Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ramsden Cup 2010 - 2nd Round Results

All the matches for the second round of the Ramsden Cup have been played in time such that Katherine has not been in contact with a helpful boot. Well done all. But do feel sorry for poor Ruth Brown of Lothianburn who has reached the third round and never yet lifted a club. Elsa it's over to you.

Madge Hutchison lost to Dorothy Thomson
Isobel Halliday lost to May Hardie
Rita Dee lost to Katy Gillies
Margo Blair lost to Sandra Ashurst

Morag Wardrop lost to Susan Tudball
Sue Caton lost to Sandra Simpson
Gilly Corstorphine gave W/O to Ruth Brown
Molly Woolgar lost to Elsa Todd

Anne McIntosh lost to Dulcie Barnes
Maureen Stewart lost to Karen Ballantyne
Hilary Thomson lost to Barbara Biggart
Gilly Glen lost to Deirdre K/Anderson

Elinor Blair lost to Sandra Kempson
Patricia Rose lost to Anne Chainey
Ros Thoresen lost to Sheila Hunter
Isabel MacDonald lost to Denise Mitchell

The next round must be played by 20th June. Contact Katherine or Noreen for phone numbers or email addreses. Enjoy your games. If anything happens worth telling fellow vets about, give us a ring.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Almost the Last Call for the Scottish Seniors

If anyone was thinking of entering the Scottish Seniors Ladies at Fortrose and Rosemarkie, you possibly have only minutes to do it unless your post on Saturday gets picked up later than mine. Then again you could still hop up to Perth and put your entry into the SLGA Offices before noon on Monday. The maximum entry is 100 and the last update on the 25th May was 81. This will be a fantastic competition at a lovely part of Scotland. Who's going from the East Vets?

Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Clare Bowe (Gullane Ladies)
Anne Brownie (Lothianburn)
Rita Dee (Kingsknowe)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Jane Herd (Musselburgh)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies)
Shona Low (Gullane Ladies)
Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park)
Maureen McRobb (Kingsknowe)
Sue Penman (Gullane Ladies)
Mairi Pollock (Craigmillar Park)
Dorothy Thomson (Gullane)
Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies)
Joanne Watt (Gullane Ladies)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Maureen Woodward (Gullane Ladies)

This is a pretty admirable entry from the East Vets. Two clubs in particular are very well represented - Gullane Ladies and Craigmillar Park, eight from the former and three from CP, with two each from Baberton and Kingsknowe. Maybe we should run a small competiton for East Vet clubs - Pairs Best Nett Score on each day of the Strokeplay and/or aggregate best nett score. Just a thought. Odd numbers could link up with single members of other clubs.

So any other ladies who think this sounds fun, you can still download an entry form from the SLGA site - but hurry.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Inaugural Match between East and Midlands Vets Voted a Success.

The inaugural match between the East Vets and Midlands Vets took place today at Turnhouse on a lovely sunny day, not as warm as it has been but a perfect golfing day. By dribs and drabs ladies in the dark green jerseys of the East and burnt strawberry of the Midlands, started arriving in plenty of time with the promise of coffee and a bacon roll. With very little concern for professed diets these were soon scoffed as the draw was passed round and everyone saw who was their allotted target. Ethel Jack got a little upset when she couldn't see her name, she thought she had been left out, but then realised she was looking at the wrong side of the draw. The enthusiastic competitors then made their way to the first tee where the Midland President Liz Miskimmin very kindly acted as starter. If this first hole with its daunting slope, was perhaps a bit of a shock for those who had never played at Turnhouse before, no one showed it and it is to the credit of everyone that fourteen perfect drives saw the game on its way - along of course with the ladies who went over the hill and disappeared.

The captain of Midlands, Emma Wilson met the ladies as they came up to the ninth hole with a bagful of goodies - reminiscent of the handfuls of Werther's Originals shoved into pockets by the late Toni Moffatt. Noreen Fenton, Vice-captain of the East was left kicking herself because she hadn't thought of it first. Everyone was still cheery, moaning a bit at the slowness of the greens compared to what they were used to but enjoying themselves - and very grateful that they weren't being obliged to divulge the state of their game. The course was bedecked in bright yellow gorse, rhododrendons, dog roses and lilac - quite lovely. Unfortunately there was a very peculiar smell that came from somewhere which was difficult to miss.

In what seemed like no time at all, the game was over and the final result produced. Midlands had snatched victory by four games to three so all that remains now is to look forward to 2011 when East can reverse this result. Everyone agreed this match, filling a void for players of handicaps between 6 and 10 was a great idea. Definitely a successful day!

Cynthia Guthrie (Longniddry) lost to Joan Peden (Pitfirrane) 3 and 1
Anne Brownie (Lothianburn) lost to Rosie Scott (Aberdour) by 3 and 1
Sheila Lyon (Kingsnowe) beat Anne Hollet (Dumbracken) by 1 hole
Rita Dee (Kingsknowe) beat Ann Chisholm (Pitfirrane) by 3 and 2
Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) beat Alison Houston (Milnathort) by 3 and 2
Elizabeth Simpson (Murrayfield) lost to Norma Fleming (Alyth) by 2 and 1
Ethel Jack (Gullane) lost to Winifred MacCallum (Falkirk) 3 and 2

Monday, 24 May 2010

Scottish Championship at Craigielaw

Wind down for the chat

The first tee at Craigielaw Golf Club during the Scottish Women's Championship last week rarely looked as peaceful as in this picture. (Wind back up to see the picture) But the glorious scenery certainly did. The whole unblemished week was a most unusual occurrence for this championship which is normally dogged by some cruel element of the weather, be it rain or wind or cold or all three although professional shops usually do quite well! A delightful week therefore which produced some wonderful golf although unfortunately not quite so sparkling in the final game when Kelsey MacDonald of Nairn Dunbar beat Louise Kenney of Pitreavie by 5 and 4. However this final was watched by numerous vets from around the country some having travelled a fair distance for the privilege, some even coming from as far as Gullane(and sporting some jolly fine hats too!) Gillian's was actually sent from across the Atlantic with very strict instructions that she would be obliged to wear it when she joined the Rules Committee for the US Women's Open at Oakmont, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in early July. (Just kidding Gill. It's a great hat and a very great honour. Congratulations.) So we are now wondering what Sue's excuse is, but we'll definitely drift past No-hat Moira without saying a word.

This is without doubt now a younger Scottish golfer's competition. The webmaster might be wrong but were there 21 qualifiers under 21 years of age, out of 32 in the matchplay stage of the competition? From a fairly modest entry this year of just under 70, out of which were ten vets, there were however, two Golden Oldies (whoops, not really allowed to say that although it's almost how it feels in this increasingly young field)- two Golden Oldies who qualified for the matchplay stage - Noreen Fenton of Dunbar and Sheila Cuthbertson of Peebles. Fiona de Vries, an honorary member of Baberton would also have qualified but had to withdraw from the matchplay due to pressures of work (either that or perhaps she did not wish to be referred to as a G.O.) Unfortunately neither of these ladies survived to the second round, Noreen being beaten 2 and 1 in a tight game by Susan Jackson of Ladybank whereas Sheila, met an avalanche of birdies by the talented Midlothian junior, Rachel Watton.

The course was lengthened to over 6000 yards for this competition which was definitely an advantage to the longer hitter. So often our ladies would require accurate long irons or woods against the wedges of their longer-hitting opponents, which of course, had much more chance of stopping on the greens. However it is to the credit of the vets that they showed they could still hold their own by securing a hole with an accurate short game and throughout, keeping to their own game in the relentless face of the bigger ball. It is possibly unlikely that a huge increase in numbers of vets/seniors will be entering this competition in the future - unless of course to a very popular venue - where the length of a drive, or really the lack in length of a drive, so influences the outcome.

A great week. Many congratulations to Craigielaw on the wonderful condition of their course.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Draw for the Summer Meeting at Haddington

The draw for the East Vets Summer Meeting at Haddington on Tuesday 8th June 2010 has been made and is as follows:

Time Name
9.30 Moira Thomson, Frances McFadzean, Noreen Fenton
9.38 Catriona Shedden, Elizabeth Simpson, Elinor Blair
9.46 Maureen Cranston, Caroline Kinnaird, Jill Scott
9.54 Marjory Lauder, Phyl Early, Jane Herd
10.02 Val Hallam, Sheila Hunter, Isabel Macdonald
10.10 Moyra Loughran, Beth Freedman, Pam Townsend
10.18 Mary Richardson, Wendy Ross, Kate Johnston
10.26 Denise Mitchell, Sydena Cullen, Cynthia Guthrie
10.34 Pam Walkingshaw, Margaret Sneddon, Dorothy Thomson
10.42 Muriel Westwood, Anne Beedie, Susan Tudball
10.50 Mary Davidson, Ellice Cackett, Lynne Louden
10.58 Seonaid Stewart, Barbara Biggart, Sandra Ashurst
11.06 Anne Hanna, Jackie Squires, Sylvia Cunningham
11.14 Sheila King, Anne Brownie, Gillian Glen
11.22 Christine Reid, Patricia Rose, Jane Watt
11.30 Dulcie Barnes, Ruth Brown, Norma Richmond
11.38 Ray Lynch, Karen Ballantyne, Katy Gillies
11.46 Ethel Jack, Pam Stephenson, Libby Campbell
11.54 May Hardy, Isobel Hastings, Margo Blair

The balance of the entrance fee is £5. Please bring the exact money if possible with you and prevent a headache on the desk when the float of fivers has inexplicably been demolished.

Please note also that Skyecaddies and other distance measuring devices are NOT allowed. Any caddie cars with inbuilt measuring devices MUST have them taped over to make them obviously null and void. This whole issue will be discussed at the AGM with a view to change but until then they are not permissible.

As usual, fingers crossed for a good day and if not, please at least an improvement on the Spring Meeting.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Draw for second round of Ramsden Cup

Sorry for the delay in posting this. Please note the games must be played by May 28th

Dorothy Thomson v Madge Hutchison
May Hardy v Isobel Halliday
Katy Gillies v Rita Dee
Margo Blair v Sandra Ashurst
Morag Wardrop v Susan Tudball
Sandra Simpson v Sue Caton
Ruth Brown v Gilly Corstorphine
Elsa Todd v Molly Woolgar
Dulcie Barnes v Anne McIntosh
Maureen Stewart v Karen Ballantyne
Hilary Thomson v Barbara Biggart
Deirdre K.Anderson v Gilly Glen
Sandra Kempson v Elinor Blair
Anne Chainey v Patricia Rose - Anne Chainey w/o
Sheila Hunter v Ros Thoresen
Denise Mitchell v Isabel MacDonald

Please inform Katherine of the results by 28th May

Team to represent East Vets at Turnhouse

The inaugural match between East Vets and Midlands Vets will take place at Turnhouse Golf Club on Tuesday May 25th with all ladies being invited to assemble at or before 10.15 for coffee and a bacon roll, the game to begin at 11.06. A fervent prayer is being launched even now, if not for a lovely day, at least definitely, not for snow or local volcanic eruption. Team to wear green vets jersey, white shirt and navy trousers if possibly please.

East Vets team:
Barbara Biggart(North Berwick)
Anne Brownie (Lothianburn)
Rita Dee (Kingsknowe)
Cynthia Guthrie (Longniddry)
Ethel Jack (Gullane)
Sheila Lyon (Kingsknowe)
Liz Simpson (Murrayfield)

Have a great day.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Team to represent the East Vets at Elie

The team to represent the East vets at Elie in the annual match against the Senior Golfing Society on May 13th has been selected and is as follows:

Isabel Macdonald and Asp Robertson
Vicki Sandeman and Lesley Gray
Isobel Hastings and Nancy Gow
Margaret Sneddon and Jackie Squires
Jean Dawson and Ros Thoresen
Elise Guy(captain) and Kate Johnston

This long-standing match (do not ask the webmaster how long-standing as she does not know) is a very sociable match but played (with gentlemanly stroke allowances) to the death. It was won last year by the ladies. This winning position must be upheld at all costs. Ladies you know what you have to do.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Moira fails to win East Lothian Championship for Third Time

Moira Thomson (Gullane) came up against a serious force when she attempted to win the East Lothian Championship for the third time. Playing over Dunbar, Emma Fairnie's home course, Moira was unable to upset the younger player's very steady game. Moira started off strongly, having a great birdie at the first hole. This is never an easy birdie since the ditch in front of the green now prevents an obliging wind from helping the ball run on, as in years gone by. The second was halved and although Moira lost the short third to a par, she retaliated with yet another birdie at the fourth which had recently seen a lot of damage due to the storm of last month. She was now one up.

The fifth proved a problem for her and she conceded it - going all square. Getting the bit under her teeth, Emma went off at great licks, taking the 6th, 7th and 8th holes to go three up. They halved the long ninth but Moira lost the 10th to a par - possibly the most difficult par three on the course. Moira was now four down but undismayed, took the deceptive 11th hole with a lovely birdie to reduce the score to three down. This however was the end of her attack as Emma proceeded to win the 12th with a par, a very welcome four at any time, and then also the 13th. At this point Moira was dormie and a half at the long 14th was not enough to keep the game alive. For all the score was not in her favour, it was nevertheless a great fight.

Liz McLelland of Gullane won the Handicap Quaich by winning by 6 and 5 against Anne Sewell of Castle Park.

First Round
Moira Thomson (Gullane) beat K. Playfair (Musselburgh) 6 and 4
Elinor Blair (North Berwick) beat Anne Marshall (Dunbar) 3 and 1
Clara Young (North Berwick) beat Barbara McIntosh(Gullane) 4 and 2
Jane Herd (Musselburgh) beat J. McNicoll (Longniddry) 1 hole
Emma Fairnie (Dunbar) beat Barbara Biggart(North Berwick) 7 and 6

Moira Thomson beat Elinor Blair 4 and 2
Jane Herd lost to Emma Fairnie 5 and 4

Moira Thomson beat Keren Ward (The Glen) 2 holes
Emma Fairnie beat Clara Young 4 and 2

FinalEmma Fairnie beat Moira Thomson 5 and 4

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Denise takes the B Championship

-Denise Mitchell of Murrayfield won the Midlothian County Championship 'B' Championship at Prestonfield today on what was a lovely 'golfing'day apart from the need to rake for the extra jersey when the sun dipped behind the clouds.

In the semi-finals, following directly behind the main Championship, Denise played steadily against Jaci Moriarty of Lochend and there being few deviations from good solid golf, victory was achieved at the 17th hole. In the other semi-final, things all happened a bit faster and Isobel Halliday of Merchants, Vet Nouveaux - beg pardon - Vet Nouvelle, taking to vetlife like one of these circling mallards was to Duddingston Loch, finished up her game against Ann Brown of Deer Park with rather unseemly haste at the 14th hole. This gave us a Vets Final. Excellent.

Picking up Midlothian Vice-Captain, Mary Richardson (also Vet Nouvelle) as referee, they were off.

And what a match it was with only three holes being halved throughout. Nip and tuck the (w)hole way. Just getting into their stride, they halved the first followed by the short second. Then Denise took the long curving third with the nasty fairway bunkers strategically placed to catch the unwary. Now one up, she became two after taking the uncommonly similar long 4th.

The last hole to be halved in the match was the short 5th and then it was parry and riposte, parry and riposte ending up all square at the bunker-protected short ninth. Then Denise took four in a row. Such an attack would normally render an opponent bewildered and flapping but not Isobel, who returned to the fray gallantly, taking the 14th with the tricky green, the 15th where Denise had planted a peacock, primed to screech (in)appropriately at the top of Isobel's backswing, and then the long-short 16th where putts can be approaching the pin one minute and off the green the next. After all that Denise was now only one up.

By this time, Ref. Mary had long been secretly wishing anyone had actually managed to finish off the game to prevent the inevitable slog all the way up the long 17th. But for Denise it was well worth the trail as she took this hole and the title, by 2 and 1.

It's a shame there always has to be a winner and a loser. Great game ladies.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

East Vets still going strong in Midlothian B Championship

East Vets ladies still feature in the semifinals of a Midlothian championship - in the B Championship. Unfortunately both Fiona Hunter (Baberton) and Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)did not proceed further than the first round of the County Championship although in both their separate games the results were very close, Fiona losing on the seventeenth to Louise Fraser of Kingsknowe and Noreen on the last hole to Hannah Scott of Broomieknowe. In the second round, Louise beat Hannah by one hole, althought at one point, Hannah had been four up. However, having started to lose some holes, she succumbed to the very experienced and long-hitting Miss Fraser, who eventually overcame her on the eighteenth hole.

However in the B Championship, East Vets are still maintaining a high profile.

In the first round, Denise Mitchell of Murrayfield, won through comfortably against local player Yvonne Blyth by a 3 and 2 margin and then by a similar margin against Suzie Laughland of Royal Dornoch who had taken out Phyl Early of Glencorse in the morning round. In the second round Jaci Moriarty only won against Sandra Ashurst by the narrowest of margins. Both ladies had been pretty fresh, both having had the fortune (or misfortune) of having walk-overs in the morning. Hope someone told them in plenty of time to have a long-lie!

In the bottom half of the draw, new vet Isobel Halliday of Merchants will be playing in the semifinals on Sunday morning having beaten Coleen Derighetti of Lochend at the eighteenth in the morning and Margaret Alexander of Baberton at the 19th in the second round. A hard day's golf.

Best of luck to our vets tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's an all-Vet final.

B Championship Results (First Round)
Denise Mitchell(Murrayfield) beat Yvonne Blyth (Prestonfield) 3 and 2
Suzie Laughland (Royal Dornoch) beat Phyl Early (Glencorse) 6 and 5
Jaci Moriarty (Lochend) WO Elsa Todd (Prestonfield)
Sandra Ashurst (Murrayfield) WO Helen Warnock (Harburn)
Ann Brown (Deer Park) beat Helen Martin (Kingsknowe) 2 holes
Lynda Taylor (Dalmahoy) beat Sandra Dickson (Mortonhall) 2 and 1
Isobel Halliday (Merchants) beat Coleen Derighetti(Lochend) 1 hole
Margaret Alexander (Baberton) beat Eileen McLaughlan (Kingsknowe) 4 and 2

Denise Mitchell beat Suzie Laughland 3 and 2
Jaci Moriarty beat Sandra Ashurst 1 hole
Anne Brown beat Lynda Taylor 6 and 5
Isobel Halliday beat Margaret Alexander at 19th