Thursday, 30 June 2011

Scottish Seniors at Portpatrick

One East Vet, Noreen Fenton of Dunbar is still on her feet and running at Portpatrick. Noreen has got through to the semi-finals tomorrow morning. She meets Janice Paterson of Drumpellier. In the other semi-final Alex Glennie of Kilmarnock Barassie meets the holder Heather Anderson of Blairgowrie.

For all results please refer to Carol Fells report on the West of Scotland Site, the SLGA site or Kirkwoodgolf

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Noreen runner-up in Scottish Senior Strokeplay.

Noreen Fenton of Dunbar just failed to win the Scottish Senior Strokeplay Championship at Portpatrick by one stroke. In a round that had four birdies, she unfortunately ran up a 9 at the fourteenth and although she followed this with a birdie two, she was unable to finish the seventeenth and eighteenth in par figures which would have been all that was needed. The winner was Alex Glennie of Kilmarnock Barassie with a total of 150.

Most East Vets improved on yesterday's scores but none more than Mary Richardson, the Midlothian County Captain who last week led her county team to victory in the East Jamboree at Pitfirrane. Mary knocked 11 strokes off her first round.

East Vet Scores

151 Noreen Fenton
155 Sue Penman
157 Moira Thomson
158 Pamela Williamson
160 Lesley Johnstone
161 Karen Ballantyne
162 Barbara Biggart
166 Anne Brownie
168 Ruth Brown
170 Dorothy Thomson, Frances McFadzean, Rita Dee
171 Joanne Watt
175 Gilly Glen
192 Vickie Sandeman
194 Clare Bowe
195 Mary Richardson

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the Scottish Senior Championship. Readers are referred to the SLGA site for the live scoring or kirkwoodgolf. Noreen, Sue, Moira and Pamela have all qualified.

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As this goes to press, ladies from East Vets have already started their second round in the qualifying stages of the Scottish Senior Ladies at Portpatrick Dunskey. At the moment conditions are good for golf - that's an acronym for pretty dull and at least not hurricane conditions such as pretty nearly was the case on the practice day. Yesterday on the other hand was a day for the beach. A photograph's dream. For such an amazing day, when the golf course and indeed Portpatrick were seen with new eyes, the scores were disappointingly high. There seemed no reason for them as there was no wind at all to whisk balls away into trouble. The trouble is there quite definitely, whins, deep rough and tall ferns but this is a golf course not a playing field. It seemed to be the greens that caused the most trouble. The greens are beautiful but possibly slower than what would be liked. But that is golf. There are some very tricky ones too with subtle slopes, obvious slopes and some with a tendency to the Electric Brae further up the coast. good clean fun. So what will today bring?

The leading score was brought in by Alison Bartlett of Highland who played her inaugural match for the Scottish Vets against The Irish Select at Craigielaw earlier this year. She had a sparkling 73 one over the CSS. next were East Vet and former Senior Internationalist, Noreen Fenton from Dunbar and Scottish Vet May Hughes from Lanark on 75. Sue Penman, Moira Thomson and Pamela Williamson all challenge on 77. Moira finished a lovely round with an 8 coming out of a bunker like a bat out of hell straight into a whinbush which was out of bounds. Pamela carded a 9. Barbara Biggart from North Berwick is on 80. Good luck to all today.

East Vet Results

75 Noreen Fenton
77 Sue Penman, Moira Thomson, Pamela Williamson
80 Barbara Biggart
82 Lesley Johnston
83 Karen Ballantyne, Dorothy Thomson, Anne Brownie
84 Frances McFadzean
86 Rita Dee
87 Gilly Glen,Ruth Brown,
88 Joanne Watt
92 Maureen McRobb
97 Vickie Sandeman
99 Clare Bowe
103 Mary Richardson

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Junior Vagliano

Although not quite in the age bracket yet, the East Vets wish potential East Vet, Clara Young every success in her matches this week in the Junior Vagliano at Royal Porthcawl - i.e. GB & I Under 16's - on Friday and Saturday. We know you can do it.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Slideshow of Portpatrick

Here's hoping the weather next week is as good.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Great East Vet Representation in Scottish Seniors Championship at Portpatrick Dunskey

There is a very commendable representation by East Vets of nineteen out of a total entry of 82. Last year at Fortrose and Rosemarkie, Moira Thomson of Gullane reached the semi-finals of the matchplay and the year before at Kinross, Fiona Hunter of Baberton won the Stroke-Play trophy. Fingers crossed at Portpatrick. Could we have another winner in this group.

This year there is a change to format. The first two days are the stroke-play days when the strokeplay champion amongst other winners, is found. The following two days, the top eight qualifiers battle it out for the match-play championship title. However it has been noticed over the years how, for the majority, the first two days was the important bit and after that if they didn't qualify, well they might as well go home - which they did, in their droves. What a shame. So this year, all change. After the top sixteen have qualified all the others are in the running for the next competition. The top eight nett scores, after the first sixteen scratch have been dismissed, will fight it out in a nail-biting handicap competition. What could be better. They should have thought of this years ago. The now abandonned consolation tournament (known as 'The Plate')for those eliminated in the first round of the match-play was all very well but that still only involved the same sixteen players out of the entire entry - so much for the rest. Now we have something for others to play for. Excellent.

So here are the aspiring nineteen East Vets - in the order of going out in the first round, for whom special notice will be given as regards reporting on strokeplay rounds.

Lesley Johnston (Gullane)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Karen Ballantyne (Craiglaw Park)
Sue Penman (Gullane)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Moira Thomson (Gullane)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
Rita Dee (Kingsknowe)
Joanne Watt (Gullane)
Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park)
Clare Bowe (Gullane)
Maureen McRobb (Atalaya)
Dorothy Thomson (Gullane)
Gilly Glen (Craigmillar Park)
Mary Richardson (Craigmillar Park)
Vickie Sandeman (Gullane)

Have a great time ladies. Portpatrick is lovely or at least it will be if the rain stays away. Keep an eye on the website and a slideshow of the Jewel of Galloway might appear. If you have time off from the practice ground, have a jaunt around. You'll love it.

Team announced to play for the Elise Duncan Trophy against the West

The team to play against the West Vets on July 13th at Gullane and retain the Elise Duncan Trophy is as follows. As per custom the team goes out in handicap order on the day and hence at this point, is in alphabetical order.

Karen Ballantyne(Craigmillar Park)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Jane Herd (Musselburgh)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Caroline Johnston (Murrayfield)
Sue Penman (Gullane)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)

The team is without the services of Moira Thomson of Gullane who has work commitments but we have strength in depth and are confident of retaining the Elise Duncan Trophy.

Note. Still no one has come forward with details of this mysterious lady. Maybe one of these years-----------

Ramsden Cup Battles Continuously Forward.

Has this been a bad week weather-wise? One forgets. Certainly the last result in, the match between Isobel Halliday and Mairi Pollock will be remembered by both, a lot longer than it took their clothes to dry. Nineteenth hole was it?

Mary Davidson beat Christine Simpson
Denise Mitchell beat Rita Dee

Kate Johnstone lost to Sandra Ashurst
Ruth Brown beat Christine Clarke

Sandra Kempson beat Dulcie Barnes
Margo Blair beat Isobel Hastings

Christine Reid lost to Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday beat Mairi Pollock

The names in bold are obviously the winning quarter-finalists. Next round to be completed by July 11th. Good luck all.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Latest Ramsden Cup Results

The Ramsden Cup is ploughing away merrily. An extension was granted to one pairing when a contestant was unwell hence this late posting but that has now been resolved. Here are the latest results. Only sixteen left! 'Citing!!!

Clare Bowe lost to Mary Davidson
Christine Simpson bt Madge Hutchison
Denise Mitchell bt Kate Milne
Rita Dee bt Senga Grant
Sandra Simpson lost to Kate Johnston
Sandra Ashurst bt May Hardie
Ruth Brown bt Karen Ballantyne
Christine Clarke bt Norma Richmond
Liz McLelland lost to Sandra Kempson
Dulcie Barnes bt Betty Redwood
Fiona McLaren lost to Margo Blair
Maureen Stewart lost to Isobel Hastings
Seonaid Stewart lost to Christine Reid
Marion Cantley lost to Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday bt Muriel Armstrong
Mairi Pollock bt Katy Gillies

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in the next round which must be played by 18th June

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Meeting at Haddington

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Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)won the scratch prize at Haddington today with a steady 79 - on the better inward half from Fiona Hunter of Baberton. Contrary to expectation, it did not rain continuously as it did last year and hence there were only six call-offs. Those who played earlier were definitely the lucky ones as there was thunder and heavy rain-showers to see the later players back to the clubhouse.

Despite the earlier undeniably summery weather, scoring was surprisingly high. Many players, sporting cards destined to raise their handicaps - CSS remained on 73 - trooped into the clubhouse with glum faces and protestations of never playing again - they just couldn't understand how they had been "hitting the ball so well but couldn't get the ball in the hole" - where have we heard that before? They freely admitted the course was in great condition. The greens were lovely but so hard the balls were flying in directions quite contrary to the laws of gravity. These same players cheered up a little on hearing it was a common problem.

Contrary to the majority, the overall winner, Phyl Early of Glencorse, playing off a handicap of 18, had found everything about the course entirely to her taste. No mumps here. She brought in a cracking nett 67, four clear of her nearest rival.

Silver Scratch scores
79 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
79 Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
80 Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)(unable to play c'ship)
81 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
82 Alice Archbold (Gullane)
82 Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
83 Joanne Watt (Gullane)(unable to play c'ship)
83 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
84 Sue Penman (Gullane)
84 Ros Thoresan (Gullane)
84 Jane Herd (Musselburgh)
85 Moira Thomson (Gullane)

Division 1 - Nett Scores
Phyl Early (Glencorse) 85 - 18 - 67 (Overall Winner)
Barbara Biggart (North berwick) 79 - 8 - 71
Norma Richmond (Murrayfield) 80 - 9 - 71
Ros Thoresen (Gullane) 84 - 12 - 72
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield) 82 - 10 - 72
Alice Archbold (Gullane) 82 - 9 - 73
Molly Woolgar (Murrayfield) 93 - 20 - 73
Elsa Todd (Prestonfield) 88 - 15 - 73
Lyn Lockerbie (Prestonfield) 89 - 16 - 73
Christine Simpson (North berwick) 91 - 17 - 74
Ann McKenzie (Gullane) 93 - 19 - 74
Joanne Watt (Gullane) 83 - 9 - 74

Second Division Nett Scores
Seonaid Stewart (Murrayfield)94 - 23 - 71 (Bronze Winner)
Sandra Simpson (Murrayfield) 96 - 24 - 72
Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield) 94 - 21 - 73
Irene Campbell (ullane) 97 - 23 - 74

Several ladies had indicated they were not able to play in the East Vets Championship. The Association was unable to book the Saturday as last year. The quarter-finals therefore will take place at any time to suit contestants between Monday 4th and Friday 8th July and the semi-finals and final on Sunday 10th July - all at Haddington. The draw for this is as follows. There will be some very exciting ties:

Barbara Biggart v Ros Thoresen
Alice Archbold v Ray Lynch
Noreen Fenton v Karen Ballantyne
Fiona Hunter v Sue Penman

Many thanks to our Secretary Katherine Thompson, who manned the desk from early on, took orders for jerseys and answered all the questions, to Dulcie Barnes who came to help but could not play and to Ethel Jack who took herself out of her sickbed purely to help, keep Katherine sane - sorry, company - and open and shut the firedoors to let people in and out. Noreen and Marjory were quite helpful too.