Sunday, 31 May 2009

Pictures from Ethel's day at Swanston

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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Ethel's First Engagement in a Busy Schedule

Ethel Jack, East Vets lady of note and President of the SLGA, very kindly stopped off on the way to the St Rule in St Andrews - where she has official engagements - to assist in the Grand Opening of the New Swanston Golf Course early today. This surely must have been one of the most glorious mornings this year. In high temperatures (despite the hour), a cloudless blue sky and no wind, she stubbornly refused to dispense with her purple blazer although all about had suitably divested of unwanted garments. Following on from the speeches of other Grand Opening officials, Ethel congratulated Swanston Golf Course on their success and also on their efforts to further promote ladies' and junior girls' golf. She then proceeded to assist David McLetchie MSP, in the unveiling of the plaque.

The daylong celebrations continued with a celebrity demonstration of how properly to play the wonderful game with Lynne Kenney representing the ladies. Ethel meanwhile headed north on a busy week of engagements.

A small slideshow of Ethel unveiling the plaque will follow together with a piece of blatant advertising for Swanston, but meanwhile the webmaster is heading for a slice of the sun.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Congratulations to Midland Vets on their new website

Welcome to the new website for all matters pertaining to Midland Vets. To view just click on the Link down the left hand side.

Second Round Results from Ramsden Cup (hole and hole)

Here are the latest results from the Ramsden Cup - hole and hole. Congratulations to all the winners. Please set about arranging your next ties to be completed by June 16th and, bearing in mind we are in the middle of the busy time golf-wise, keep an eye on these changing handicaps.

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Draw for Summer Meeting at Haddington

Here is the draw for the Summer meeting at Haddington which is also the qualifying round for the East Vets Championship. When you pick up your scorecard or definitely before you go home please indicate whether you will be entering the championship should you be one of the top eight scores. You MUST be able to commit to playing in all rounds of the matchplay at the outset. Play well, oh and please remember to bring the exact balance for the green fee (£5) if you can.

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Helen loses at the 17th

Helen Faulds of the West Vets lost by 2 and 1 in the quarter-finals of the Clark Rosebowl to Linda Urquhart in a very tight game on a very difficult course. Bad luck Helen but well done.

One vet still live at Southerness in Clark Rosebowl

Still in difficult conditions, sadly none of the vets from the other Scottish regions were successful in getting through to the second round of the main championship at Southerness but all credit to them.

Lorna Bennett lost very narrowly by 2 and 1 to the much improved Gillian Monteith of Portpatrick Dunskey. Fiona de Vries lost to Katie McNicoll of Carnoustie 5 and 4 and Anne Ramsay of Kirriemuir beat Sheila Cuthbertson 6 and 4. Bad luck everyone.

In the Clark Rosebowl, however, Helen Faulds, captain of the West Vets, known to many ladies in the east as an excellent after-dinner speaker and teller of tall tales, is through to the second round of the Clark Rosebowl. She beat fellow Scottish Vet Jill Harrison from Cruden Bay by 3 and 2. She will now play Linda Urqhuart of Banchory. Heather Anderson lost narrowly to Laura McLardy by 3 and 1.

Day 2 at Southerness (late report)

View from the 13th tee at Southerness over the bay. Click to enlarge

According to the "locals" Wednesday was meant to be more of the same weatherwise as Tuesday but the relentless wind was slightly more westerly and it rained late afternoon - but then the "locals" said it was just the usual light breeze! Many of the scores improved over the board, some however got a lot worse. East did not fare too well as Pamela did not improve on her position at all and Noreen got lost in not one but two bunkers and quite honestly should just have stayed there. She was very kindly advised by a fellow vet from Midlands to invest in some lessons.
However vets in general could hold up their heads (even in the wind) which is something when one can only stand in awe of the power and skill of our young players.
Lorna Bennett (Midlands) Sheila Cuthbertson(Borders) - apologies for not previously being mentioned - and Fiona de Vries (Midlands) all qualified for the main championship whereas Jill Harrison (North), Heather Anderson (North) and Helen Faulds (West) all were drawn to play in the second flight competition, the Clark Rosebowl. Margaret Tough (Midland) could not participate in the matchplay events as she is a selector and Noreen Fenton could not play for personal reasons.
After the day's golf the presentation of prizes took place. Noreen Fenton and Lorna Bennett both featured. (To view a picture please go into Kirkwoodgolf )
Vets Results:
162 Lorna Bennett (Midlands) 79,83
164 Sheila Cuthbertson (Borders) 84,80
166 Fiona de Vries (Midlands) 85,81
171 Margaret Tough (Midlands) 86,85
172 Noreen Fenton (East) 79,93
173 Jill Harrison (North) 89,84
173 Heather Anderson (North) 87,86
174 Helen Faulds (West) 87,87
180 Pamela Williamson (East) 90,90
184 Winifred MacCallum (Midlands) 90,94
192 Lynne Terry (North) 97,95
Thursday sees the matchplay games. Unfortunately two vets are drawn together straightaway, Helen and Jill. Very poor planning.
Last but not least let us remember those without whom such competitions would not run at all. Thanks to Ethel Jack and Janet Wake of the SLGA. ( I am now leaving the country) Apologies for not having a photograph of Gillian Kirkwood who is tireless.

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Good luck to those still playing.

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Results after Day 1 at Southerness

Competitors at Southerness slept through a very wild night indeed with high winds and bursts of heavy rain. In the morning the sky was black and threatening, it was definitely much too cold for MAY and the wind was still as strong. Conditions for golf were, to say the least, testing. This was reflected when the CSS rose from 75 to 78 and also in the scoring when the best score of the day was 76 and the best score for vets was 79. Most people had "if only" games when a dropped putt here - easy as pie with the gusting winds- and a slightly out of control drive lent itself to elevated scores.

Noreen Fenton (East) and Lorna Bennett (Midlands) both finished the day on 79. They and all other vets will be reserving their energy and best golf for tomorrow if they are to qualify for the main championship (top 32) or Clark Rosebowl (next 16) - all this just to prove there's still life yet in them old dogs!!

Vets results:
Noreen Fenton (east) 79 (BIH)a
Lorna Bennett (Midland) 79
Fiona de Vries (Midlands) 85
Margaret Tough (Midlands) 86
Helen Faulds (West) 87 (BIH)
Heather Anderson (North) 87
Jill Harrison (North) 89
Winifred MacCallum (Midlands) 90 (BIH)
Pamela Williamson (east) 90
Lynne Terry (North) 97

Good luck tomorrow.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Practice Day at Southerness Tricky

Tuesday is the first day for the qualifying rounds of the Scottish Amateur Closed Championship 2009 at Southerness. The practice round was wet for those off in the morning and definitely windy for those in the afternoon. It bodes ill for Day One particularly dare one say for the ten scottish vets who are flying the flag out of only 83 competitors - fairly low compared with the usual number. Surely word of the rather abysmal weather conditions could not have got out!

The normal Southerness course has been lengthened for this event. Ten of the gents' holes have been combined with eight of the ladies' - producing a course of over 6000 yards which in the fierce winds expected tomorrow is going to be a real test. From the senior/vet point of view and their improbability of reaching some of the new par fours in two, this will make scoring very difficult. Other holes for example the 11th with its ditch just in front of the elevated green are now even more difficult for the shorter hitter, requiring the ability to stop longer irons /woods in a very tight area.

The vets playing are:
Pamela Williamson(East)
Noreen Fenton (East)
Fiona de Vries (Midlands)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands)
Margaret Tough (Midlands)
Winifred MacCallum (Midlands)
Heather Anderson (North)
Lynne Terry (North)
Jill Harrison (North)
Helen Faulds (West)

Play well tomorrow all.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Some Pictures at Elie

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East Vets v British Senior Golfing Society at Elie

In between all the days no one really wants even to be on a golf course - the weather is so dreadful - there is a gem and it was Thursday, the day the East Vets Ladies played their annual match against the British Senior Golfing Society at Elie. This is a longstanding fixture and one always much enjoyed. Teams of twelve ladies, smart in their green jerseys against twelve senior gentlemen - clearly no one had insisted on a uniformed approach to appearance - but uniformly charming and equally smart.

Before the delicious but informal lunch, when the gentlemen were, as per custom, assiduous in their efforts to ensure no lady was thirsty, each ladies' couple met their opposite numbers and many old acquaintances re-established. Possibly as much focus and energy was employed in preventing glasses being refilled as was needed later in the sociable but very serious business of the day - the golf.

This is a foursomes competition where strokes are given as per handicap difference. The ladies are then given an extra six strokes but forced to play of the men's tees. (This can make quite a difference)

The sun shone incessantly, the wind possibly a trifle difficult particularly down the 17th, when three woods did not seem out of the ordinary but the golf was terrific. The ladies won by 3 1/2 to 2 1/2, three of the games being drawn which seemed a very fair result. There was general agreement that the gentlemen had been very generous around the greens and had indeed been very gracious hosts throughout the afternoon. A wonderful day.

Carol McLeod and Katherine Thomson halved with Peter Bucher and Dick Mackie.
Noreen Fenton and Jean Dawson beat Alastair Brown and John Stevenson.
Asp Robertson and Isabel MacDonald halved with Paul Laidlaw and Jimmy Lumsden.
Anne Chainey and Carole Ross halved with Alec Mudie and Ken Smith
Clare Bowe and Anne Mckenzie beat Alastair Kerr and Douglas Mack
Barbara Russell and Elise Guy (captain) lost to Lawrie Hall and Julian James

Well done the ladies.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The more astute (or those who've found it by accident) will now notice that we have an extra feature on the blog, on the left hand side after the "links" which shows the latest news on the "West Vets" site. It's only a snippet and if interested you can read all about it by clicking on the West Vet link. Carol Fell has the same gadget about East Vets on her site.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Ramsden Cup hole-and hole results

The results of the first round in the Ramsden Cup have now been completed. Here is the latest draw. It looks nothing on screen but will enlarge even for the most myopic if you click on it. The next round must be completed by May 26th. If your challenger has not got in touch within a reasonable time give her a call.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Disappointment for Pam in Semi-final

Although slightly chilly in the blustery breeze, especially when the sun went behind a cloud, the weather at Newbattle Golf Club was basically kind on Sunday for the semifinals and final of the Midlothian 'B' Championship. Pam Townsend (Murrayfield) the last representative of the East Vets Ladies Association, lost her brave bid for a place in the final when she narrowly lost 2 and 1 to Helen Warnock of Harburn. An initial, very promising start by Pam unfortunately was not maintained and eventually she succumbed at the 17th hole. Bad luck Pam but very well done indeed!

Helen lost to Hannah Scott (reserve in the Cuthbertson Cup, many members of which team featured hugely in the main Midlothian Championship) again by 2 and 1, in a great final watched by an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Pam Townsend loan vet in Midlothian 'B' Championship

Pam Townsend (Murrayfield) is still alive and kicking in the Midlothian 'B' Championship after two very tight games on Friday at Newbattle Golf Club. She won by 2 and 1 in the first round against Sandra Wilkes of Deer Park. Her fellow Murrayfield clubmate, Sandra Ashurst had to go all the way to one extra hole before unfortunately losing to Dee Williams of Craigmillar Park, who then became Pam Townsend's next victim, again at the 17th hole, a very tricky par four indeed.

Sue Caton and Mary Davidson, both of Kingsknowe, unfortunately did not manage to get through to the second round, although Mary took the victorious Cuthbertson Cup's reserve Hannah Scott all the way to the 18th. In her next round Hannah had a much easier run with a 4 and 3 win.

So Pam flies the East Vets flag (not actually visible) in the semifinal on Sunday 2nd at 9.45am. She plays Helen Warnock of Harburn who has yet to test the holes beyond the 15th.

Good luck Pam.

Friday, 1 May 2009

No East Vets in Last Eight of Midlothian County Championship

Maybe it was the act of crossing one's fingers to keep the rain at bay, but sadly no East Vets have survived into the last day's play this coming Sunday at Newbattle Golf Club.

Fiona de Vries won quite comfortably in the morning by a 5 and 3 margin against the Midlothian County Selector, Linda Caine. Her iron play was quite superb and she clearly found the greens to her taste. In the quarter-finals she lost by 3 and 2 to Claire Hargan. Fiona admitted she took five or six holes to gain her previous momentum, during which she had to rely heavily on her normally very secure short-game. From the eleventh, she met a barrage of birdies by Claire who has been champion on five occasions in the last six years.

In the other half of the draw, Noreen Fenton lost by one hole in a very tight match against one of Midlothian's promising juniors, Gabrielle MaDonald (Craigielaw). In the afternoon, Gabrielle continued her relentless progress into the last four by eliminating the number one seed Louise Fraser(Kingsknowe), by the same margin.

Midlothian 'B' Championship - results delayed due to computer blip