Tuesday, 22 March 2011

EVLGA Spring Meeting Draw

First meeting of the year and surely, the weather cannot possibly be as bad as last year, which led to drastic reductions in the entry. One thing , the course at Gullane will be fantastic so all we need are playable weather conditions. We can but hope.

The balance to be paid is £7 so to keep Dulcie, our new committee member, happy, if possible please arrive with the exact money. Why not ransack your piggie bank and put it in your golf bag now!!!! Please also remember, those who have them, that it was passed almost unanimously at the AGM, to permit the use of Skye Caddies and the like, but NOT any aid which determines slope or wind force. These will always be disallowed.

It was also agreed at the AGM that the official colour of teeshirt to be worn in competition with our green jersey would be yellow. Katherine will be taking orders for these teeshirts (Glenmuir Lemon) at the Spring meeting. Those ladies who normally play in our matches or anyone who is interested, may wish to consider purchasing one at this point as Katherine needs a minimum order for postage.

Please let Katherine know if you now find you are unable to play but, with apologies, the deposit is non-returnable. As of this year we are being charged by Gullane for tee-times booked.

8.48 N. Fenton, D. Mitchell, J. Herd
8.56 M. Thomson, H. Thomson, D. Thomson
9.04 S. Grant, C. Reid, E. Smith
9.12 P. Stephenson, P. Townsend, V. Sandeman
9.20 R. Denny, P. Rose, M. Maxwell
9.28 B. McIntosh, M. Campbell, A. Patrick
9.36 G. Glen, E. Todd, R. Brown
9.44 L. Gray, M. Hutchison, C. Shedden
9.52 B. Freedman, C. Clarke, F. MacFadzean
10.00 D. Barnes, S. Caton, M. Woodward
10.08 M. Dalrymple, M. Stewart, M. Armstrong
10.16 A. Hanna, S. Hunter, A. McKenzie
10.24 N. Richmond, C. Ross, A. Brownie
10.32 M. Lauder, C. MacLeod, R. Lynch
10.40 J. Squires, A. Beedie, J. Watt
10.48 I. Halliday, K. Gillies, J. Dawson
10.56 F. Ford, E. Jack, F. McLaren
11.04 S. Brian, N. Gow, E. Campbell
11.12 C. Campbell, J. Cuthbertson, P. Scott
11.20 P. Williamson, R. Thoresen, M. Hardy
11.28 M. Woolgar, A. McIntosh, M. Law
11.36 M. Cranston, J. Watt, C.Simpson
11.44 S. Stewart, K. Milne, M. Richardson
11.52 G. Thomson, S. Cunningham, M. Blair
12.00 V. Biggar, P. Mavor, J. Butters
12.08 J.Millar, C. Bowe, D. Silver
12.16 M. Thompson, C. Johnstone, S. Lyon
12.24 S. Cullen, B. Biggart, R. Dee
12.32 C. Kinnaird, B. Halliday, M. Magson

This draw is out of the hat with small adjustments for special times asked for , accommodating ladies who are travelling together, etc, etc so have a quick squint at the second trio out - is that not the biggest co-incidence?

Have a very enjoyable game everyone.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Draw for the Ramsden Cup

The season is starting up at last and here is the draw for the Ramsden Cup which will start the day after the Spring Meeting on Tuesday April 5th. Please note that the phone nos. for all contestants will be on the board at the Spring Meeting - Katherine will have her giant draw on show. If you want to find out telephone nos. before then, to get your game fixed up, all committee members will have a copy of the telephone numbers. Please note that Dulcie Barnes is our new committee member.

First round to be played by May 7
Clare Bowe
Mary Davidson
Christine Simpson
Madge Hutchison
Denise Mitchell
Kate Milne

Sylvia Cunningham
Rita Dee

Marion Law
Senga Grant

Sandra Simpson
Elice Cackett

Anne Patrick
Kate Johnston

Sandra Ashurst
Fiona Ford

May Hardy
Deirdre Kinloch-Anderson

Vicki Cullen
Karen Ballantyne

Maureen McKay
Ruth Brown

Christine Clarke
Molly Woolgar

Gratian Andrew
Norma Richmond

Liz McLelland
Lyn Lockerbie

Sandra Kempston
Patricia Rose

Dulcie Barnes
Ray Lynch

Betty Redwood
Elsa Todd

Elinor Blair
Fiona McLaren

Alice Archbold
Margo Blair

Maureen Stewart
Isabel MacDonald

Isobel Hastings
Jean Dawson

Seonaid Stewart
Anne McIntosh

Gilly Glen
Christine Reid

Marion Cantley
Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday
Muriel Armstrong
Mairi Pollock
Katy Gillies

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Scottish Vets Team to play Irish Senior Select announced

Pamela Williamson (Baberton), Captain of the Scottish Veteran Ladies has announced her team to play against an Irish Senior Select in the annual Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy. This year Scotland plays host and the match will take place over Craigielaw Golf Course on Sunday 17th and Monday 18th of April with a practice round on the Saturday. Last year, one of the main problems was getting the match played due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland and cancellation of the flight to Dublin. A later date was arranged for July when Scotland narrowly lost the trophy which had been in their possession for many years. They will be looking to avenge this defeat.

The team to do the needful includes Moira Thomson of Gullane, who had been in the original team in April but who had been unable due to work commitments to play in the re-arranged tie in July. The other East Vet from last year, Noreen Fenton of Dunbar indicated last year she has other commitments and did not wish to be considered - but will be along to spectate and cheer on the team. Unfortunately East Vets and Scottish Vets Champion of 2010, Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) will be in Australia and cannot play. The other missing face is that of Fiona de Vries (Honorary member of Baberton but really she plays for Midlands!)who will be playing in the World Senior Curling Team Championship and we wish her and her team all success.

Why not come along and support. Sunday is the four-ball foursomes and Monday - singles. It will be riveting - guaranteed!

Scottish team
Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (North)
Alison Bartlett (North)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands)
May Hughes (West)
Anne Ryan (North)
Mary Smith (North)
Moira Thomson (East)
Reserves - Alex Glennie (West)Suzanne Cadden (West)
Pamela Williamson (East) - non-playing captain
Helen Faulds (West) - non-playing vice-captain