Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Scottish Seniors Make Steady Start in Berlin

The Scottish Seniors - including East Vet Moira Thomson of Gullane - have completed Day One in Berlin in the European Senior Ladies' Team Championship finding themselves in a most commendable fifth position. They are behind main rivals England who had a superlative first round aggregate of 383, France on 391, home players Germany on 394 and Sweden on 396. Scotland's 399 leaves them with the full ambition - nay,intention of stepping up a gear on Day 2.

The weather was all that Scottish golfers should be well used to - a strong wind together with wet conditions underfoot to such an extent that provisional lies were the order of the day and relief was given for embedded balls. This clearly involved many refereeing decisions. Five hour rounds were the unenviable norm. The championship was being played on the Arnold Palmer course - and not the Nick Faldo as previously stated. With the wet conditions, the course was playing much longer and necessitated long irons or even fairway woods to greens protected by cavernous bunkers. With longer and low-flying approach shots to the massive greens this often resulted in huge return putts and consequently many a dropped shot.

The Opening Ceremony, always a highlight in this championship and a matter of considerable pride for the competitors, went well for Scotland, as they conducted themselves with expected decorum. Spare a thought then for poor Spain who will be remembered to eternity as being the country whose captain, having failed to pre-check the elastic in her waistband, as one would do, was then unable to prevent her skirt from falling down in full view of all the representng teams. Quel embarrasment!

Some of the teams present, as last year, have seven members present which gives them the benefit of choice should players be more proficient in say stroke-play than match-play or vice versa and indeed is an insurance against injury or ill-health. Scotland, Belgium, Denmark and Portugal all have the minimum six members in their teams. Each member plays and the top five scores go towards the team aggregate. Fiona de Vries - many thanks for an entertainling email - had the best score of 78 and indeed she was the only member of the team to start with a par. Her inward half was going along very smartly with pars at all the holes until a couple of dropped shots on the sixteenth and seventeenth. Lorna Bennet and Heather Anderson were both one short more on 79. Lorna started with a six but recovered with a brilliant two at the fourth hole. She had no doubt been disappointed to start the second nine with another six which was a double bogey and will be determined to eliminate this number from her repertoire in her second round. Heather went out in 40, having four bogeys but got her teeth into the second nine with two fine birdie threes at the 13th and 18th. Compared to her team mates, Moira had the best outward half of 38 which still included that six at the first hole but only included one further dropped shot at the par three seventh. A fine steady first half. Although an unsettling triple bogey started her inward half, this was soon forgotten and she finished with a good 80. After the now obligatory six at the first hole, Anne Ryan had a steady first nine but had a rather slack inward nine which included seven bogeys. The five hour round would do nothing for anyone's concentration. Her sister Mary will be determined to better her second round of 85 if, for no other reason than not having the score which did not count in the aggregate. She appeared to hit slightly more trouble than the others. Her two halves of 45 and 38 had two double bogeys but she had a fine birdie four at the long twelfth hole.

All to play for on Day Two.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

SVLGA 's Vetsround 11 is on

The West Vets site is generally very goood at drawing attention to the printing of the latest Vetsround on the SVLGA site. Vetsround 11 has been on since last week Carol!

Moira Thomson set for Berlin next week in Senior European Team Event

Moira Thomson of Gullane is sneaking in last minute practice and polishing up on her German before she flies off to Berlin at the weekend. She is one of a six-man team representing Scotland in the Senior European Individual Team Championship, starting Wednesday 1st September. This is notably the last time this will be an annual event, as it will revert to taking place every second year. The course venue is the tip-top Sporting Club Berlin. Information from the website reports on there being 63 holes but the star attraction is the Nick Faldo Course. Although Arnold Palmer first laid out his course in 1995, Nick Faldo came on the scene and created a masterpiece of a course in 1997. The main feature in this admittedly fairly flat course is the expert and crafty positioning of the bunkers. Indeed the par 5, eleventh hole has no fewer than 14 bunkers!

As expected, the holes are reported to be completely individual, each being recognisably different from any other. The greens are large and very quick so that should suit our girls who are all well used to playing on our fast links courses. And if there is any aspect of their game not entirely to their satisfaction, there are great practice facilities, with special scope for perfecting the short-game.

Our team is
Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Anne Ryan (Tain)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane)
First reserve Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Second reserve Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Manager Janet Wake (Merchants)

For those at home wishing to keep up with minute by minute action, you can keep right up to date with Live Scoring on the EGA site (go into Kirkwoodgolf - useful links - EGA and follow the directions) Day One and Two are strokeplay days where five of the six team scores count. The aggregate over the two days determines which flight the teams get into. Thereafter matchplay. All members of the team play every day, four singles and one foursome, all gaining the same points value. It is a most exciting but stressful format and we wish them the very best of luck.

Draw for Midlothian Autumn meeting - vets entry

The Midlothian Autumn Meeting, to be played over Swanston New on Thursday 2nd September is as below. It involves 20 East Vets so good luck to all.
08.07 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar), Pat Walkingshaw (Ravelston)
08.22 Isobel Halliday (Merchants) one a.n.other
08.30 Denise Mitchell (Murrayfield), Julie Baird (Glencorse)
08.37 Suzie Laugland (Dornoch), Barbara Halliday (Murrayfield)
08.52 Elsa Todd (Prestonfield), Fiona McLaren (Baberton)
09.37 Molly Woolgar (Murrayfield), Janet Collin (Liberton)
10.15 Hilary Laughland (Troon Ladies), Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
10.22 Maureen Stewart (Glencorse), Margaret Dalrymple (Baberton)
10.30 Mary Davidson (Kingsknowe), Katy Gillies (Melville)
10.52 Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield), Madge Hutchison (Baberton)
13.52 Libby Campbell (Baberton), one a.n.other
14.30 Adrienne Turner (Baberton), Ellice Cackett (Broomieknowe)
14.37 Maureen Mcleod (Merchants), Anne Hanna (Murrayfield)
14.45 Ann Beedie (Glencorse), Sheila Hunter (Murrayfield)
14.52 Winnie Wilson (Ravelston), Susan Tudball (Murrayfield)

Final of Ramsden Cup Delayed

The final of the Ramsden Cup between Katy Gillies(Melville) and Karen Ballantyne(Craigmillar Park) was due to be played on Monday night 23rd August but unfortunately it only got as far as the second hole before it was rained off. It will now take place next Tuesday. Anyone seen a long-range forecast? Anyone believe it?

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Semi-final results for the Ramsden Cup

We have now arrived at the final of the Ramsden Cup which will be contested by Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) and Katy Gillies (Melville), neither of whom have been strangers to winning this year. In the semifinals Katy bt Sandra Simpson and Karen bt Denise Mitchell. So well done and relative commiserations.

Good luck to both in the final.

PS It has been reported that at least one game has gone to the 18th and not knowing what the official line was, the competitors opted to play the best of three holes. It would therefore be fair to continue with this. However this will be raised at the AGM with a view to possibly having sudden death next year.

East Vets Autumn Meeting - Draw

Surely we cannot continue to be as unlucky with this the third and last meeting of the year. Surely we will have a lovely day on Monday 6th September at Liberton. The sun will shine interminably, scoring will be fantastic and everyone will be very happy. The end. Or is this just a fairy story? We shall just have to keep our fingers crossed, not walk under any ladders and frighten the life out of black cats such that they shoot across our paths. Then we can wish for a dry day.

Here is the draw.

9.30 F.McFadzean, V.Cullen, N.Fenton
9.38 M.Thompson, A.Hanna, M.Dalrymple
9.46 P.Walkingshaw, E.Blair, J.Scott
9.54 R.Denny, C.Shedden, K.Gillies
10.02 M.Stewart, P.Townsend, D.Fraser
10.10 A.Brownie, G.Kirkwood, F.McLaren
10.18 B.Redwood, S.Hunter, A.Beedie
10.26 K.Milne, M.Armstrong, I.Hastings
10.34 M.Lauder, G.Glen, P.Stephenson
10.42 M.Davidson, I.MacDonald, E.Todd
10.50 J.Cuthbertson, J.Squires, S.Tudball
10.58 M.Sneddon, J.Herd, D.Barnes
11.06 S.Grant, C.Reid, M.Magson
11.14 B.Freedman, M.Blair, K.Johnston
11.22 J.Watt, L.Campbell, D.Simpson
11.30 S.Cullen, D.Mitchell, R.Brown
11.38 J.Robertson, R.Veitch, C.Foggo
11.46 C.Guthrie, C.MacLeod, J.Neville
11.54 S.Ashurst, C.Kinnaird, C.Bowe
12.02 K.Ballantyne, M.Richardson, Asp Robertson
12.10 S.Stewart, E.Cackett, C.Tait
12.18 L.Loudon, P.Mavor, R.Thoresen
12.26 J.Dawson, P.Rose, S.Simpson
12.34 J.Marshall, B.Halliday, J.Millar
12.42 M.Law, M.Hardy, M.Loughran
12.50 S.Cunningham, W.Ross, M.Woolgar

Could all ladies please try to bring the exact money to pay the balance of the green fee which is £14 but obviously don't feel you have to call off just because you can't lay your hands on it! Also, could all ladies who won trophies last year please bring them with them as we are needing to send them to the engraver. Thank-you.

Have a great game.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

last post was only half the story

The reminder about Vetsround 10 was indeed half the story as only half the story got into print. There's more.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Chat on the Jamboree on SVLGA's Vetsround 10

The last word on the Jamboree has been reported on Vetsround 10 on the SVLGA site - under "Latest News"

Monday, 9 August 2010

Slideshow of East v West at Gullane

Click on the pictures to enlarge

The Asp Trophy comes home

It hasn't happened since 2004 but it was surely worth the wait. The promise made last year has been fulfilled. Today the East Vets beat the West Vets at Gullane by 3 1/2 to 1 1/2. The Asp Trophy has come home!

The weather looked promising early afternoon and those East Vets travelling from the Edinburgh area and all those West Vets must have thought the Meteorological Office had got it wrong - again - but in actual fact they hadn't. Heavy showers had been promised and they were bang on. (At this point readers are recommended to have a squint at the slideshow). However nothing dampened the enthusiasm of the players. They had arrived in time for coffee and biscuits but, by some peculiar miracle, the West Vets converted their rich teas into bacon rolls. The East Vets enjoyed the aroma.

Then to battle. This was as usual a scratch foursomes competition for ladies of handicaps 10 - 15 and it was very evenly matched indeed apart from the fact that the West Vets - being the away team - seemed to have just a little more knowledge of Gullane 2 than the East Vets might have expected. This somewhat negated the Home Player Advantage Phenomenon. However. Off they went into the torrential rain and the home support went and had another cup of coffee.

Two of the games went very much in East favour but the others followed more of a tug and rug nature with many fine shots - and one or two odd ones. The rough was very rough but the strategy of just avoiding it did not seem well enough understood. Now and again this caused a bit of a problem.

With the scoreline at 2 1/2 to 1 1/2 (for East Vets) there was one game to go which could level the game and lead to retention of the Asp Trophy by the West. The game was all square at the eighteenth. Both drives rolled right down the middle of the fairway in prime position. The West caught the front edge of the green with their second but Sandra Ashurst dropped a lovely wedge shot right at the pin, the ball unfortunately rolling up the slope a little. It was not exactly dead and presented a tricky downhill putt for her partner. The West putted first and were pin-high in three. Carol McLeod studied her line and when she was ready - only when she was ready - stroked that ball down the hill and straight into the can, for a birdie. The Trophy was ours at last. Well done the East.

A lovely tea was enjoyed by all after which Fiona Roger presented Noreen Fenton with the Asp Trophy.

Gilly Glen and Ellice Cackett lost to Enid Young and Marion Stewart by one hole
Morag Wardrop and Dulcie Barnes bt Maureen Mitchell and Rena Simpson 5 and 4
Kate Johnstone and Pam Townsend bt Cathy Morton and Lana McDonald
Caroline Kinnaird and Sydena Cullen halved with Ruth Henderson and Elinor Grant
Carol McLeod and Sandra Ashurst bt Margaret Mowat and Fiona Roger one hole

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Slideshow of the Jamboree

Click on the slideshow to enlarge and read the captions

Friday, 6 August 2010

Day 3's results at the Jamboree

Just to complete the picture here are the results from Day 3 at the Jamboree.

Scotland v North
Fiona de Vries and Heather Anderson bt Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson one up
Lorna Bennett and Noreen Fenton lost to Caroline Marron and Sue Dye 2 and 1
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson bt Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington 6 and 4
Lorna Bennett halved with Caroline Marron
Fiona de Vries bt Barbara Laird 6 and 4
Heather Anderson halved with Fiona Anderson
Mary Smith bt Sue Dye one up
Anne Ryan lost to Pat Wrightson 3 and 2
May Hughes bt Ruth Lindley 2 and 1
Scotland 6 North 3

Midlands v South
Janet Melville and Jo Ashmore bt Chris Stirling and Jeannie O'Keefe two up
Paula Parker and Janet Doleman lost to Irene Brien and Ann Bridges 2 and 1
Pat West and Julie Walter bt Marianne Copp and Pat Bennett 4 and 2
Pat West lost to Irene Brien one up
Janet Melville bt Anne Bridges 6 and 5
Gillian Curley lost to Jeannie O'Keefe 3 and 2
Andrea Stockdale lost to Marianne Copp 3 and 2
Jo Ashmore lost to Cathy Armstrong 2 and 1
Paula Parker lost to Pat Bennett two up
Midlands 3 South 6

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Scotland retains the Miller-Stirling Salver

Scotland has won the Miller-Stirling Salver after a nail-biting finish. They beat the North by 6 - 3 which was the product of a regrouping and a re-attacking which one Scottish supporting gent declared was something our football team should learn from. Having attained a scoreline of 2/1 in the morning foursomes, all that was needed was three points from the singles. Whereas at one point this may have looked feasible, halfway through, Captain Pamela Williamson was transformed into what is loosely described in Fife as a "blue er--d flea" - is one allowed to say that? - as she roved at speed from one hole to the next, trying to guage possible points as they seemed to be slipping away. But slender leads were hung on to, dormie situations turned into halves and May Hughes serenely brought up the rear oblivious of what was transpiring elsewhere - she had the most glorious birdie four at the sixteenth (which in general rendered most people into quivering wrecks) to make the situation all the safer by becoming dormie two.

All for the moment. Prize-giving awaits. Well done Scotland!

Latest at the Jamboree (Seascale)

Last day and all to play for. Scotland - playing the so-far unbeaten North team - have won the foursomes by 2 games to 1 and are as we speak submerged in maintaining this position in the afternoon singles.

The first couple Fiona de Vries and Heather Anderson took their opponents Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson (anglo-scot but playing for some time under the English division flag) had a most exciting game which went all the way to the very difficult 18th which is a great match-play hole. Much to the north supporters sorrow this went Scotland's way after a great challenging putt by Fiona. Fiona's drive had caught the rough on the right but Heather lifted it sweetly on to the green with an eight iron leaving an eight foot trembler by Fiona to win the match with a birdie.

The second match against the English match-play champion Caroline Marron and former champion Sue Dye, got off to a bad start when the English couple sank an off-the-green putt which would have gone far enough if the pin had not got in the way. The second hole was made all the more difficult when Noreen went too left off the tee going into the worst and only really deep clump of rough inches in from the fairway. There was little Lorna could do but just get it back in play. The opposition went two up with a par. The long sixth hole was lost to a par when a great second shot by Lorna impossibly stayed up in the edge of the rough when any other ball would have followed the general pattern of gravity and sloped down into the planned central position. Chances were lost at the 4th and 7th to get two holes back but Lorna's partner left her too much to do! Three down at the sixth saw a gradual fight-back with holes back at the eighth and the 1th, a great half at the 13th with a wonderful saving putt by Lorna (after being in the ditch) and also at the 14th. All square. Unfortunately the sixteenth which was a crucial hole was lost with a loose pitch by Noreen. A bunkered seventeenth with failure to putt out meant the game was over .

One game each.

Moira and Mary - a convincing partnership, had a much easier run with 6 and 4 win against Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington. They won the first hole with a wondeful chip to the pin by Moira. They lost the third to a birdie and then won the 5th with a birdie two. They won the eighth and ninth after further lovely chips by Moira. Mary took over the "close-to-the -pin" competition with a lovely four iron at the short 10th, straight into the wind. A win at the 12th (conceded) and the 14th with a scorching birdie four. All over - and another point on the board for Scotland.

Awaiting the singles. Needing three points. Off with the binoculars.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Late postings re the Jamboree

Due to very many reasons there has been a lack of up-to-date reports on the East Vets site - and by virtue of this - a similar lack possibly on West vets and Kirkwoodgolf. This is mainly due to a lack of network connections in the depth of the Lake District where the Scottish vets team are being "put-up" away from the paparazzi. It is also due to the webmaster feeling obliged to concentrate on the golf, for fairly obvious reasons. A fairly extensive report on the week will appear at the week-end on both this site and the SVLGA website under Vetsround 9 when normal service will hopefully be resumed. In the meantime here are the results as they stood on leaving Seascale golf course at six o'clock - starting with the results on Tuesday first. Please refer to previous reports for team members' home clubs.

Scotland v South
Heather Anderson and Anne Ryan bt Carole Weir and Irene Brien 2 up
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson lost to Chris Stirling and Jeannie O'Keefe 2 and 1
Noreen Fenton and May Hughes bt Marianne Copp and Pat Bennett 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett bt Carole Weir 4 and 3
Fiona de Vries bt Chris Stirling 1 up
Anne Ryan lost to Anne Bridges 1 up
Noreen Fenton bt Irene Brien 4 and 3
Mary Smith bt Cathy Armstrong 2 and 1
Heather Anderson lost to Jeannie O'Keefe 3 and 1
Scotland 6 South 3

Midlands v North
Janet Melville and Jo Ashmore halved with Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson
Gillian Curley and Andrea Stockdale lost to Caroline Marron and Sue Dye 2 up
Pat West and Julie Walter lost to Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington 2 up

Janet Doleman lost to Caroline Marron 3 and 2
Paula Parker lost to Fiona Anderson 2 up
Janet Melville bt Ruth Lindley 2 up
Jo Ashmore lost to Sue Dye 7 and 6
Julie Walter bt Pat Wrightson 3 and 2
Pat West lost to Rosie Walter 3 and 1
Midlands 2 1/2 North 6 1/2

Wednesday 4th Results
Scotland v Midlands
Fiona de Vries and Anne Ryan bt Janet Melville and Julie Walter 2 and 1
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson bt Janet Doleman and Paula Parker 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett and May Hughes bt Gillian Curley and Andrea Stockdale 4 and 2

Lorna Bennett lost to Pat West 2 and 1
Fiona de Vries lost to Jo Ashmore 2 up
Heather Anderson bt Andrea Stockdale 2 up
Anne Ryan lost to Janet Melville 2 up
Moira Thomson halved with Julie Walter
Noreen Fenton lost to Janet Doleman 1 up
Scotland and Midlands halved match

South v North
Caroline Weir and Irene Brien lost to Pat Wrightson and Fiona Anderson 3 and 2
Chris Stirling and Jeannie O'Keefe lost to Caroline Marron and Sue Dye 5 and 4
Marianne Copp and Pat Bennett lost to Barbara Laird and Sue Warrington 5 and 4
Chris Stirling lost to Caroline Marron 2 up
Carole Weir bt Sue Dye 5 and 3
Irene Brien bt Barbara Laird 3 and 2
Jeannie O'Keefe lost to Ruth Lindley
Anne Bridges and Rosie Walter result awaited
Cathy Armstrong and Sue Warrington result awaited

North will have won against the South.

Tomorrow (Thursday) Scotland play North who have an unbeaten record. They have to win.

North 2 points
Sc0tland 1 1/2 points
Midlands 1/2 point
South 0 points

Only Scotland can deprive North of the Miller-Stirling Trophy but there could be quite a battle for runner-up. Let's not think about that. All out victory or nothing!