Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Second day at the Home Internationals disappointing

Scotland's hopes of retaining the Senior Home International Trophy took a sudden dive today when they met a very impressive English team. Yesterday Scotland had drawn their game with Wales while England had beaten Ireland 7 / 1. Today Scotland lost to England 6 1/2 to 1 1/2 and Ireland also halved with Wales. England have won two games, wales have two halved matches while all scotland and Ireland have one halved match apiece. Tomorrow will decide who will be second.

Skipper Pamela Williamson is desperately keen - as are her entire team - to put a win on the board tomorrw and has had a complete rearrangement of her foursomes to see if this will secure points in the morning. Today only managed to achieve a halved match with Fiona de Vries and Anne Ryan.

In the afternoon singles, the only match to win a point was down to Lorna Bennett who came back from being two down to win three holes on the trot over Sue Dye. On the seventeenth, when one hole up, she sent a putt racing over the full length of the green which never looked like doing anything else than go in, much to her team-mates delight. She won 2 an 1.

Fiona de Vries lost also on the seventeenth after a quality game against the English Champion Caroline Marron which saw an initial exchange of birdies from the very first hole. Moira Thomson played very steadily but unfortunately, one hole down going into the eighteenth, was unable to do other than half the hole. Both Heather Anderson and Noreen Fenton were unable to produce the golf of the previous day and lost at the fifteenth.

Look on Kirkwoodgolf to get the full results.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

First Day at the Senior Home Internationals

The first day at the Senior Home Internationals proceeded without any interference by that arch-villain, The Weather although there is no question that tomorrow will be another day. The locals have promised "wall to wall rain" which sadly co-incides with BBC Weather so sadly it looks pretty poor.

However today was a good golfing day in that it was dry, not at all cold and although there was an north-east wind it was fairly moderate. So good conditions and consequently a lot of very good golf.

Scotland played Wales today and had a halved match. Another website hinted at this being a poor result for Scotland, the current European Team champions (the webmaster freely admits this constant reference to the European Team Championship is beginning to smack of a certain country winning a football competition in 1966 - but it was pretty special!) anyway the inference was that a halved match was a poor result because Wales did not put forward a team for the aforesaid championship. Just because they did not enter - for their own reasons - hardly constitutes the right to deem them less worthy opponents. Wales won the Senior Home Internationals very recently - apologies for not having this at hand but it is thought to be 2008. Certainly Scotland were disappointed not to win a point here. Losing the foursomes 2 - 1 makes for a difficult task in the singles when four out of the five possible games had to be seized. As it was they only got three points out of a possible five which was only good enough for the halved match.

In the morning the only victory went to the new pairing of Lorna Bennett(Ladybank) and Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie). They were playing against the very experienced Janet Doleman and new cap Louise Fleet whom they beat by 2 and 1. It was an up and down game with a healthy exchange of birdies. The Welsh pair birdied the short 11th hole with a two to the Scots' par and then also at the par 4 fourteenth hole, where they had a 3. One down. However all change at the 171 yard fifteenth hole when Heather's wood, straight into the oncoming wind, just eased through the back of the green into semi-rough. The Welsh girls looked as if they had the advantage but made a poor job of their approach whilst Lorna chipped dead for a gimme. Capitalising on this at the very next hole, Heather's long iron was again just through but Lorna hammered that 30 footer right to the back of the can for a birdie three. One up with two to play. Two good drives at the next hole but Lorna's second was straight for the pin whereas the Welsh girls took rather a circuitous route to the hole - and it was all over. A great fighting finish.

Moira Thomson (Gullane) and her partner Mary Smith (Tain) who had an unblemished record in the Europeans were up against the very strong pairing of Vicki Thomas and Jane Rees who were really on their game. Their huge uncompromising length off the tee often gave them a big advantage and indeed they were on the 436 yard 5th hole in two strokes which was something indeed. (If the weather on Thursday improves it is hoped to have a picture of this portrait hole to brighten up the report!)

In the afternoon singles the only points gained came from Fiona de Vries(St Rule), Heather Anderson and Noreen Fenton(Dunbar) Fiona took on Vicki Thomas whom she beat by 4 and 2. It looked as if Fiona might have lost the twelfth hole when Vicki made the green in two and she (Fiona)found a greenside bunker. But not to be outdone and Fiona had a great up and down for a good par and her opponent uncharacteristically three-putted. The game finished at the sixteenth when Vicki, again most atypical, put two drives out of bounds on to the railway. Four and two to Fiona.

Noreen Fenton, not having played in the morning foursomes, started shakily against Denise Richards, three putting the first to go one down and then losing the second to a twenty foot birdie putt from off the green to go two down. A chip which sat on the edge of the hole at the fourth brought this back to one down but a dreadful fifth re-instated the two down status. However a two at the sixth and a good up and down from a bunker at the short eighth brought this back to all square. Noreen was very fortunate to win this game at the sixteenth as Denise had a marvellous day with her putter but was satisfied to have been level par at the end of the game.

England beat a very strong irish team by 7 / 1. Scotland take them on tomorrow. Readers are requested to refer to Kirkwoodgolf for all the above scores. Sleep beckons.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Practice Day at Sheringham

Three East Vets are involved in the Senior Ladies Home Internationals this year being held at Sheringham Golf Club in Norfolk, England which today, the first practice day, was quite definitely one of the wettest most miserable places in the whole of the UK. All the more so because the weather in the Lothians looked, for once very acceptable.

Anyone would be forgiven for wondering what on earth the Scottish Senior Ladies have done to offend the celestial golfing powers-that-be (who control the weather). For example, a few weeks ago our golfing giants (and Lorna Bennett) arrived in Berlin to challenge for the European Senior Ladies Team Championship and it was so wet, there were preferred lies - in September would you believe. The British Senior Ladies Open Stroke-Play Championship at West Kilbride followed soon after the above glorious victory and just before there was a week of such fantastic weather that phrases like "Indian Summer" were bandied about lulling everyone into a false sense that summer had come at last, a bit late granted but who's counting. The point being there was heat and sun and no wind. So what exactly was that at West Kilbride. The lovely weather just vanished overnight exactly on practice day. It was just unspeakably bad. (Congratulations to all who played and survived - they all deserved medals).

And now here we are again - first practice day for the Senior Home Internationals and back to the rain. Scotland may be cooler than of late but at least it has been basking in dry weather. It was certainly not dry in Norfolk today. Lashed by winds off the North Sea and soaked by torrential rain. O Me miserum. Why us!

However our Scottish Senior worthies, inclusive of Moira Thomson (Gullane), Noreen Fenton(Dunbar),Captain Pamela Williamson(Baberton) - but also Mary Smith and Anne Ryan of Tain, Lorna Bennett (Ladybank),Fiona de Vries (St Rule), SLGA President Emma Wilson(Leven) and Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie), all dressed appropriately for the very worst of the elements, all took on this wind-swept course situated along the cliffs in North Norfolk and tried hard to imagine what it would look like on a sunny day!

Just imagine the scene, heads bent in the blinding rain, dragging the non-motorised trolleys behind them - which if left unattended had the tendency to blow over. Practice days are supposed to be days to glean information about the course, clubbing, borrows on greens. Not exactly. Thankfully the matches proper don't start till Tuesday when Scotland plays Wales and England plays Ireland. The forecast is promised to improve. Tomorrow is another practice day but the team are not thinking about that right now. They are dried out. Their clubs are dried out and all the waterproof gear too. And they are away to bed.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010


So that's it all over for another year. "Blairgowrie" has come and gone. It has been a very successful year for East Vets in that one of our own has won the Scottish Vets title - only the sixth winner in the last twenty years, these being Karen Ballantyne, Moira Thomson, Noreen Fenton, Joan Marshall, Liz Simpson and Connie Lugton.

So this is Karen's year. Her first round was against the Galloway Champion, Jean Brydson, who is very experienced and must know Lansdowne like the back of her hand! This was a pretty tight game and really Karen only made inroads in the second half winning at the sixteenth by 3 and 2. The next day she was drawn against Anne Ryan of Highlands who herself had beaten a three times winner of the title, Liz Campbell of Borders. Anne was in the successful Scottish Seniors team who lifted the gold medal recently in the European Team Championship.

The game started slowly with both having pars over the first two holes. Anne went one ahead at the fourth hole (which greatly resembled the second and third) with a par four. Lansdowne is one of these tree-lined courses where a good drive seems often to land somewhere near the 150 yard post. A player can often find that if this is his or her distance with a certain club, as long as he or she continues to hit nice and straight from here - that is keeping out of the trees and the heather - he or she is halfway to a successful outcome. One lady said she seemed to go all the way round playing her driver and a seven wood. She wasn't complaining. It was a good day for both clubs!

We digress. Back to Anne and Karen's game. The short 5th was halved in four, as was the sixth but then Anne took the long seventh with a birdie to go two up. The eighth was a crucial hole for Karen. A good saving putt from her saved going three down which might have been psychologically a bit disheartening. This, together with a fine birdie two at the 9th, meant she was going into the second half only one down which was a great boost. Anne dropped a stroke at the eleventh and now the game was all square. Not to be outdone, however, taking advantage of her greater length off the tee, she placed her ball in a better position at the tricky 12th which strangely seems to be Stroke Index 15 - far from an easy par four, with its yawning bunker to the left and a sturdy oak(?) bang in line for the green if one chose to head right from the tee. Anne was one up again. A short-lived advantage as she promptly gifted the 13th to Karen who had a par to Anne's treble bogey. All square. Both had lovely threes at the short 14th but then Anne dropped shots at both the fifteenth and sixteenth to be dormie two down. Again Anne's length came in useful at the long seventeenth but a half at the last gave victory to Karen and a place in the final.

Karen said she was fired up for her game against May Hughes of Lanark who had had a great game against Fiona de Vries, a former winner. But May's golden putter deserted her in the afternoon game. Although she won the second and eighth with pars, she found herself three down at the turn to Karen who birdied the first with a four and the ninth with yet another two. Karen dropped a hole at the par four eleventh but immediately retook it the following hole. The next three were halved in pars, so May was unable to make inroads until the sixteenth when a par from her cut Karen's lead to two holes. She did not take the mental advantage of this because at the dog-legged seventeenth, May found herself in trouble up the left, wasting a stroke to come back on to the fairway. Both ended up in the bunker to the right of the green. Karen went wide and had to putt first, leaving a thirty-footer a mere six inches from the hole. This left May needing to hole her putt - which wasn't much short of Karen's - just to stay alive. It didn't go in.

Karen had won the Scottish Vet's title by 2 and 1.

Scroggie Cup Results

Karen Ballantyne beat Jean Brydson 3 and 2
Liz Campbell lost to Anne Ryan 2 and 1
Lynne Terry lost to May Hughes 5 and 4
Fiona de Vries beat Pearl Beattie 7 and 6

Karen beat Anne 2 up
May beat Fiona 7 and 6

Karen beat May 2 and 1

Whilst all this exciting championship play was going on round Lansdowne, about 130 Vets from all over Scotland were storming round the Rosemount in the Patrick Rosebowl, the results of which, for East Vets are as below. It is sad to say that none appeared in the prizelist. The weather was lovely throughout the morning although it did start to rain in the afternoon. This was doubly unfortunate for those going out later as there was the most incredible delay at the short 14th when apparently at one point, there were about ten couples all waiting to go off. Something like this can often wreck a good score but many ladies are there simply to enjoy the golf and the chat so perhaps they did not even notice the delay.

Nett Results
Elinor Blair 82 - 8 = 74
Sue Penman 81 - 6 = 75
Jane Herd 84 - 7 = 77
Sandra Ashurst - 90 - 13 = 77
Noreen Fenton - 83 - 4 - 79
Ethel jack - 92 - 1 - 81
Mairi Pollock - 91 - 9 - 82
Dorothy Thomson - 93 - 11 - 82
Carole Ross - 96 - 11 = 85
Carol McLeod - 100 - 14 = 86
Barbara Biggart 95 - 9 = 86
Asp Robertson 107 - 19 = 88
Isabel MacDonald 114 - 21 = 93
Elise Guy 116 - 22 = 94
Margaret Snedden 110 - 15 = 95
Nancy Gow 111 - 14 = 97

On the Tuesday, the ladies played in the greensomes round the Lansdowne course. The East did manage to have a finger in this pie when Ethel Jack partnered by Sue Penman took second handicap prize with a nett 72. They would have taken second scratch with this but could only get one prize. Noreen Fenton and Jane Herd were pipped for a very minor award by Emma Wilson and Alison Houston of the Midland who came in late with a better score!

Beddowes QuaichEthel Jack and Sue Penman 80 - 8 = 72
Dorothy Thomson and Barbara Biggart 85 - 9.8 = 75.2
Noreen Fenton and Jane Herd 83 - 5.2 = 77.8
Elinor Blair and Mairi Pollock 89 - 7.8 = 81.2
Carole Ross and Carol McLeod 95 - 12.8 = 82.2
Nancy Gow and Sandra Ashurst 97 - 13.4 = 83.6
Margaret Snedden and Isabel MacDonald 102 - 17.4 = 84.6

Monday, 20 September 2010

Karen Ballantyne wins Scottish Vets

Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) won the Scottish Vets at Lansdowne, today. This is the first and only time Karen has played in this event. In the quarter-finals she beat Jean Brydson of Galloway by 3 and 2 which only whetted Karen's appetite for the semi-finals. She beat Anne Ryan (a member of the victorious Scottish Senior team who recently won the European Senior Team Championship) by 2 holes after a tight match and then in the afternoon, she took on May Hughes of Lanark (who had rather unexpectedly beaten Fiona de Vries by a margin of 6 and 5). She won the game against May by 2 and 1 and hence lifted the coveted Scroggie Cup for the East Division. It is to be noted that this is only the sixth time in the last twenty years that the trophy has come to the East. Well done Karen. What a year.

(Details of the match to come later)

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maureen Richmond top Scot in Senior British Championship

No East Vets magically materialised in the leading scores at West Kilbride. The best Scottish performance was by ex-Kilmacolm champion and Curtis Cup player, Maureen Richmond who has been a GP in England for some decades. Maureen was the overnight leader but her final round of 81, although a fine score in the conditions, was almost derisory in the wake of several wonderful scores in the seventies on Thursday - some almost beyond belief in a wind every bit as strong as had been on Tuesday, that day of portaloo-toppling force. The English lady, Bev New who lifted the championship, brought in an amazing birdie-strewn 73.

Next best Scottish performance was by Lorna Bennett of Ladybank, a member of the recent victorious Scottish team which won the European Team Championship. Although her opening score of 84 simply reflected the difficulties of the conditions on Tuesday, her scores of 79 and 78 on the two following days were the product of good steady golf, devoid of major tragedies.

This is an excellent championship, with great organisation going on behind closed doors. Everything was conducted with efficiency except of course in the LGU's complete ineptitude when it came to fixing the weather which quite separated the men from the boys, or in this case, the women from the girls. There is no getting away from the fact that some were luckier than others in their draw times, but it is accurate to say everyone will have had really foul weather at some time or another in their round - swings and roundabouts. The incredible hailstorm, seen coming over the water like a tsunami, was short sharp and quite destructive. Those on the first tee were forced out regardless when it was almost impossible to stand up in the face of it, not only from the sheer force behind it but also from the needle-like pain on the skin! One late group possibly thought they were going to complete their round dry when a flash flood just arrived halfway down the eighteenth. There was no time to struggle into waterproofs before being completely soaked. How galling to find that the minute they had replaced the flag on the green, and shaken corresponding dripping hands, the rain switched off and the sun had the nerve to come out. Just in time to witness the adding-up of a possibly ruined score or two!

An event like this allows friends from far and not-so-far to meet up. Certainly the clubhouse echoed with cheerful chatter but also many, many tales of woe, not only on the day when play was suspended for two and a quarter hours but at the usual gatherings socially of the Cocktail Evening and the Competitors Dinner. Lip-reading was a most useful skill as the noise level surely mirrored that of a football stadium rocking to the use of the vuvuzela.

Many thanks go, as already said to the efficient and pleasant LGU officials (with their constant supply of boilings and jelly babies), to the lost property department, and to the referees who seem much more compassionate when it comes to time faults or perhaps competitors see them coming and in sheer panic simply open up the throttle on their batteries. There are always characters. One who comes to mind was the ever cheerful starter Tommy (spelling?) who, having watched one poor lady drive her first ball straight out of bounds to the right, re-announced her with ---- "and on the tee for the second time -----".

Congratulations to all those lifting the honours. Wonderful golf. Congratulations to all those others for simply playing. You were a credit to yourselves.

Scottish results
239 Maureen Richmond (Royal Liverpool)78,80,81
241 Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 84,79,78
244 Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) 83,81,80
247 Mary Smith (Tain) 84,84,79, Fiona Anderson (Formby Ladies) 84,83,80
248 Fiona de Vries (St Rule) 84,83,81
250 Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie) (91,82,77), Jane Finnie (Troon Ladies)83,86,81
252 Alison Bartlett(Royal Dornoch)85,86,81
256 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)86,87,83, Margaret Tough (Falkirk) 88,85,83
257 May Hughes (Lanark) 83,90,84, Catherine Garrett (W.Kilbride) 87,82,88

174 Janice Patterson (Drumpellier) 89,85, Anne Ryan (Tain) 82,92
175 Anna Telfer (Milngavie) 90,85
176 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) 92,84
177 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 94,83, Chris McAndrew (Nairn Dunbar) 93,84
178 Jennifer Mack (Haggs Casle) 90,88
183 Lorraine Campbell (Cardross) 93,90, Lynne Terry (Cruden Bay) 86,97
... Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 98,NR
Withdrawn - Pamela Williamson (Baberton)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Latest at the Senior British

Readers are referred to the reports on this championship to Kirkwoodgolf and the West Vets due to the webmaster finding it difficult connecting to a network and attempting to keep her feet,in the gale-force conditions here at West Kilbride. The stories of umbrellas being blown outside in, one every three minutes are almost true but the upside down portaloo is definitely true - thankfully no one was within although a substantial person have have managed to keep things to the upright and narrow. The latest situation here just after midday is that all games are proceeding nicely in bright if still very windy conditions - two and a quarter hours later than quoted. This might make things difficult for the top players who now won't be going out till mid-afternoon, should the light start to go. Players have all been warned about grounding their putters, as balls are oscillating but could quite definitely have minds of their own.

Hopefully a report on todays play will follow later - and who have managed to win through to the last day's play - top 40.

Monday, 13 September 2010

Team for the Senior Home Internationals announced

The team to represent the Scottish Senior Ladies in the Home Internationals at Sheringham on the 28 - 30 September has been announced. It is the same team which recently won the gold medal at the European Senior Ladies Team Championship recently in Berlin together with Noreen Fenton of Dunbar who was the first reserve for that team. Great pressure as the Scottish Senior team won the Senior Internationals in2009 for the first time and will now clearly be the team to beat not only in the defence of that trophy but also in the light of their recent success in Berlin. The Scottish Ladies also triumphed in Cardiff last week in their Home Internationals.

Scottish team
Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Anne Ryan (Tain)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane)
Captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
First Reserve: May Hughes (Lanark)
Second reserve: Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
Third Reserve: Alison Bartlett (Royal Dornoch)

All members and reserves of the team (except Moira who has work commitments) are in West Kilbride challenging for the Senior British Ladies. The official practice day, Monday was the worst possible day and only the most keen or most something else attempted to play. One or two people walked the course. Tomorrow the weather promises to show a slight improvement but the chances of it being worse would be a virtual impossility.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Four East Vets have entered Senior British Ladies

The Senior Ladies' British Open Amateur Championship at West Kilbride Golf Club is due to start on Tuesday 14th September. It takes the same format as the recent Irish Senior Ladies strokeplay - one round of 18 holes on each of two consecutive days - Tuesday and Wednesday 14th and 15th September and the top 40 go forward to the third round on Thursday 16th September. There are 90 entrants from thirteen different countries although the bulk are undoubtedly from the home nations - 24 ladies from Scotland. Four are from East Vets and are Karen Ballantyne from Craigmillar Park(East Vet Champion) Ruth Brown from Lothianburn, Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and Noreen Fenton (Dunbar). There are two practice rounds, one on Sunday and one on Monday after which the draw will be made.

Good luck to all.

Irish lady wins Irish Seniors

Helen Jones of Strabane who played in the recent European Senior Ladies Team Championship (won by Scotland) herself won the Irish Senior strokplay in Laytown and Bettystown today. She was six strokes clear of her nearest rival and had an aggregate over the three rounds of 228 (74,78, 76). Two of Scotland's entrants were successful in qualifying for the third round - Sue Penman of Gullane and Barbara Biggart of North Berwick. Dorothy Thomson of Gullane failed to qualify. Pamela Williamson of Baberton was in the initial draw but did not play. According to the Irish report, it was extremely windy and the course played very long.

Scottish Results
Sue Penman 259 (92,85,82)
Barbara Biggart 276 (88,90,88)
Dorothy Thomson 99,94

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Four East Vets Compete in the Irish Seniors

Only four Scots are playing in the Irish Senior Women's Open Strokeplay Championship at Laytown and Bettystown but they are all East Vets. Pamela Williamson (Baberton) fresh from her triumph in leading the Scottish Seniors to a gold medal in the recent European Seniors Ladies' Team Championship in Berlin, is anxious to get her hands on a golf club rather than watching others doing it. Barbara Biggart from North Berwick and Dorothy Thomson and Sue Penman both from Gullane are also in the draw tomorrow.

The competition consists of two rounds of 18 holes, one on Wednesday 8th September and one on Thursday 9th. The top 40 will then play the third round on Friday 10th. This is a very high ranking championship and will include many of the international senior lady golfers who took part in the European Team Championship. There is also a strong contingent as always from Canada led by the defending champion Alison Murdoch. Many of those present are putting in a last minute practice before the British Senior Ladies at West Kilbride next week.

Good luck to our girls.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Karen Ballantyne wins Ramsden Cup

Karen Ballantyne of Craigmillar has had a great season. Just last week she added not only the Ramsden Cup to her trophy cupboard but also the Dunbar Club Championship - this on top of winning the East Vets Championship at Haddington in July.

The two finalists in the Ramsden Cup, herself and Katy Gillies of Melville, had to have two bites at the cherry as their first attempt to play it, only lasted two holes. The weather was truly atrocious. The third green was unplayable and they understood afterwards what the professional had meant by telling them "to start at the shallow end" when they set off in their wetsuits. Their second attempt met with much better luck as it was a beautiful day and they had a very enjoyable game. Katy found however that Karen was very much on her game as she has been all this year, and was quite unable to take her any further than the fifteenth hole.

Well done Karen and good luck in the Scroggie Cup at Blairgowrie when you represent East Vets in a couple of weeks.
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Ruth Brown wins Autumn Meeting

Ruth Brown of Lothianburn is well used to playing in wind up in the slopes of the Pentlands and today in the Autumn Meeting at Liberton this was no exception. She brought off a fine scratch score of 74 in very difficult conditions where quick decisions had to be made to anticipate the sudden violent gusts. In her outward half of 40, she confessed to finding the putting tricky - not something she generally has a problem with - but an inward half of 34 meant she had at last got the hang of them. Her fellow member at Lothianburn, Anne Brownie also brought in a great scratch score of 75.

Ruth's nett score of 68 was not the only one recorded - there were seven nett 68's, which was pretty good going on such a tough day. Ruth had just squeezed out the very last player in the field, Molly Woolgar, who, like the others had also brought in a great nett 68. Ruth won not on the better inward half but on the last six holes! Surprisingly her score had no two's - unlike the eight who did.

Whilst innocently trying to top up their nutritional status, some of the ladies were subjected to an informal survey of their views on the use of Distance Measuring Devices which to date have not been allowed in competitions. Most (80%) had no objection to their being used, although many admitted they wouldn't bother having one themselves. Of the 20% who were against their adoption, many had no objection to stroke-savers!

67 ladies played today. CSS was 69

Overall Winner: Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 74 - 6 - 68

Silver Division
Molly Woolgar (Murrayfield) 88 - 20 = 68
Pam Townsend (Murrayfield) 79 - 11 =68
Anne Brownie (Lothianburn) 75 - 7 = 68
Betty Redwood (Baberton) 88 - 19 = 69
Katy Gillies (Melville) 87 - 18 = 69
Vicky Cullen (Murrayfield) 87 - 17 = 70
Liz Smith (Murrayfield) 88 - 18 = 70
Dulcie Barnes (Gullane) 82 - 12 = 70
Pam Stephenson (Glencorse) 82 - 12 = 70
Ellice Cackett (Broomieknowe) 80 - 10 = 70
Carol MacLeod (Gullane) 85 - 14 = 71
Pat Walkingshaw (Ravelston) 79 - 8 = 71
Margaret Thompson (Turnhouse) 84 - 13 - 71
May Hardy (Baberton) 90 - 18 = 72
Val Hallam (Glencorse) 84 - 12 = 72
Jane Herd (Musselburgh) 79 - 7 = 72

Bronze Division
Senga Grant (Gullane) 96 - 28 = 68
Mary Davidson (Kingsknowe) 89 - 21 = 68
Carol Foggo (Murrayfield) 94 - 26 = 68
Maureen Stewart (Glencorse) 93 - 24 = 69
Patricia Rose (Baberton) 94 - 21 = 73

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Jubilance. That is how the above picture was described in Germany today and Jubilance it will remain. Captain Pamela Williamson of Baberton will not sleep tonight. She has lived for this very day and this is her just reward. Her team contacted this website just to say what a fantastic captain she was. They also were full of praise for their manager Janet Wake of Merchants who could not do enough to ensure all the other requisites for a successful outcome were at hand - including the necessary bananas, nuts etc etc.

But the team! It is such a magnificent achievement. To be sixth seed after the stroke-play and beat the favourites and defending champions, Germany, on their home soil, next a very strong Irish team and then, the icing on the cake, the first seed, England - just says it all. Never mind the wonderful golf they produced, their faith in themselves must have been overpowering. Many games were rescued from seeming disaster simply with patience and determination. What else is there to say. We are so proud of you.

To return to the actual match, the first point on the board came from our foursomes pairing Moira Thomson and Mary Smith who had three points out of three but this was probably the sweetest victory. The next game went England's way. Fiona de Vries had been four down to the English Champion, Caroline Marron at the turn but had been quite unable to reverse the situation, eventually losing at the 14th. The next game happily was ours when Lorna Bennett playing the formidable Chris Quinn, hung on grimly to her slender one hole lead at the turn, all the way to the 18th hole. Two points to Scotland.

The next match between Heather Anderson and Roz Adams followed the path of the second game in that Heather was four down at the turn and sadly failed to make inroads into this disparity, also losing at the fourteenth. Roz was the English player who had had a hole in one in the qualifying rounds and had had a very successful tournament. At this point the captain must have been chewing her nails. Two games each.

The final game was between Anne Ryan and Sue Dye. This championship was Anne's maiden voyage into the international scene. And now the outcome of the match rested on her shoulders. But they were clearly broad enough as was her ability to not only hang on to her two hole lead at the turn but to increase it, sinking her putt at the 16th to win her match and indeed gold for Scotland.

They've won, they've won

Well why are we getting excited? Was that not why they went in the first place - to win? And they have - Scotland have won the European Senior ladies' Team Championship. More on this later when the Berlin Correspondent emails through but in the meantime here are the results.

Results (Scotland first - of course)
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson bt Janet Melville and Felicity Christine 2 and 1
Fiona de Vries lost to Caroline Marron 5 and 4
Lorna Bennett bt Chris Quinn 1 hole
Heather Anderson lost to Roz Adams 5 and 4
Anne Ryan bt Sue Dye 3 and 2
Scotland 3 England 2 let's do that again Scotland THREE England two

You beauty!!!!!!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Penultimate Post on the Scottish Seniors

Scotland are really pulling out all the stops and are through to the finals of the European Senior Ladies Team Championship for the very first time. Despite being severely mauled by German man-eating mosquitoes, which render all exposed skin parts into pink pin-cushions, they have managed to put such aggravations right to the back of the collective mind and focussed on the job in hand. Only one more hurdle to go but what a hurdle and what joy to overcome it! Tomorrow Scotland play England in the final.

The game today, Friday, was always anticipated to be difficult. The Irish are of course old friends and it is an added strain to put personal feelings aside and lay waste - but they managed.

The first point went to Scotland, gained by that great partnership of Moira Thomson and Mary Smith, who although they went three down at a fairly early stage, dug deep and turned the game around beating Phil O'Gormon and Violet Mcbride by 3 and 2. The short-game was impressive.

The next point also went to Scotland. Fiona de Vries, one-time air-port ambassadress, had a rather lean time initially with her putter, which must have greatly surprised her relieved opponent, Valerie Hassett. Fiona however quickly put this bang to rights and arrived at her favourite hole the seventeenth in a winning position. The webmaster now wishes to cancel the personal statement issued by Fiona that this is her "bogey hole" before tomorrow unless of course she plans not to encounter this hole at all. Although their match did indeed finish at this hole, pars were not the order of the day. However still two points on the board.

Lorna Bennett was next on the tee and her match against Pat Doran was a tight one from the beginning to end with very little between them. It could have gone either way until the last couple of holes when Pat took control and unfortunately secured the first point for Ireland.

Heather Anderson was two up on the seventeenth in her match against the very experienced Sheena McElroy. Sheena, being Irish had all the luck accrued to them and a ball destined for deep rough should not have been expected to bounce back out on to the fairway again - but it did. The wise approach to the seventeenth apparently is to play short and avoid the greenside bunkers but both players managed to ignore this course management advice. In spite of this, both came out of the sand handsomely, but Heather was the only one to slot the putt.

Three points for Scotland and a win. Not forgetting Anne Ryan however, who had again pulled the short straw by being drawn against the incredibly fit and in-form Helen Jones. Helen won the tussle by 4 and 3.

England were the favourites againt Switzerland and won by 3 1/2 to 1 1/2, the half being awarded to each of the competitors in the final game between Jo Ashmore and Mimmi Guglielmone. The foursome pairing of Janet Melville and Felicity Christine won by 1 hole. Caroline Marron the English Senior Champion beat Anne Argi easily by 7 and 6. Chris Quinn who has had a great championship performance won also but Sue Dye lost by 1 hole.

The draw has already been announced and is as follows - Scotland first.

Mary Smith and Moira Thomson v Janet Melville and Felicity Christine
Fiona de Vries v Caroline Marron
Lorna Bennett v Chris Quinn
Heather Anderson v Roz Adams
Anne Ryan v Sue Dye

This promises to be a terrific battle tomorrow.

Today's Results (Scotland first)
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson bt Phil O'Gormon and Violet McBride 3 and 2
Fiona de Vries bt Valerie Hassett 3 and 1
Lorna Bennett lost to Pat Doran 2 and 1
Heather Anderson bt Sheena McElroy 2 and 1
Anne Ryan lost to Helen Jones 4 and 3
Scotland 3 - Ireland 2

Janet Melville and Felicity Quinn bt Irene Meier-Boelm and Petra Kronenberg 1 hole
Caroline Marron bt Anne Argi 7 and 6
Chris Quinn bt Marie-Christine de Werra 3 and 1
Sue Dye lost to Carlotta Vannini 1 hole
Jo Ashmore halved with Mimmi Guglielmone
England 3 1/2 - Switzerland 1 1/2

Picture from Berlin

Thanks to West Vets for this lovely picture

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Straight from the Horses's Mouth

Sorry Fiona didn't mean you - our correspondent in Berlin has put flesh to the bones of the previous report. Scotland is holding its nerve and reaping the rewards.

Today Lorna Bennet was too much for Tessa Oldebourg and won comfortably by 4 and 3,bringing the first point to the table. Both Heather Anderson and Anne Ryan did in fact get the sharp end of the stick by being drawn against Cornelia Schmidt-Stutzle and Sabine Blecker respectively, Heather losing by 2 and 1 and Anne by 4 and 3. Blecker had already received special mention on yesterday's report from Germany, having the lowest qualifying score of 72. Schmidt-Stutzle had simply brought in two scores of 76 and 78 - pretty impressive - pretty steady.

Two games down to one, but Fiona, drawn against Uschi Beer, was looking comfortably ahead being three up after the fourteenth hole. She had certainly not been counting her chickens, which was just as well. They halved the fifteenth with birdies. Three up and three to play. Beer slotted her putt on sixteenth for a birdie and Fiona could only watch her own sneak slowly past the hole. Two up with two to play. Approaching the 17th, which was the third most common hole for bogeys, the second most common for double bogeys and surprise surprise - it is Fiona's own bogey hole! She lost it to a par. One hole up with one to play. But the agony was just about over. The 18th was halved in par, Fiona had won and it was neck and neck - two games each.

Back down to the first fairway to follow Moira and Mary's game which had been all square at the 18th and there was Mary's ball solidly on the green about ten feet from the pin. Gumpert and Lehman putted first - and missed but were given their par. Moira lined up and stroked her putt straight into the can for a birdie, for the game and for the match! Three games to two.

Can you bear to wait for tomorrow?

European Seniors

The latest - NOT the late-night email from THE TEAM - gives a little more information and gossip. It was clearly a very exciting day. Both Fiona de Vries and Lorna Bennett had won their matches against Uschi Beer and Tessa Oldenbourg- scores unknown - but it all rested on the result of the foursomes - often considered the poor county cousin, (that being such complete nonsense - a perfect pairing is worth GOLD)- and they came up such trumps. Moira and Mary were all square after eighteen but on the nineteenth, a perfect approach and a perfect putt = BIRDIE and match won!!!! Look on the EGA site and see delighted captain Pamela Williamson and Fiona de Vries congratulating Moira Thomson on their win. Heather Anderson and Anne Ryan played against Cornelia Schmidt-Stultze and Sabine Blecher, both of whom are clearly great stroke-play players. Sabine had the lowest qualifying score of the championship - 72. Germany brought seven members to the table, probably a stronger stroke-play player with an alternative strong match-play player. But we beat them. And now for the Irish.

England, the number one seed is also through to the semifinals having beaten Spain by 4 1/2 - to 1/2. England used as their foursomes the strong pairing of Janet Melville (who did not play at all in the stroke-play) and the fairly new but very able Felicity Christine. The singles team consisted of the indestructible Chris Quinn who had done exceptionally well in the stroke-play matches, Roz Adams (hole in one and 2009 British Senior Stroke-play Champion) and Jo Asmmore - they all won their singles matches. The English Champion, Caroline Marron had a halved match with Marta Estay. Sue Dye did not play in the matchplay. Tomorrow they take on Switzerland who beat Sweden.

Can't wait.

Latest result from Berlin

A text, seconds ago from Berlin - hence straight off the press - has relayed the vital information that Scotland are through to the semi-finals having beaten Germany (the Home Team and previous favourites)by three games to two. Great result - but only to be expected of course! No further details are at hand but here were the games.

Mary Smith/Moira Thomson v Gumpert/Lehmann
Fiona de Vries v Beer
Lorna Bennett v Oldenbourg
Heather Anderson v Schmidt-Stutzle
Anne Ryan v Blecher

At the point of getting the text the webmaster had been checking on the performance and pedigree of the opposition - no need now but suffice to say "our girls dun good!"

Tomorrow they play Ireland - with revenge on the cards for the recent loss of the Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy? But of course. Ireland had beaten France - second seed - by a similar margin of three games to two. It certainly proves the point that stroke-play and match-play are just not the same thing at all! Results tonight as they come on the EGA site. The webmaster wishes she had done a German o-level.

PS Great picture on the EGA of Mary Smith driving off the first tee with Moira Thomson looking on!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Day 2 with the Scottish Seniors in Berlin

Despite their very best intentions, the Scottish Seniors failed to improve on their first day aggregate, being ten strokes worse today with their top five scores. There were no excuses from the team but a clear declaration that "dodgy putting and silly mistakes" are finished with, as they head to take on Germany, the third seed, in the matchplay stages. Mary Smith, whose score yesterday was rejected (only five out of six scores are counted)will have been delighted that she produced the best of the Scottish scores today - an 80. On clearly a day of ups and downs, it was Heather's score today which was discarded, she had four double bogeys but compensated with birdies at both the 4th and the 16th holes. Keeping a close eye on Live Scoring is all very well but paper scores give no idea of what the players are facing, their lies, lucky or more than likely, unlucky bounces so it is all the more encouraging to see the odd birdie slipping in just to balance a less than shining hole!

The Live Scoring gives all manner of statistics which are fun for the "folks at home" if perhaps not all that helpful. Which holes have had most birdies - which holes have had most double bogeys and how this compares to our girls' cards. How many birdies they've had, how many par fours and par fives. It is interesting to note that despite Heather's score today not being in the team aggregate, she has had the most birdies compared to her team-mates. However, when all said and done Scotland may not have the best stroke-play results but they have qualified for the first flight and now it is all down to their strongest suit which is their match-play skill. Over to you Scotland.

Scottish Scores
159 Fiona de Vries 78,81
162 Moira Thomson 80,82
163 Lorna Bennett 79,84
165 Mary Smith 85,80
165 Anne Ryan 83,82
165 Heather Anderson 79,86

Team results
England +40
France +56
Germany +58
Sweden +72
Switzerland +86
Scotland +88
Ireland +88
Spain +94

Match-play draw
England v Spain
Sweden v Switzerland
Germany v Scotland
France v Ireland

Scotland results