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scottish Vets at Wellingborough

Despite the threats of social unrest at Wellingborough (of all places) when shops closed early and many people stayed at home, it did not affect the veteran lady golfers at the Jamboree who were able to proceed with their practice round today in lovely weather conditions. The report is that it certainly is a lovely golf course and our Scottish Team - including our own Karen Ballantyne - are looking forward to the fray. They are playing the Midlands tomorrow in the first of their matches. In a surge of generous spirit (from those likely to get a complete soaking in the East Division) let's hope that the blue splodgy area on the UK weather map does indeed stop just north of Northamptonshire tomorrow.

A Goodbye to Elise

Libby Burnet, Captain of Gullane Ladies very kindly said a few words about our dear friend and past Captain, Elise Guy, on the occasion of her funeral service last Saturday at Mortonhall. She has given permission for this to be reproduced on the website.

Elise Guy

A remarkable lady -

Captain of Prestonfield Golf Club 1980

Past Committee member of North Berwick Golf Club

Honorary Secretary Gullane Ladies' Golf Club 1989 - 92

Captain of East of Scotland Vets 2008 - 10

Having in her eighties just slipped out of the Silver Division, she became 2009 Bronze Champion of Gullane Ladies' Golf Club.

Apart from her family, Elise lived for her golf and the friendships she made through golf.

When the weather was too bad for golf - which was not often in Elise's book - she walked the course before returning to the Clubhouse to spend time with her friends.

She was very much part of the scene at Gullane Ladies'.

She went out of her way to ensure new members felt welcomed to the Club and was invariably kind and encouraging to beginners. She presented the Crofthill Cup which is awarded annually to our Junior Champion.

Small of stature, people felt protective towards her but she had an inner core of steel and determination which you underestimated at your peril. She was always a formidable but fair competitor.

In the words of some of her closest friends:

Elise played her golf in a bubble of concentration, she did not expect there to be much conversation during a round and woe betide a passing butterfly, a squeaking trolley or the footfall of an errant partner - all would be met with polite disapproval.

On two occasions, one friend witnessed the head of her driver fly off the shaft, propelled by the lightning speed generated by the pent-up surge of her swing - a swing which always had a full follow-through.

Dedicated to the practice ground, her partners often had to call her in from there before a competition, in order to be sure she would make her tee-off time.

Every pro's shop was scoured for desirable items of green clothing - though brown was allowed as a substitute. A green headed driver would have been her delight! Colour co-ordination was sacrosanct.

Annually, one of the weekends she most enjoyed was the Scottish Vets Autumn Meeting at Blairgowrie. With one exception, she had attended this event every year since 1986 - quite a record!

Only last week, Elise played a few holes of golf with friends on Monday and Tuesday. She was looking lively and I am reliably informed she was expressing concern that she might not be playing enough to be able to return the requisite number of cards to keep her handicap!

She was a very special lady who will be greatly missed by many people whose lives she enriched with her friendship. We shall remember her with respect and affection for her kindness, her humour and her amazing enthusiasm and determination.

Thank-you Libby and your co-correspondents Ethel Jack, Carol Macleod and Asp Robertson.

East Vets Lose the Asp Friendship Trophy at Troon

On a bright,sunny but very windy Monday at Troon Portland, the East Vets lost the Asp Friendship Trophy sadly after possession of only the one year. Hardly enough to leave a trace of DNA. Sorry Asp. There's always next year. This is a two ball foursomes matches for ladies with handicaps of between 10 and 15 and is played on a scratch basis. Unfortunately this year it went the way of the baddies three and a half to one and a half but by all reports it was a most enjoyable day with the usual high standards of catering from Troon Portland, pre and post game.

Clare Bowe and Denise Mitchell lost to Enid Young and Sandra Gilchrist
Gina Thomson and Gilly Glen lost to Marion Stewart and Rena Simpson
Pam Townsend and Kate Johnston lost to Jennifer Graham and Ruth Henderson
Phyl Early and Mary Richardson halved with Freda Bunch and Fiona Roger
Sandra Ashurst and Carol Macleod beat Anne Aitken and Ann Dunn

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Update on the Ramsden Cup

The report on the later stages of the Ramsden Cup seems to have got lost so the results of the quarterfinals are being repeated together with the semifinals.

Mary Davidson beat Denise Mitchell
Sandra Ashurst beat Ruth Brown
Sandra Kempson beat Margo Blair
Hilary Thomson beat Isobel Halliday

Mary Davidson beat Sandra Ashurst
Sandra Kempson beat Hilary Thomson

Mary Davidson is now to play Sandra Kempson in the final. Good luck to both

Friday, 5 August 2011

Scottish Vets Team Prepares for the Jamboree

Next week, August 10th, 11th and 12th is the Jamboree which this year is at the Wellingborough Golf Club in Northamptonshire. This is generally considered to be an lovely undulating, rolling parkland course, in secluded private grounds which will be a fine test of golf for our veteran ladies. The length is just under 600 yards being a par 74. Although the golf club itself was inaugurated in 1893, the clubhouse has a history going back to the early 18th century and is associated with the Vaux family, whose name appears on one of the holes. It has beautiful formal gardens in front between it and the course itself. The names of the holes are intriguing, three of the more illustrious being The Water Splash!, The Rookery with the 18th being simply The Hall. We hope to have some pictures to show when the team are there and hopefully some stories of interesting holes.

The format of the Jamboree is the same as always - that is unless the weather has anything to do with it (which seems to happen more often than not). Three foursomes in the morning and six singles in the afternoon. As yet this blog does not have the actual draw but no doubt it will be furnished the minute it gets published.

Scotland is ringing the changes this year and it is fair to say we have a much younger team to take on the might of the English Divisions. Although some of the more experienced older players have opted for retirement, the team sadly is still without Fiona de Vries, who continues to recuperate after her accident on the ice earlier this year. Fortunately, two former Scottish Vets Champions, Heather Anderson and Lorna Bennett will be playing. The team will be led out by the present Vets Champion, Karen Ballantyne from Craigmillar Park and once again will be captained by Pamela Williamson from Baberton. We wish them the very best of luck.

Scottish Team
Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (Midland)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Lorna Bennett (Midland)
Alex Glennie (West)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Kathleen Sutherland (North)
Reserves, Alison Bartlett, Janice Paterson, Jill Harrison
Captain - Pamela Williamson (East)
Vice-Captain - Helen Faulds (West)

East Foursomes Team to play against the West

The annual foursomes match against the West Vets will take place on Monday 8th, this year at Troon Portland. East will be defending last year's victory. Both teams will be hoping for a drier day and that visions of such wetness as emerged from Gullane last year are not repeated.

The team to represent the East is:

Clare Bowe and Denise Mitchell
Carol Macleod and Sandra Ashurst
Kate Johnston and Pam Townsend
Gina Thomson and Gillie Glen
Lyn Lockerbie and Mary Richardson
Travelling reserve - Marjory Lauder (vice-captain)

Have a great game.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Slideshow of the Pitfirrane day

East Vets v Midlands at Pitfirrane

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The rain was battering so ferociously in Edinburgh and East Lothian this morning that all members of the team would not have been blamed in the slightest for thinking that the re-run of the fairly new East Vets v Midlands Vets match had run aground yet again - or possibly adrift might be nearer the mark. But, surprisingly, it was nowhere near as bad over in Fife and Pitfirrane was coping perfectly with any rain. The East Vets jumped into their cars and headed for the Forth Road Bridge.

Delicious bacon rolls and coffee awaiting the players, were wolfed down before everyone headed out to the car-park to don waterproofs. The rain did not stop until the last players were just about finished but thankfully was never as heavy as earlier. The course did not show signs of flooding at all and the greens were still very pacy despite the rain. Emma Wilson, captain of Midlands and her vice-captain, Winnie braved the rain long enough to await the players at the halfway mark with a bagful of goodies. After this, they weren't seen again so presumably had the good sense to give some trade to the catering service.

Midlands won the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Quaich for the second year running by 5 games to 2. This match was intended for the 6 - 10 handicappers playing off scratch except for the final game between Noreen Fenton and Sandy Bushby where strokes were given for the difference in handicaps as yet another last-minute reserve (for the reserve) had proved impossible to procure and Noreen filled in rather than enjoying coffee and a chat with the hosts. Sandy clearly did not really need the strokes as she won by 3 and 1.

Next year the East will have the Midlands back on home ground where a very serious effort will be made to putting some super glue on the bottom of that quaich. Everyone enjoyed the day and also the lovely hot soup and sannies on returning to the clubhouse. All thanks to our Midlands hosts for a very enjoyable match.

Results (East first)
Barbara Biggart lost to Dawn Butchart by 3 and 2
Sheila Lyon beat Joan Peden by 1 hole
Elinor Blair lost to Katharine Keir by 6 and 5
Caroline Kinnaird lost to Anne Chisholm by 2 and 1
Ray Lynch beat Fran Liddle by 3 and 2
Ellice Cackett lost to Alison Houston by 6 and 5
Noreen Fenton lost to Sandy Bushby by 3 and 1