Tuesday, 12 April 2016


BRRRRRR!!!!!!! It was bitterly cold for our Spring meeting on Monday 11th April. A strong, gusting East wind made it feel like the dead of winter as players struggled to keep warm whilst trying to keep their golf balls out of trouble and into the cup. Even when the putting surface had been reached, the putting was not easy with downhill or down wind putts rivalling the speeds at Augusta!

This emphasis on the adverse weather conditions (though it did stay dry at least!) is the explanation for scores being higher than last year's. Some ladies did extremely well in the testing conditions, notably overall winner Caroline Johnstone who shot a nett 70, playing off 10. Excellent score in those conditions, Caroline!

To the majority of the field's great relief, the CSS(*) went up to 72 and was REDUCTION ONLY.


Silver Nett
1. Caroline Johnstone (Murrayfield)     80 (10)       nett 70
2. Irene Stewart  (Musselburgh)             86  (15)      nett 71
3. Dulcie Barnes (Gullane)                     81   (9)       nett 72
4. Elsa Todd   (Prestonfield)                   90  (17)      nett 73
Three ladies posted nett 74s : Joanne Watt (Gullane), Irene Gray (Musselburgh) and Alice Archbold (Gullane) - in countback order.

Bronze Nett
1. Lynne Loudoun (Murrayfield)          100 (27)      nett 73
2. Lesley Gray (Gullane)                         95  (21)      nett 74

1. Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)                      80 (bih)
2.  Caroline Johnstone (Murrayfield)        80
Well done ladies for your above good scores.

Twos were scored by Ruth Brown, Gilly Glen, Jane Neville and Hazel Saunders. Magical twos indeed!

Further to yesterday's post, notifications have been sent to CDH with members' scores and CSS information. As explained in the post of 11th April, two CSS calculations have to be done because more than 20 members of Gullane Ladies participated. There are therefore two separate reports below if you wish to look at all the scores but the placings above reflect the position in the Spring Meeting across the whole competition.

Click here for  Visitors (non GLGC)    and    Gullane members' scores

Monday, 11 April 2016


A fuller report on the Spring Meeting will be posted on this site on Tuesday 12th April.

In the meantime, the information about the CSS which ladies who played need in order to determine whether they should cut their own handicaps is set out below. Notification of all players' scores has been submitted to the CDH from where it will be picked up by members' Home Clubs to update handicap records.

Two CSSs have been calculated in view of the number of members of Gullane Ladies (GLGC) who played but on this occasion both CSS calculations resulted in a CSS of 72 and REDUCTION ONLY!

Well done to everyone who had good scores in the challenging conditions or had a Magic Two!

Please note that when prizes are awarded for this competition, this will be across the full field and not as shown in the two separate CSS calculations.