Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Moira's Funeral Arrangements

Moira's funeral will be at 2pm on Wednesday 30th November at Mortonhall Crematorium. The family invite everyone to meet after the funeral at the Nether Abbey Hotel in Dirleton Avenue, North Berwick to celebrate Moira's life.
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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Moira Thomson dies after a short illness

All who knew Moira Thomson will be completely shocked at the sad news of her death this morning at the Western General Hospital in Edinburgh. It is literally only short months since she was competing in the Scottish Seniors at Portpatrick in early July with no thought that she would have any kind of threat to her health. Her family and friends who visited her in hospital can have had no idea that her recently diagnosed illness would have claimed her quite so quickly. Our thoughts and condolences are with her husband Alastair and her family.

It is impossible to know what Moira was going through in these last weeks, but she faced all of it with the most incredible courage and patience and without a word of self-pity. Is it always difficult for visitors to know what to say in situations such as this where the diagnosis is known, but Moira would take control and make it so easy for those who arrived at her hospital bed. Conversation would never stick around the laughter over shared memories.

Moira won the Scottish Girls, in her youth and was a strong team player in both the Midlothian and East Lothian county teams over several decades. However since becoming a senior lady golfer possibly her best years were to come. She was selected year in, year out, to play for the Scottish Vets and also to represent Scotland in the Senior Home International team. Two years ago Moira was a member of the successful team which won at Newport in Wales (first and only time), and in 2010 as a member of team to win the European Senior Team Championship in Berlin, a most stupendous achievement. This was one of her very best performances and one of which she could be justly proud.

The East Vets have lost a truly great player and friend.

Monday, 24 October 2011

38th East Vets AGM

The 38th AGM of the East Vets Division took place today at 11.15 in Liberton Golf Club. 50 ladies were present for the meeting although only 46 could stay for the lovely lunch.

Captain Noreen Fenton welcomed the company and asked for a few moments silence to remember Elise Guy, past captain, who died earlier this year. Those ladies unfortunately unwell at this time and unable to attend the AGM, were also remembered and the very best wishes of the company sent to them.

Without further ado the presentation of prizes took place, but as nearly a majority of prizewinners were not present, this was a somewhat lightning event. The Elise Duncan Trophy retained in the East v West Singles match was on display as was the Scroggie Cup which, as in 2010, had been retained by another East Vet, this year by Noreen Fenton. It made complete sense that there were 71 apologies considering how many ladies had been unable to accept their prizes and trophies in person. A great number had mentioned that they would be on holiday, this being the school holiday week. It was announced that next year this meeting and lunch, would be held one month later, on November 19th to see if this made a difference to the rather poor attendance. Katherine is already panicking that snow comes early.

It had been agreed last year that the minutes would not be read out to the meeting but that they would be posted on the East Vets website - which had been done. A copy of the minutes for 2010 had been emailed to all ladies with an email address with copies being sent in the post to those who did not. Two ladies declared that they had not been emailed and a plea was made by the chair for all ladies to inform Katherine of a change to their email address or, if they now had one when before they had not. An up-to-date list of email address would be desirable.

Matters Arising. There were only two matters arising, the first referring to the use of DMD's. It had been agreed last year, providing the course on which it was to be used was happy for its use. However one lady, last year, had suggested to be on the safeside, the matter be raised at the SVLGA meeting in Blairgowrie. This had been brought up and no objection aired, despite the SLGA being unable to view it rationally.

The other matter arising concerned the uniform, particularly in matches against other divisions, but also for the wearing at the meetings. The Captain said that the committee favoured the adoption of a mint green teeshirt in place of the yellow, asked if there were any objections from those present but found none. She recommended that if anyone wished to buy one, Katherine was taking orders. There was general surprise at the numbers ordered. Clearly yellow had not been a popular shade and that the mint was vastly preferable. The preference for a plain shirt or one with the East Vet logo was indicated at the time on the order sheet.

Katherine read out the financial report and apart from a couple of questions about the need to raise the subscription when we had money in the bank, this report was approved and seconded.

The Captain read out her report which was quite compehensive, effort being made to include East Vet, Scottish Vet, SLGA and county events where East Vets had been honourably mentioned. The Vice-captain, Marjory Lauder stood up and read out an extensive list of prizes won by Noreen Fenton in 2011, including the Scottish Senior Ladies Championship and the Scottish Vets Championship, since such minor details had been omitted from the Captain's report. Much had been said however about the typical Scottish weather that had been enjoyed, not all of it bad.

The captain then asked for a computer literate helper or possible committee member who would be able to to help at the competitions with regard all matters computer-related. This would allow the Captain and Vice-captain to devote themselves to other matters on these days - not drink more cups of coffee.

The captain announced a committee decision to arrange for the later stages of the Ramsden Cup to be played on neutral courses on the grounds that this seemed fairer. At present ties are played on the challenger's home course which might or might not create an unfair advantage to the home player but was highly unlikely to create the opposite. At this stage it was suggested only the semi-finals and final be played at clubs different from those of either competitor, but that it might be extended in future years. A pool of clubs would be sought so that there would be a choice depending on who won through to the semifinals. Several ladies volunteered to appproach their clubs to offer availability. The association would of course pay the green fees. The captain thanked ladies who had made themselves available to play in team matches, often at short notice and their enthusiasm in their golf. She also thanked her committee for their hard work, in particular Katherine, who was inexhaustible (despite her brown coat!)

There being no objection from the meeting, the office-bearers would serve another year. And there being no further AOCB either, the meeting was closed and a delicious lunch was served, a little earlier than possibly imagined but nonetheless welcome.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Minutes of 2010 AGM

As was decided last year the minutes of the AGM are now being posted prior to the AGM on Monday 24th October.

Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Association - East Division


Gullane Golf Club ~ 25 October 2010

The Captain Elise Guy welcomed everyone to the 2010 and 37th AGM and Prize-Giving.


There were 69 apologies

All prizewinners most of whom were present this year were duly congratulated. After the presentation Karen paid tribute to the general organisation of the golfing events & how she had enjoyed her year. She not only won the East’s Championship & the Ramsden Cup but to crown it all as the Blairgowrie Champion she won the Scroggie Cup which she had brought along to our A.G.M.

The minutes of the meeting held at Murrayfield Golf Club were read then proposed for adoption by Karen Ballantyne and seconded by
Carol MacLeod. This would be the last time for the verbal report and in future the minutes would be presented on the website.

The announcement that the trial using the two best aggregate scores from the spring and summer meetings as qualification for the championship would be replaced by reverting to the summer meeting only was met with hearty approval from the audience. Members were reminded to refer to the

The accounts which had been circulated previously were approved by Clare Bowe and Catriona Shedden. Apologies from Katherine for the rather blurred signature by the auditor due to her printer.

Inter-Divisional Matches

East v West Singles (scratch & upwards) played over Troon Portland where the East retained the Elise Duncan Trophy.
East v West Foursomes played over Gullane No.2 where East won the Friendship Trophy much to Asp Robertson’s delight.

East v Midlands
An inaugural meeting at Turnhouse resulted in a win for Midlands.

Elise then invited Noreen as Vice-Captain to say a few words on the East Vets’ achievements in international events.
In conclusion Elise thanked the committee and Katherine for all their hard work and support during her term of office. Gullane Golf Club was thanked for the use of their premises for the day.

With the meeting’s approval, Marjory Lauder would be the next Vice-Captain and Dulcie Barnes our new committee member. Katherine would continue in office.
Noreen was presented with her badge of office.

Noreen mentioned the slight dilemma some ladies might have in the hole & hole Ramsden Cup if all square at the 18th. A show of hands decided the best of three holes thereafter was preferable to sudden death.

The format for the Championship play-offs was as before, first round on Saturday afternoon, semi-finals & final on Sunday. Dates to be confirmed when John Sandilands the pro returns from holiday. Possible weekends, 11/12 June, 18/19 June or 9/10 July. Summer Meeting at Haddington on Tuesday 7 June.
Liberton was now the permanent venue for the Autumn Meeting as entry numbers had doubled since changing from Murrayfield. The A.G.M./Prize-giving on 24 October would also be at Liberton Golf Club.
Uniform for Matches
It was felt that uniformity was preferable but a show of hands for shirts stated yellow/green.

Use of D.M. Devices in East Vets meetings
A request by two entrants playing early in the Autumn Meeting had been turned down. However, a short survry conducted later had shown a positive reaction for their use. The general feeling from the present company was no objection to their use as a local rule. Karen Ballantyne wisely suggested the S.V.L.G.A be asked for a general view.

There being no further business the meeting closed.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

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Friday, 30 September 2011

Final Report on the Senior Home Internationals

The East webmaster has been on the other side of the Atlantic where the means to write a blog went on the blink and refused to charge up, hence the reporting on the Senior Home Internationals at Tramore in Ireland was a non-event. Our own Karen Ballantyne of Craigmillar Park was flying the flag for the East.

The Scottish Senior team this year, captained by Helen Faulds of Douglas Park, was a combination of new and old, in part due to temporary incapacities and also voluntary retirement, which is what happens eventually in senior teams. Accidents are inevitable, just as people inevitably get (shsh) older. Our team of comparatively new, mixed with experienced faces, has not exactly, wiped the board this year, but they've made a great fight of it and next year -the sky will be the limit.

After two days of disappointing results, Day 3 showed what we are made of. Day One against Ireland was not a good start to the tournament. Karen, partnering the very experienced Lorna Bennett for the first time lost by 5 and 3 to Sheena McElroy and Carol Wickham. The foursomes were lost 2 : 1 and the singles - where Lorna took ample revenge on Carol - were unfortunately lost by 3 : 2 - total a loss of 5 : 3.

Day Two saw Scotland face surely one of the strongest English sides in the history of the competition. Lorna and Karen again partnered each other and although they were unable to get a point they only failed by a whisker, losing by one hole to Bev New, Senior British Champion 2010 and Chris Quinn, whose name is well known to senior ladies. Day Three would surely have given them a foursome victory - had it not been rained off and replaced by seven singles only.

England and Ireland came to the table with two wins each under their belts and when there is absolutely no hope of winning - as in this case - the objective for the remaining teams changes obviously to quite simply, not picking up the wooden spoon. Scotland and Wales faced each other in the golfing equivalent of a scrum. At half-time it could have gone either way. Karen, Elaine Allison and Lorna were all up. Karen had a great start against Karen Weatherley of Wales - "What's the score here?" "Oh Karen's up!" Yes but which one? Our Karen won three out of the first four holes and was two up at the turn. Elaine was one up and Lorna, mowing down everything in her path, five up. The four others were all down at the turn, Heather Anderson one down, Mary Smith two down, Alex Glennie two down - but she had been four down after six holes and May Hughes one, although she also had started badly being three down after five. Lorna put the first point on the board by steam-rollering Vicki Thomas 6 and 5. Karen and Elaine also carried on to win by 5 and 4 and 3 and 2 respectively. Three games to Scotland. Only one more needed. And then Mary and May both reversed their positions, Mary to bring in the winning point and May to follow it with a great half. Coming from behind to a fighting finish. What teams are made of. Four and a half to two and a half.

ResultsEngland 19
Ireland 13
Scotland 8 1/2
Wales 5 1/2

England retained the trophy. To see the results of all matches in detail and photographs, please see West Vets and the SLGA website.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Blairgowrie Weekend Winners

This being the famous "Blairgowrie Week-end" thousands of happy Scottish Vets descended on - of course - Blairgowrie Golf Club, all set for the fray - Rosemount on the Monday and Lansdowne on the Tuesday. Two small anomalies here. Ladies were everywhere, sporting all the different divisional jersey colours like late summer flowers. Maybe it seemed like thousands but there were in fact, possibly only about 120. And Blairgowrie 'weekend' is wrong too obviously.

Apart from the winning of the Scroggie Cup on Monday, East did not appear in the prizelist with monotonous regularity and indeed were it not for the fact that they won a runner-up mention for the best three nett scores in the Patrick Rosebowl, (winners Midlands), Alice Archbold might have been the only other winner we had. She won third handicap prize in the Patrick Rosebowl with an 75 nett. Well done. The CSS rose to 77 and the score - unfortunately for some - counting.

Noreen Fenton wins Scottish Vets Championship at Blairgowrie

Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) won the Scottish Vets Championship at Blairgowrie yesterday for the second time and hence the Scroggie Cup. She last won it ten years ago in 2001. In the first round she played the Dumfriesshire champion Mary Williamson and won by 7 and 5. In the semi-final, she beat Val McKean by 4 and 2 and then played Linda Urquhart from the North in the final.

This was Linda's first time at Blairgowrie as the North Champion. Initially the players were evenly matched and exchanged holes before Linda birdied the seventh and took the eighth, to be two up. The short ninth went Noreen's way when she chipped in for a birdie two from just off the side of the green. An unusually wayward drive into the right hand trees at the next required a rescue club kept low under the branches which stopped thirty yards short of the green. A chip to nine inches was given but Linda then failed to hole her own putt and the game was square. The eleventh also went to Noreen when she placed a five iron to the centre of the green. Linda had taken the tourist route and took a five. One up. The next hole was an easy four for Noreen but Linda saved her par with a lovely ten foot putt. A good rescue wood by the East Vet to the centre of the 13th was too much for Linda and she went two down. However Noreen failed to take advantage at the short 14th by three putting and this was halved. The fifteenth was won to go dormie. An imminent victory looked on the cards at the sixteenth when Noreen hit a ball to the centre of the green. Unfortunately it was not her ball and she lost this hole. Dormie two at the seventeeth and a par was all that was necessary to win by 2 and 1.

The weather had been very kind and although rain threatened now and again, this never came to anything. The Scroggie Cup, won by Karen Ballantyne last year had come back to the East Division. Some nice pictures taken by Carol Fell can be seen on the West Vets website.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Day 3 at Belvoir Park

With no East Vets remaining in the Senior British Ladies' Stroke-play, the excitement in watching the online scoring for the third and final round was provided by the remaining Scottish Vet presence, Mary Smith (Highland Vets), Lorna Bennet and Heather Anderson (Midland Vets). Sadly none managed to influence the result, the eventual winner being Felicity Christine from Woking, an English Senior Internationalist. She achieved a final round of 75 to win by one stroke from Pat Doran of Donnabate. Most competitors improved on their previous rounds, the weather at long last being much kinder. There was clearly a lot of great golf played with twenty three ladies out of a field of thirty one, having an average of 2.3 birdies each! Sixteen two's no less. On the other hand only three ladies managed to keep a double bogey off their cards. A difficult course played under difficult conditions. Everyone deserves congratulations.

230 Felicity Christine 78, 77,75
231 Pat Doran 79,77,75
241 Mary Smith 82,79,80
245 Heather Anderson 81,81,83
246 Lorna Bennett 84,83,79

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Day 2 at Belvoir Park

The second round in the Senior British Ladies Championship at Belvoir Park in Belfast unfortunately saw the end of the aspirations of any East Vets to qualify for the last day's play. Sadly Pamela Williamson who yesterday was sitting approximately in the middle of the likely top forty dropped back out of contention with an 88 in her second round. The conditions were much less severe than on the previous day. The wind dropped back and there was little to no rain but apparently the balls were not running due to the softness of the fairways. Many of the greens were not being reached in standard figures, making pars difficult to obtain. Clearly some ladies managed, the leader Maria de Orueta from Spain, had an excellent 74 with four birdies, but in general the scores were very much on a par (no pun intended) with the previous day.

Pamela unfortunately did not have a repeat of the two birdies she had in Round 1 and found herself in a little trouble at the par 5 third, the thirteenth and also the difficult 17th. Seven strokes lost to par on these holes alone.

Although Barbara Biggart halved the number of bogeys she had yesterday, she also had no birdies to compensate for two disasters at holes seven and seventeen. That 399 yard, par 4 seventeenth hole seemed to catch out a lot of people!

Only four Scots out of the total ten have qualified for day three.

152 Maria de Orueta (Spain) 78, 74
Scottish results
161 Mary Smith (Tain) 82,79
162 Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) 81,81
165 Maureen Richmond (Royal Liverpool) 86,79
167 Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 84,83
Missing the cut
170 Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 82,88
170 Anne Ryan (Tain) 85,85
172 Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) 89,83
177 Alison Bartlett (Royal Dornoch) 89,88, Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 87,90
184 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier) 91,93

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pamela and Barbara only East vets at Belvoir Park in Belfast

Only two East Vets are playing in the Senior British Ladies' Stroke-play Championship at Belvoir Park in Belfast. Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) have completed Round 1 in fairly horrible conditions where the remnants of Hurricane Katia are making playing conditions very difficult. Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) and West Vets, Helen Faulds and Jennifer Mack were unable to get across to belfast from either Troon or Cairnryan, when the ferries were all cancelled due to the dangerous high seas and disappointingly had to withdraw from the competition.

Conditions today deteriorated as the day went on. Pamela managed to bring in an 82 which leaves her in joint 18th position in a high class field. Best Scot at present is Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie) with 81. Pamela was only three above par after nine holes but the increased tempo of the wind clearly made it so much more difficult to hole the putts and she dropped seven shots in the second half. However, she did have two's at both the eighth and fourteenth holes. One of her playing partners, Catherine Reilly, also had a two at the fourteenth but went one better with a hole in one two holes later at the 16th which does wonders for anyone's score! The players in joint 40th position will all qualify for the third round so Pamela is in a comfortable position going into her second round tomorrow.

Barbara is at present in joint 49th position. Going out much later in the day, she unfortuunately hit the more severe weather and had an 87. She also had a birdie two at the 14th but ran up rather more bogeys than pars. The last few holes were particularly difficult in the "brutal" conditions so Barbara, as did most of the competitors, found the finishing stretch more than a little tough. Apart from the birdie at the 14th, she had no pars in the second nine. However tomorrow is set to be a little calmer so fingers crossed for a sparkling score tomorrow for both our players.

Leading score and Scottish scores.

75 Jane Rees(Wales)
81 Heather Anderson(Blairgowrie)
82 Pamela Williamson(Baberton), Mary Smith(Tain)
84 Lorna Bennett(Ladybank)
85 Anne Ryan(Tain)
87 Barbara Biggart(North Berwick)
89 Kathleen Sutherland(Royal Montrose), Alison Bartlett(Royal Dornoch)
91 Janice Paterson(Drumpellier)

Monday, 12 September 2011

East Vets Team have drawn match with Borders Team

The annual foursomes tussle between East Vets and the Borders Vets, played today at Kelso Golf Club, resulted in a draw. This is the best result for the East Vets for several years so a step in the right direction. Next year ------ ?

This must have been the windiest day possible for this match to be played in, but for all that, it was hugely enjoyable - once one accepted the ball went half the distance normally expected. Having said that, with the wind behind ------- !!!

The forecast for the day at Kelso was not so inviting and there was possibly little enthusiasm for jumping into the car and driving down to the Borders but the journey itself set the scene, particularly when passing these wind turbines at Dun Law Wind Farm. Good regular full swing there if a little fast! The first few holes were played in bright conditions but although it dulled down latterly, the rain was never a problem. Trying to judge how much more was needed into the wind was difficult enough - how much less with the wind required much more finesse and luck. Luckily, the greens, lovely as they were, were not particularly fast or replacing a ball might have been well-nigh impossible. It was indeed too bad that no one had a camera. The main victims of the conditions had to be the caddy cars which were frequently blown over and it became an art when stopping at a green, to line all four up side-on against the blast, shielding the lighter ones with those less likely to tip over. No such luck for the players and often it was quite difficult to keep one's balance.

Once all foursomes were in, the Borders catered for the nutritional side of the teams with the most delicious hot buffet. Very enjoyable day. Perfect result.

ResultsBorders first
Vivien mitchell/Mary Richardson beat Jenny Pearson/Sheila Horsburgh 3 and 1
Isobel Hastings/May Hardie lost to Elspeth Bell/Dianne Keddie 7 and 6
Sheila Hunter/Gina Thomson lost to Venetia Scott/Lucille Paterson 4 and 3
Maureen Stewart/Sylvia Cunningham lost to Janet Brown/Heather Cuckow 3 and 2
Jean Dawson /Noreen Fenton beat Flora Kerr/Marvyn Brydon 2 and 1
Margaret Dalrymple/Isobel Halliday beat Iris Fletcher/Anne Paterson 5 and 4
East Vets 3 : Border Vets 3. A very honourable draw!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

East Vets Team to Play Borders

The annual game between East Vets and the Borders is away this year at Kelso Golf Club on Monday 12th September. The format is the same as before - two-ball foursomes played off scratch unless different circumstances prevail and this won't be known until the day.

Team members are invited for coffee and rolls/biscuits at 10am with the match getting underway at 11am. The uniform this year is our green jersey, yellow teeshirt and light-coloured trousers/crops/shorts? depending on the weather- forecast. This is not a match where our record has been either exceptional or illustrious so ladies, you have nothing to lose. (You are allowed to enjoy yourselves as well!) Good luck.

Team (in alphabetical order)
Sylvia Cunningham (Murrayfield)
Margaret Dalrymple (Baberton)
Jean Dawson (Gullane)
Isobel Halliday (Merchants)
May Hardy (Baberton)
Isobel Hastings (Murrayfield)
Sheila Hunter (Murrayfield)
Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield)
Mary Richardson (Craigmillar Park)
Wendy Ross (Glencorse)
Maureen Stewart (Glencorse)
Gina Thomson (Glencorse)

Monday, 5 September 2011

East Vets Autumn Meeting in Glorious Sunshine

Yes it's true. The East Vets played their Autumn Meeting at Liberton on Monday in glorious sunshine. Comments between ladies passing on different fairways were not enquiries as to the state of the scorecard as much as awed expressions of wonder at the fact it was a lovely day. However, the weather, magical as it was, in general did not translate into correspondingly magical scores. Ladies - apart of course from those who brought in the winning scores - found the greens, nice as they were, rather difficult. Ah well, it always sparks off conversation over the lunch-table!

The lady who had least difficulty with the greens was Dorothy Silver from Ravelston. She brought in a nett 69. Omens for a great score came early. She holed a seven wood on the first hole for an eagle three! Great start and obviously a great round. CSS 71 63 entries

Results Silver Division
Overall winner - Dorothy Silver 86 - 17 - 69
70 Val Hallam (Glencorse) 82 - 12 - 70
70 Katy Gillies (Melville) 88 - 18 - 70
70 Sandra Ashurst (Murrayfeld) 84 - 14 - 70
71 Fiona McLaren (Baberton) 85 - 14 - 71
71 Elinor Blair (North berwick) 80 - 9 - 71
71 Alice Jack (Liberton) 84 - 13 - 71
73 Fiona Ford (Murrayfield) 85 - 12 - 73
73 Ellice Cackett (Broomie knowe) 84 - 11 - 73
74 Maureen Stewart (Glencorse) 94 - 20 - 74
74 Jane Butters (Gullane) 92 - 19 - 74
74 Kate Johnstone (Baberton)86 - 12 - 74
74 Liz McLelland (Gullane) 97 - 13 - 74

Scratch Winner
78 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)

Results Bronze Division
72 Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield) 93 - 21 - 72
73 Carol Foggo (Murrayfield) BIH 98 - 25 - 73
73 Isobel hastings (Murrayfield) 94 - 21 - 73
74 Christine Reid (Kilspindie) 97 - 23 - 74
74 Anne Beedie (Glencorse) 95 - 21 - 74

Congratulations to all prize-winners

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Photocopy of letter sent from St Columba's Hospice

After the passing of our former captain Elise Guy, a cheque for £50 on behalf of the East Veteran Ladies' Association was sent to St. Columba's Hospice, in accordance with the wishes of her family. This is a photocopy of the nice letter received back from Martin Lawlor, the campaign manager. Apologies for the poor quality but the webmaster was unable to scan it in and this was a photograph of it (with a shaky hand). Click on it to enlarge and facilitate the reading.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Karen Ballantyne selected to play in Senior Home International Team

Karen Ballantyne of Craigmillar Park has been selected to play for Scotland in the Senior Home Internationals at Tramore in Ireland on 28, 29 and 30 September. Karen is the 2010 - 2011 Scottish Vet Champion and has recently returned from the Jamboree at Wellingborough where she won two out of five games. Karen is reported to be surprised but delighted. We wish her and Scotland all success.

This is not the first time that Karen has sported a Scotland jersey. After winning the Scottish Stroke-Play Championship at Ballater in 2003, she was selected to play in the inaugural women's senior home international matches at Whittington Heath. The East Vets were actually well represented in these far-off days. Karen was accompanied in the team by Moira Thomson, Noreen Fenton and Pamela Williamson. Ruth Brown was a reserve. In 2011 there is now only Karen. Moira and Noreen have followed Pamela into retirement and hung up their international golf shoes.

The Scottish team welcomes two other new caps, Alex Glennie and May Hughes both of whom played at Wellingborough when Pamla Williamson was Vets Captain.

Scottish Team
Heather Anderson (Blairgowrie)
Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
May Hughes (Lanark)
Anne Ryan (Tain)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Captain Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Reserves to be announced

Draw for the Autumn Meeting

Moving the Autumn Meeting from Murrayfield to Liberton seems to have been a popular decision, going by the numbers entering the competition. Sixty-nine ladies are drawn to play on Monday 5th September. No deposit was taken for this game at the beginning of the season and so the entrance fee will be £14 which Dulcie will be glad to subtract from all, prior to playing. She will be most grateful if the exact money can be tendered whenever possible, otherwise she might require to bring sixty-nine one pound coins with her in her handbag, just to cover all emergencies. Remember also that skye caddies or the like are acceptable.

Katherine will have a supply of East Vet green jerseys for sale.

9.30 Noreen Fenton, Elinor Blair, Frances McFadzean
9.38 Maureen Stewart, Jean Dawson, Isobel Hastings
9.46 Seonaid Stewart, Carol Macleod, Sally Brian
9.54 Carole Ross, Elice Cackett, Alice Jack
10.02 Margo Blair, Libby Campbell, Elizabeth Smith
10.10 Moyra Loughran, Margaret Dalrymple, Anne McKenzie
10.18 May Hardy, Rita Veitch, Rosemary Denny
10.26 Patricia Rose, Amelia Taylor, Ann Hanna
10.34 Barbara Biggart, Fiona McLaren, Norma Richmond
10.42 Marjory Lauder, Shona Low, Ros Thoresen
10.50 Molly Woolgar, Katy Gillies, Jane Butters
10.58 Dorothy Silver, Pat Mavor, Betty Redwood
11.06 Margaret Thompson, Sandra Ashurst, Beth Freedman
11.14 Marion Law, Davida Simpson, Carol Foggo
11.22 Joan Marshall, Dulcie Barnes, Clare Bowe
11.30 Barbara Halliday, Liz McLelland, Mary Richardson
11.38 Kate Johnston, Fiona Ford, Carol Halliday
11.46 Anne Beedie, Jane Millar, June Robertson
11.54 Catriona Shedden, Christine Reid, Asp Robertson
12.02 Pam Stephenson, Lyn Lockerbie, Maureen Woodward
12.10 Irene Campbell, Sylvia Cunningham, Carol Scott
12.18 Isabel MacDonald, Nancy Gow, Vivien Mitchell
12.26 Nanette Weir, Judy Cuthbertson, Senga Grant

Good game to everyone

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sandra Kempson wins Ramsden Cup

Sandra Kempson beat Mary Davidson in the final of the Ramsden Cup. It is hoped that a report on this game will follow in due course. Congratulations to Sandra.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Scotland do not Retain Miller-Stirling Salver

Not our finest hour! Not only did Scotland fail to beat the South, they lost in spectacular form. After losing all the foursomes, they lost all the singles bar one which thankfully they halved. 8 1/2 to 1/2. Of course several of the games were very tight, three going to the eighteenth hole but in itself, it does not bode well for the Home International team in October, the selection for which is pending. Captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and Vice-captain Helen Faulds are naturally very disappointed considering the promise of the early games. They will no doubt be turning over many questions in their minds as to what went wrong.

Our own Karen Ballantyne, who will likewise be disappointed at the margin of her defeat on paper against Chris Quinn, has no reason to feel so. According to the officials, she played very well against a quality opponent who in her own words "played the best golf she had all week" and finished at four under par. So Karen, congratulations on a good tournament. At any other time, this standard of golf played would have led to a win.

Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison lost to Carole Weir and Lulu Housman 5 and 3
Mary Smith and May Hughes lost to Chris Quinn and Carole Caldwell 2 holes
Karen Ballantyne and Kathleen Sutherland lost to Irene Brien and Cathy Armstrong 2 holes
Scotland 0 South 3

Karen Ballantyne lost to Chris Quinn 7 and 6
Lorna Bennett lost to Carole Weir 1 up
Heather Anderson lost to Carole Caldwell 1 hole
Mary Smith halved with Lulu Housman
Alex Glennie lost to Jeannie o'Keeffe 4 and 2
May Hughes lost to Irene Brien 2 up
Scotland 1/2 South 5 1/2
Total Scotland 1/2 South 8 1/2

Results of the games between North and Midlands have not been accessed and therefore the winner of the Miller Stirling is not known as yet. If Midlands has won there would have been a countback. The webmaster is not even going to think about hazarding a guess as to how that would go. Result awaited but sadly, not us this year.

Scotland lose Foursomes against the South

The morning foursomes against the South have not gone according to plan. Scotland lost all three games and now have a mountain to climb to win. They need to win five of the singles for an outright win. Four and a half would beat the South but could possibly not be enough without a countback against the Midlands should they win against the North. This match is almost always a nail-biter.

Foursomes Results
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison lost to Carole Weir and Lulu Housman
Mary Smith and May Hughes lost to Chris Quinn and Carole Caldwell
Kathleen Sutherland and Karen Ballantyne lost to Irene Brien and Cathy Armstrong

Pairings for this afternoon's singles
Karen Ballantyne v Chris Quinn
Lorna Bennett v Carole Weir
Heather Anderson v Carole Caldwell
Mary Smith v Lulu Housman
Alex Glennie v Jeannie O'Keefe
May Hughes v Irene Brien

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Other Results from the Jamboree

All the results from the other matches eg North v South on Wednesday 10th and also those between the South and Midlands Vets today Thursday 11th, can be found on the SVLGA site - see links down the left hand side under Fixtures.

Scottish Vets Draw with the North

Scotland have not lost a match in the Jamboree. Today they drew with the North of England. Considering the rampage they went on yesterday to win all but one of their singles, they were more than likely a little disappointed with today's result. They won the morning foursomes by two games to one but unfortunately were unable to cash in on yesterday's magic touch to repeat singles success. They only managed to win two of the singles, halving one and losing two. Sum total - a draw.

Those watching the weather forecast at home will have noticed that this area of England was spared Scotland's drenching. With the South being tomorrow's opponents, it is cheering that they, the South, lost to the Midlands, 3 1/2 to 5 1/2 which was the margin of Scotland's success yesterday. But experienced data collectors in this particular match will know there can only ever be one reliable method of predicting a result and that is not to predict at all. The only sure way to retaining the MIller-Stirling is to go out there all guns blazing and win it. The only division who cannot win outright is North but a win by them would put an end to the Midlands' aspirations. Although Scotland leads the table after Day 2, any of the others apart from the North could win.

Results (Scotland first)
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Alison beat Caroline Marron and Karen Lee by 1 hole
May Hughes and Alex Glennie lost to Barbara Laird and Ann Lowe 4 and 3
Heather Anderson and Karen Ballantyne beat Elaine Elliot and Ali Hanson 2 up

Karen Ballantyne lost to Caroline Marron 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett beat Ann Lowe 2 and 1
Kathleen Sutherland lost to Karen Lee 8 and 6
Alex Glennie halved with Julia Smith
Mary Smith beat Ali Hanson 2 and 1
Heather Anderson lost to Barbara Laird 1 up

Halved Match

Good luck tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Scottish Vets Win on Day One

Scotland made the very best possible start to their defence of the Miller-Stirling Salver when their Vets team produced a magnificent turnaround on Day One. They converted a negative situation from the morning foursomes to a great thumping win after the singles in the afternoon. In the morning, in relatively good conditions (unlike at home) despite a troublesome wind, and playing against the strong Midlands side, they went down 2/1 in the foursomes. Alex Glennie and May Hughes from the West Division, brought in the winning point against Anne Booth and Carol Gibbs - at least one former Curtis Cup player there (webmaster not having details at hand and memory getting worse as the years go by!) But lunch must have set the team up good style for a real tussle. They won all but one of the singles to win outright by 6 games to 3.

East Division's own Karen Ballantyne, not having played in the foursomes, led the team out in the afternoon against the highly experienced Janet Melville, whose pedigree needs no embellishment. After a terrific battle, Karen saw off the opposition on the last hole. Word has it her legs just about gave way with the strain but maybe she was just fixing her shoelaces. What a success! East is proud of you, Karen.

Scotland plays North tomorrow. Same again please.

Results ( Scotland first)
Lorna Bennett and Elaine Allison (Midlands) lost to Jo Ashmore and Janet Melville 4 and 2
Alex Glennie and May Hughes (West) beat Anne Booth and Carol Gibbs 3 and 1
Heather Anderson (Midland) and Mary Smith (Highland) lost to Pat West and Julie Walter 4 and 3

Karen Ballantyne (East) beat Janet Melville 1 up
Lorna Bennett beat Andrea Stockdale 3 and 1
Kathleen Sutherland (North) beat Cindy Ireland 2 up
Mary Smith lost to Jo Ashmore 7 and 5
Elaine Allison beat Carol Gibbs 4 and 2
Heather Anderson beat Pat West 2 and 1

In the other match, the South - always the "one to beat" (even when the other two are stronger) won by 5 1/2 to 3 1/2 over tomorrow's opponents, the North. There are no details yet of the individual game results. Two big names however, if one may say so, were playing - Chris Quinn and Carol Caldwell, old friends of Scotland over many years.

Right girls. You know what you have to do tomorrow. More of the same.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Scottish Vets at Wellingborough

Despite the threats of social unrest at Wellingborough (of all places) when shops closed early and many people stayed at home, it did not affect the veteran lady golfers at the Jamboree who were able to proceed with their practice round today in lovely weather conditions. The report is that it certainly is a lovely golf course and our Scottish Team - including our own Karen Ballantyne - are looking forward to the fray. They are playing the Midlands tomorrow in the first of their matches. In a surge of generous spirit (from those likely to get a complete soaking in the East Division) let's hope that the blue splodgy area on the UK weather map does indeed stop just north of Northamptonshire tomorrow.

A Goodbye to Elise

Libby Burnet, Captain of Gullane Ladies very kindly said a few words about our dear friend and past Captain, Elise Guy, on the occasion of her funeral service last Saturday at Mortonhall. She has given permission for this to be reproduced on the website.

Elise Guy

A remarkable lady -

Captain of Prestonfield Golf Club 1980

Past Committee member of North Berwick Golf Club

Honorary Secretary Gullane Ladies' Golf Club 1989 - 92

Captain of East of Scotland Vets 2008 - 10

Having in her eighties just slipped out of the Silver Division, she became 2009 Bronze Champion of Gullane Ladies' Golf Club.

Apart from her family, Elise lived for her golf and the friendships she made through golf.

When the weather was too bad for golf - which was not often in Elise's book - she walked the course before returning to the Clubhouse to spend time with her friends.

She was very much part of the scene at Gullane Ladies'.

She went out of her way to ensure new members felt welcomed to the Club and was invariably kind and encouraging to beginners. She presented the Crofthill Cup which is awarded annually to our Junior Champion.

Small of stature, people felt protective towards her but she had an inner core of steel and determination which you underestimated at your peril. She was always a formidable but fair competitor.

In the words of some of her closest friends:

Elise played her golf in a bubble of concentration, she did not expect there to be much conversation during a round and woe betide a passing butterfly, a squeaking trolley or the footfall of an errant partner - all would be met with polite disapproval.

On two occasions, one friend witnessed the head of her driver fly off the shaft, propelled by the lightning speed generated by the pent-up surge of her swing - a swing which always had a full follow-through.

Dedicated to the practice ground, her partners often had to call her in from there before a competition, in order to be sure she would make her tee-off time.

Every pro's shop was scoured for desirable items of green clothing - though brown was allowed as a substitute. A green headed driver would have been her delight! Colour co-ordination was sacrosanct.

Annually, one of the weekends she most enjoyed was the Scottish Vets Autumn Meeting at Blairgowrie. With one exception, she had attended this event every year since 1986 - quite a record!

Only last week, Elise played a few holes of golf with friends on Monday and Tuesday. She was looking lively and I am reliably informed she was expressing concern that she might not be playing enough to be able to return the requisite number of cards to keep her handicap!

She was a very special lady who will be greatly missed by many people whose lives she enriched with her friendship. We shall remember her with respect and affection for her kindness, her humour and her amazing enthusiasm and determination.

Thank-you Libby and your co-correspondents Ethel Jack, Carol Macleod and Asp Robertson.

East Vets Lose the Asp Friendship Trophy at Troon

On a bright,sunny but very windy Monday at Troon Portland, the East Vets lost the Asp Friendship Trophy sadly after possession of only the one year. Hardly enough to leave a trace of DNA. Sorry Asp. There's always next year. This is a two ball foursomes matches for ladies with handicaps of between 10 and 15 and is played on a scratch basis. Unfortunately this year it went the way of the baddies three and a half to one and a half but by all reports it was a most enjoyable day with the usual high standards of catering from Troon Portland, pre and post game.

Clare Bowe and Denise Mitchell lost to Enid Young and Sandra Gilchrist
Gina Thomson and Gilly Glen lost to Marion Stewart and Rena Simpson
Pam Townsend and Kate Johnston lost to Jennifer Graham and Ruth Henderson
Phyl Early and Mary Richardson halved with Freda Bunch and Fiona Roger
Sandra Ashurst and Carol Macleod beat Anne Aitken and Ann Dunn

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Update on the Ramsden Cup

The report on the later stages of the Ramsden Cup seems to have got lost so the results of the quarterfinals are being repeated together with the semifinals.

Mary Davidson beat Denise Mitchell
Sandra Ashurst beat Ruth Brown
Sandra Kempson beat Margo Blair
Hilary Thomson beat Isobel Halliday

Mary Davidson beat Sandra Ashurst
Sandra Kempson beat Hilary Thomson

Mary Davidson is now to play Sandra Kempson in the final. Good luck to both

Friday, 5 August 2011

Scottish Vets Team Prepares for the Jamboree

Next week, August 10th, 11th and 12th is the Jamboree which this year is at the Wellingborough Golf Club in Northamptonshire. This is generally considered to be an lovely undulating, rolling parkland course, in secluded private grounds which will be a fine test of golf for our veteran ladies. The length is just under 600 yards being a par 74. Although the golf club itself was inaugurated in 1893, the clubhouse has a history going back to the early 18th century and is associated with the Vaux family, whose name appears on one of the holes. It has beautiful formal gardens in front between it and the course itself. The names of the holes are intriguing, three of the more illustrious being The Water Splash!, The Rookery with the 18th being simply The Hall. We hope to have some pictures to show when the team are there and hopefully some stories of interesting holes.

The format of the Jamboree is the same as always - that is unless the weather has anything to do with it (which seems to happen more often than not). Three foursomes in the morning and six singles in the afternoon. As yet this blog does not have the actual draw but no doubt it will be furnished the minute it gets published.

Scotland is ringing the changes this year and it is fair to say we have a much younger team to take on the might of the English Divisions. Although some of the more experienced older players have opted for retirement, the team sadly is still without Fiona de Vries, who continues to recuperate after her accident on the ice earlier this year. Fortunately, two former Scottish Vets Champions, Heather Anderson and Lorna Bennett will be playing. The team will be led out by the present Vets Champion, Karen Ballantyne from Craigmillar Park and once again will be captained by Pamela Williamson from Baberton. We wish them the very best of luck.

Scottish Team
Elaine Allison (Midland)
Heather Anderson (Midland)
Karen Ballantyne (East)
Lorna Bennett (Midland)
Alex Glennie (West)
May Hughes (West)
Mary Smith (Highland)
Kathleen Sutherland (North)
Reserves, Alison Bartlett, Janice Paterson, Jill Harrison
Captain - Pamela Williamson (East)
Vice-Captain - Helen Faulds (West)

East Foursomes Team to play against the West

The annual foursomes match against the West Vets will take place on Monday 8th, this year at Troon Portland. East will be defending last year's victory. Both teams will be hoping for a drier day and that visions of such wetness as emerged from Gullane last year are not repeated.

The team to represent the East is:

Clare Bowe and Denise Mitchell
Carol Macleod and Sandra Ashurst
Kate Johnston and Pam Townsend
Gina Thomson and Gillie Glen
Lyn Lockerbie and Mary Richardson
Travelling reserve - Marjory Lauder (vice-captain)

Have a great game.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Slideshow of the Pitfirrane day

East Vets v Midlands at Pitfirrane

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The rain was battering so ferociously in Edinburgh and East Lothian this morning that all members of the team would not have been blamed in the slightest for thinking that the re-run of the fairly new East Vets v Midlands Vets match had run aground yet again - or possibly adrift might be nearer the mark. But, surprisingly, it was nowhere near as bad over in Fife and Pitfirrane was coping perfectly with any rain. The East Vets jumped into their cars and headed for the Forth Road Bridge.

Delicious bacon rolls and coffee awaiting the players, were wolfed down before everyone headed out to the car-park to don waterproofs. The rain did not stop until the last players were just about finished but thankfully was never as heavy as earlier. The course did not show signs of flooding at all and the greens were still very pacy despite the rain. Emma Wilson, captain of Midlands and her vice-captain, Winnie braved the rain long enough to await the players at the halfway mark with a bagful of goodies. After this, they weren't seen again so presumably had the good sense to give some trade to the catering service.

Midlands won the Liz Miskimmin Friendship Quaich for the second year running by 5 games to 2. This match was intended for the 6 - 10 handicappers playing off scratch except for the final game between Noreen Fenton and Sandy Bushby where strokes were given for the difference in handicaps as yet another last-minute reserve (for the reserve) had proved impossible to procure and Noreen filled in rather than enjoying coffee and a chat with the hosts. Sandy clearly did not really need the strokes as she won by 3 and 1.

Next year the East will have the Midlands back on home ground where a very serious effort will be made to putting some super glue on the bottom of that quaich. Everyone enjoyed the day and also the lovely hot soup and sannies on returning to the clubhouse. All thanks to our Midlands hosts for a very enjoyable match.

Results (East first)
Barbara Biggart lost to Dawn Butchart by 3 and 2
Sheila Lyon beat Joan Peden by 1 hole
Elinor Blair lost to Katharine Keir by 6 and 5
Caroline Kinnaird lost to Anne Chisholm by 2 and 1
Ray Lynch beat Fran Liddle by 3 and 2
Ellice Cackett lost to Alison Houston by 6 and 5
Noreen Fenton lost to Sandy Bushby by 3 and 1

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Elise Guy

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden and most unexpected passing of Elise Guy, a dear friend to many East Vets and a former East Vets Captain. Elise was always full of enthusiasm be it for something she was familiar with or often, for something new that she had to get to grips with! She had recently returned to having a few holes with friends after having been unable to play for some months. She will be sadly missed.

There are no further details at the moment but we send our sincerest condolences to her family in their bereavement.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

East Team to battle for the LIz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy

The now established annual match for the LIz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy, cancelled on May 23rd on the day of the "big storm" is due to be played at Pitfirrane on August 2nd. Such is the enthusiasm of our East Ladies, they have been practising non-stop at all aspects of the game since May - well maybe now and again - well there's two weeks till the game. That'll be plenty of time. Here are the names of our team:

Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
Elinor Blair (North Berwick)
Ellice Cackett (Broomieknowe)
Cynthia Guthrie (Longniddry)
Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse)
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
Sheila Lyon (Kingsknowe)

Good luck to them. Fingers crossed for the weather.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

East Retains the Elise Duncan Trophy

What a day!

The East laid on such fantastic weather for their West friends no one could fail to feel uplifted and just glad to be alive even if the golf maybe was not up to expectations - but even better if it was! The sun shone non-stop and the views over the Forth were just breath-taking. There was practically no wind and it was so still , if one could have been bothered , one could have listened in to conversations on adjacent fairways - always a dangerous occupation. It was amazing that anyone could be bothered playing any golf at all.

But they did and the most fitting result was brought in with four and a half points each. This meant that the East retained the Elise Duncan Trophy for another year which left the West having vague mutterings and "if only's" because on paper they had the stronger team and could not have been blamed for hoping this was their year. Already they are planning the return match at Troon Portland.

Results (East first)
Noreen Fenton halved with Alex Glennie
Pamela Williamson beat May Hughes 4 and 3
Karen Ballantyne lost to Helen Faulds 3 and 2
Sue Penman beat Suzanne Cadden 5 and 4
Ruth Brown lost to Jane Finnie 4 and 3
Anne Brownie lost to Pat Hutton 1 hole
Caroline Johnstone beat Jennifer Mack 1 hole
Jane Herd beat Anna Telfer 2 up
Elinor Blair lost to Janice Paterson 5 and 4

Monday, 11 July 2011

East Vets v West Vets at Gullane

The match between the East and the West Vets for the Elise Duncan Trophy will take place on Wednesday 13th July, Gullane No.1 at 3pm where team members will meet from 2pm for coffee and biscuits at the old clubhouse. After this it gets different from usual as we are unable to gather in the main clubhouse for the meal afterwards. This will be held in the Visitor Centre across the road beside the Gullane 2 and 3 courses.

Team members are requested to wear the green team jersey, a yellow teeshirt and cream slacks/ shorts/ crops. Possibly separate attire could be brought in case a change might be deemed necessary - either due to intense heat or rain.

We as a division have opted to allow the use of the skye caddies or similar make - but not any device which is an aid to club selecton in wind or slope. We have discussed this with the West who at present do not allow their use. On this occasion they will make a change to this ruling because the match is on our ground. Their team members are being advised to bring their distance measuring devices if they wish to use them.

Good luck to our team.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

East Vets Championship

Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) is the East Vets Champion 2011 and will represent the East at Blairgowrie in September when competing for the Scroggie Cup. The present holder of the Scottish Vets Championship title, Karen Ballantyne, was also from the East Division.

Despite the terrible thunderstorms circling Edinburgh and the Lothians (other places too of course but on this blog we are the most important!) since Friday and threatening to erupt over Haddington all day yesterday, no more than a few drops actually fell and certainly not enough to persuade the participants to don waterproofs. The course and greens were in great condition. There was one small patch of casual water on the fairway but the only victim of the recent rains was possibly the bunkers which were like concrete with wet sand and very difficult to exit it from with any finesse.

The first game to take the tee was between Barbara Biggart of North Berwick (Summer Meeting scratch winner) and Ray Lynch of Murrayfield. This game was played out very competitively, most holes being played or won with pars. Ray was three up at the turn but Barbara won the difficult 12th with a good four to bring the scoreline back to two. This was however to be her last victory, as Ray, in great form took two out of the next three, the fifteenth with a birdie, to win 4 and 3 and therefore book her place in the final.

The other semi-final was between Sue Penman of Gullane and Noreen Fenton of Dunbar. Noreen had arrived later than the others as she had gone to Dunbar first, not by intention - she had missed the turn-off for Haddington and had to follow the dual carriageway to Dunbar before being able to turn round!

This also was a very exciting semi-final with good steady scoring. Sue took advantage at the third to go one up when Noreen went into a fairway bunker full of water. To all intents it appeared to be the only one on the course that was water-filled. Sue then went two up at the fifth which slopes from left to right and catches many unawares, even when they know it can be a problem. Noreen won the fifth with a par to go back to one down. At the ninth Sue went over the back with a well-hit iron - the pin was evilly placed minimum distance from the edge. Her return chip was generous and left her with a 20 foot putt which she holed. Pressure on, Noreen had one just slightly nearer for the half which she managed to salvage, to be still one down at the turn. She squared the game at the 10th then won the next two holes to go two up at the 12th. Halves at the next two holes in par before a dream 7 wood to the heart of the par 5, 15th green made this three up. Sue mingled with the overhanging branches at the 16th which left her with an almost impossible chip to get close to the pin. It slid past! Noreen sank her putt to win 4 and 2.

The afternoon game was very thrilling. After an exchange of pars, Noreen went one up at the sixth when Ray uncharacteristically chipped just through the green. At the sixth, Ray pulled her drive round one of the trees into heavy rough. She was lucky enough to find it along with three others and managed to get it on to the fairway, but Noreen lagged a long putt to lip the hole and that made her two up. Both on the eighth green, Ray, calmly sank a very good putt for a birdie 2 at the short 8th to bring this back to only one down. A short-lived scoreline when Noreen took the ninth with a steady par. She was then two up at the turn.

And then the fun began. A great approach by Ray at the 10th narrowed the deficit, another birdie at the long 11th narrowed it even further. All square. Unfortunately she allowed her drive at the 12th to drift into the very long grass from which she just managed to get out. Her next hit a tree and she eventually arrived 15 feet away from the hole in 5. Noreen was sitting fairly close to the hole in three. Ray sank her putt but as she said later she would have been better keeping it for another hole! One up to Noreen, the next hole was halved in par but Noreen hitched up the lead to two by winning the short 14th with a three. Never outdone, a beautiful approach at the 15th, gave Ray a four, her third birdie. Noreen had been judging her long putts very well throughout the game but left her third shot very short after a misjudged pace from off the green and failed to hole from 8 feet. Only one up. A good putt ensured a half at the 16th after she hit a less than crisp iron which just slipped off the front edge of the green.

Both on to the green at the short 17th, Ray putted first but was 5 feet short. Noreen put hers dead. Ray missed her putt and Noreen tapped hers in to win the championship.

Barbara and Sue had made it a very long day for themselves by caddying in the afternoon. Very many thanks to them and to Marjory, Vice-captain who came along to support.

Barbara Biggart lost to Ray Lynch 4 and 3
Sue Penman lost to Noreen Fenton 4 and 2

Ray Lynch lost to Noreen Fenton 2 and 1

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Semifinalist for the East Vets Championship

All the quarter-finalist games have now been completed at Haddington. The results are as follows:

Barbara Biggart beat Ros Thoresan 4 and 2
Ray Lynch beat Alice Archbold 3 and 1
Karen Ballantyne lost to Noreen Fenton 3 and 2
Fiona Hunter lost to Sue Penman at the 18th

The draw for the semi-finals at 10 o'clock on Sunday 10th July is:

Barbara Biggart v Ray Lynch
Noreen Fenton v Sue Penman

All supporters welcome

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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Recap on the Scottish Seniors

All is over at Portpatrick Dunskey Golf Club and the members will thankfully be able to return to normal after the best part of a week when they together with the SLGA, devoted themselves to making the Scottish Senior Ladies Strokeplay and Matchplay Championships the success that it undoubtedly was. They even laid on fantastic weather - after the practice round that is!

Out of all those East Vets who participated in the strokeplay but did not qualify for either of the two matchplay competitions, as already said, there were four remaining who went on to the final two days. Sue Penman, Pamela Williamson, Moira Thomson and Noreen Fenton.

Sue Penman had a great Scottish Seniors. She took Ann Lowe, a three handicapper from Royal Birkdale, to the 20th hole, but unfortunately lost to the Strokeplay winner, Alex Glennie at the seventeenth. Moira went down at the first extra hole in the first round to Heather Anderson, the 2010 Strokeplay Champion. Pamela, the first winner of this matchplay championship, had a slightly easier run against Alison Bartlett of Highland Division, who had had the best scratch in the first qualifying round. Pamela won by 4 and 3. She then was the next victim of Heather Anderson, who beat her 2 and 1. Noreen had a very tight match in a low scoring match against Senior Scottish Internationalist Lorna Bennett from Midlands, who has won the title twice previously. There was a healthy exchange of birdies, but Noreen sneaked the important one at the first extra hole. She then took on May Hughes of Lanark whom she beat by 3 and 2. Noreen met Janice Paterson of Drumpellier in the semifinals and although she went into an early lead of four holes, lost these gradually when Janice started to wield her putter with intent. She (Janice)had a lovely birdie at the difficult seventh and also at the ninth. Although dormie two down at the 17th and finding herself in the left rough, totally unphased, Janice sent a beautiful iron to the heart of the green and had another birdie to bring the deficit down to one but a half was all Noreen needed at the 18th to gain the point.

In the final, Noreen met Heather. They were evenly matched from the beginning reflected by the scoreline where there was never any more than one hole in it either way. Heather started the ball rolling by taking the first with a birdie but lost it at the second to a par when she was bunkered to the rear of the green. All square again. The long third was halved in par but Noreen, trying to be too neat with her tee-shot at the fourth caught the front slope to the green and went no further. Heather went one up - but only for the length of the next hole where Noreen sank a 15 footer for a birdie. All square again.

The next two were halved in par but uncharacteristically, Heather missed a short one at the tricky eighth green for Noreen to take the lead for the first time. Both should have had birdie twos at the 10th hole where both tee shots were no more than three feet from the pin but both failed to take this golden opportunity and halved in a less prestigious three. However Heather did not miss her chance at the alternative Devil's Beeftub - known as the 11th green. She sank a lovely putt for a birdie two. All square.

The next four holes were halved which sounds very boring but the fourteenth was hardly that. Heather sent her drive into the horrible bundai on the right. Noreen was straight up the middle. Heather sensibly took a provisional. Noreen started to count her chickens (too soon). The ball in the rough was magically found and equally magically, Heather got out (just) on to the semi rough and proceeded to send a cracker towards the green. "S'gone over" someone said. Still unwisely counting chickens, Noreen went to her ball to find it was in a divot filled with soft soil and only managed to strike it thirty yards together with a load of grass-seed. One of the chickens had had it's neck thrawn. But then she put it two feet from the pin, looking like a safe four and a hole in the pocket? Heather was certainly off the green in three but got out a wedge and slotted her ball, also for a four. Half - but certainly not a boring half. Still all square.

Pass on the next hole which doesn't look much but has a very cunning green. It was also halved. Two attractive drives up to the top of the hill overlooking the green at the sixteenth. Two wedges into the green, where Noreen slotted hers for a birdie to be one up. Two halves in par at both the seventeenth and eighteenth and Noreen was the 2011 Scottish Senior Champion.

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Scottish Seniors at Portpatrick

One East Vet, Noreen Fenton of Dunbar is still on her feet and running at Portpatrick. Noreen has got through to the semi-finals tomorrow morning. She meets Janice Paterson of Drumpellier. In the other semi-final Alex Glennie of Kilmarnock Barassie meets the holder Heather Anderson of Blairgowrie.

For all results please refer to Carol Fells report on the West of Scotland Site, the SLGA site or Kirkwoodgolf

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Noreen runner-up in Scottish Senior Strokeplay.

Noreen Fenton of Dunbar just failed to win the Scottish Senior Strokeplay Championship at Portpatrick by one stroke. In a round that had four birdies, she unfortunately ran up a 9 at the fourteenth and although she followed this with a birdie two, she was unable to finish the seventeenth and eighteenth in par figures which would have been all that was needed. The winner was Alex Glennie of Kilmarnock Barassie with a total of 150.

Most East Vets improved on yesterday's scores but none more than Mary Richardson, the Midlothian County Captain who last week led her county team to victory in the East Jamboree at Pitfirrane. Mary knocked 11 strokes off her first round.

East Vet Scores

151 Noreen Fenton
155 Sue Penman
157 Moira Thomson
158 Pamela Williamson
160 Lesley Johnstone
161 Karen Ballantyne
162 Barbara Biggart
166 Anne Brownie
168 Ruth Brown
170 Dorothy Thomson, Frances McFadzean, Rita Dee
171 Joanne Watt
175 Gilly Glen
192 Vickie Sandeman
194 Clare Bowe
195 Mary Richardson

Tomorrow sees the beginning of the Scottish Senior Championship. Readers are referred to the SLGA site for the live scoring or kirkwoodgolf. Noreen, Sue, Moira and Pamela have all qualified.

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As this goes to press, ladies from East Vets have already started their second round in the qualifying stages of the Scottish Senior Ladies at Portpatrick Dunskey. At the moment conditions are good for golf - that's an acronym for pretty dull and at least not hurricane conditions such as pretty nearly was the case on the practice day. Yesterday on the other hand was a day for the beach. A photograph's dream. For such an amazing day, when the golf course and indeed Portpatrick were seen with new eyes, the scores were disappointingly high. There seemed no reason for them as there was no wind at all to whisk balls away into trouble. The trouble is there quite definitely, whins, deep rough and tall ferns but this is a golf course not a playing field. It seemed to be the greens that caused the most trouble. The greens are beautiful but possibly slower than what would be liked. But that is golf. There are some very tricky ones too with subtle slopes, obvious slopes and some with a tendency to the Electric Brae further up the coast. good clean fun. So what will today bring?

The leading score was brought in by Alison Bartlett of Highland who played her inaugural match for the Scottish Vets against The Irish Select at Craigielaw earlier this year. She had a sparkling 73 one over the CSS. next were East Vet and former Senior Internationalist, Noreen Fenton from Dunbar and Scottish Vet May Hughes from Lanark on 75. Sue Penman, Moira Thomson and Pamela Williamson all challenge on 77. Moira finished a lovely round with an 8 coming out of a bunker like a bat out of hell straight into a whinbush which was out of bounds. Pamela carded a 9. Barbara Biggart from North Berwick is on 80. Good luck to all today.

East Vet Results

75 Noreen Fenton
77 Sue Penman, Moira Thomson, Pamela Williamson
80 Barbara Biggart
82 Lesley Johnston
83 Karen Ballantyne, Dorothy Thomson, Anne Brownie
84 Frances McFadzean
86 Rita Dee
87 Gilly Glen,Ruth Brown,
88 Joanne Watt
92 Maureen McRobb
97 Vickie Sandeman
99 Clare Bowe
103 Mary Richardson

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Junior Vagliano

Although not quite in the age bracket yet, the East Vets wish potential East Vet, Clara Young every success in her matches this week in the Junior Vagliano at Royal Porthcawl - i.e. GB & I Under 16's - on Friday and Saturday. We know you can do it.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Slideshow of Portpatrick

Here's hoping the weather next week is as good.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Great East Vet Representation in Scottish Seniors Championship at Portpatrick Dunskey

There is a very commendable representation by East Vets of nineteen out of a total entry of 82. Last year at Fortrose and Rosemarkie, Moira Thomson of Gullane reached the semi-finals of the matchplay and the year before at Kinross, Fiona Hunter of Baberton won the Stroke-Play trophy. Fingers crossed at Portpatrick. Could we have another winner in this group.

This year there is a change to format. The first two days are the stroke-play days when the strokeplay champion amongst other winners, is found. The following two days, the top eight qualifiers battle it out for the match-play championship title. However it has been noticed over the years how, for the majority, the first two days was the important bit and after that if they didn't qualify, well they might as well go home - which they did, in their droves. What a shame. So this year, all change. After the top sixteen have qualified all the others are in the running for the next competition. The top eight nett scores, after the first sixteen scratch have been dismissed, will fight it out in a nail-biting handicap competition. What could be better. They should have thought of this years ago. The now abandonned consolation tournament (known as 'The Plate')for those eliminated in the first round of the match-play was all very well but that still only involved the same sixteen players out of the entire entry - so much for the rest. Now we have something for others to play for. Excellent.

So here are the aspiring nineteen East Vets - in the order of going out in the first round, for whom special notice will be given as regards reporting on strokeplay rounds.

Lesley Johnston (Gullane)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Karen Ballantyne (Craiglaw Park)
Sue Penman (Gullane)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Moira Thomson (Gullane)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
Rita Dee (Kingsknowe)
Joanne Watt (Gullane)
Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park)
Clare Bowe (Gullane)
Maureen McRobb (Atalaya)
Dorothy Thomson (Gullane)
Gilly Glen (Craigmillar Park)
Mary Richardson (Craigmillar Park)
Vickie Sandeman (Gullane)

Have a great time ladies. Portpatrick is lovely or at least it will be if the rain stays away. Keep an eye on the website and a slideshow of the Jewel of Galloway might appear. If you have time off from the practice ground, have a jaunt around. You'll love it.

Team announced to play for the Elise Duncan Trophy against the West

The team to play against the West Vets on July 13th at Gullane and retain the Elise Duncan Trophy is as follows. As per custom the team goes out in handicap order on the day and hence at this point, is in alphabetical order.

Karen Ballantyne(Craigmillar Park)
Ruth Brown (Lothianburn)
Anne Brownie (Gullane)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Jane Herd (Musselburgh)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Caroline Johnston (Murrayfield)
Sue Penman (Gullane)
Pamela Williamson (Baberton)

The team is without the services of Moira Thomson of Gullane who has work commitments but we have strength in depth and are confident of retaining the Elise Duncan Trophy.

Note. Still no one has come forward with details of this mysterious lady. Maybe one of these years-----------

Ramsden Cup Battles Continuously Forward.

Has this been a bad week weather-wise? One forgets. Certainly the last result in, the match between Isobel Halliday and Mairi Pollock will be remembered by both, a lot longer than it took their clothes to dry. Nineteenth hole was it?

Mary Davidson beat Christine Simpson
Denise Mitchell beat Rita Dee

Kate Johnstone lost to Sandra Ashurst
Ruth Brown beat Christine Clarke

Sandra Kempson beat Dulcie Barnes
Margo Blair beat Isobel Hastings

Christine Reid lost to Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday beat Mairi Pollock

The names in bold are obviously the winning quarter-finalists. Next round to be completed by July 11th. Good luck all.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Latest Ramsden Cup Results

The Ramsden Cup is ploughing away merrily. An extension was granted to one pairing when a contestant was unwell hence this late posting but that has now been resolved. Here are the latest results. Only sixteen left! 'Citing!!!

Clare Bowe lost to Mary Davidson
Christine Simpson bt Madge Hutchison
Denise Mitchell bt Kate Milne
Rita Dee bt Senga Grant
Sandra Simpson lost to Kate Johnston
Sandra Ashurst bt May Hardie
Ruth Brown bt Karen Ballantyne
Christine Clarke bt Norma Richmond
Liz McLelland lost to Sandra Kempson
Dulcie Barnes bt Betty Redwood
Fiona McLaren lost to Margo Blair
Maureen Stewart lost to Isobel Hastings
Seonaid Stewart lost to Christine Reid
Marion Cantley lost to Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday bt Muriel Armstrong
Mairi Pollock bt Katy Gillies

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in the next round which must be played by 18th June

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Summer Meeting at Haddington

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Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)won the scratch prize at Haddington today with a steady 79 - on the better inward half from Fiona Hunter of Baberton. Contrary to expectation, it did not rain continuously as it did last year and hence there were only six call-offs. Those who played earlier were definitely the lucky ones as there was thunder and heavy rain-showers to see the later players back to the clubhouse.

Despite the earlier undeniably summery weather, scoring was surprisingly high. Many players, sporting cards destined to raise their handicaps - CSS remained on 73 - trooped into the clubhouse with glum faces and protestations of never playing again - they just couldn't understand how they had been "hitting the ball so well but couldn't get the ball in the hole" - where have we heard that before? They freely admitted the course was in great condition. The greens were lovely but so hard the balls were flying in directions quite contrary to the laws of gravity. These same players cheered up a little on hearing it was a common problem.

Contrary to the majority, the overall winner, Phyl Early of Glencorse, playing off a handicap of 18, had found everything about the course entirely to her taste. No mumps here. She brought in a cracking nett 67, four clear of her nearest rival.

Silver Scratch scores
79 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
79 Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
80 Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)(unable to play c'ship)
81 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
82 Alice Archbold (Gullane)
82 Ray Lynch (Murrayfield)
83 Joanne Watt (Gullane)(unable to play c'ship)
83 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
84 Sue Penman (Gullane)
84 Ros Thoresan (Gullane)
84 Jane Herd (Musselburgh)
85 Moira Thomson (Gullane)

Division 1 - Nett Scores
Phyl Early (Glencorse) 85 - 18 - 67 (Overall Winner)
Barbara Biggart (North berwick) 79 - 8 - 71
Norma Richmond (Murrayfield) 80 - 9 - 71
Ros Thoresen (Gullane) 84 - 12 - 72
Ray Lynch (Murrayfield) 82 - 10 - 72
Alice Archbold (Gullane) 82 - 9 - 73
Molly Woolgar (Murrayfield) 93 - 20 - 73
Elsa Todd (Prestonfield) 88 - 15 - 73
Lyn Lockerbie (Prestonfield) 89 - 16 - 73
Christine Simpson (North berwick) 91 - 17 - 74
Ann McKenzie (Gullane) 93 - 19 - 74
Joanne Watt (Gullane) 83 - 9 - 74

Second Division Nett Scores
Seonaid Stewart (Murrayfield)94 - 23 - 71 (Bronze Winner)
Sandra Simpson (Murrayfield) 96 - 24 - 72
Vivien Mitchell (Prestonfield) 94 - 21 - 73
Irene Campbell (ullane) 97 - 23 - 74

Several ladies had indicated they were not able to play in the East Vets Championship. The Association was unable to book the Saturday as last year. The quarter-finals therefore will take place at any time to suit contestants between Monday 4th and Friday 8th July and the semi-finals and final on Sunday 10th July - all at Haddington. The draw for this is as follows. There will be some very exciting ties:

Barbara Biggart v Ros Thoresen
Alice Archbold v Ray Lynch
Noreen Fenton v Karen Ballantyne
Fiona Hunter v Sue Penman

Many thanks to our Secretary Katherine Thompson, who manned the desk from early on, took orders for jerseys and answered all the questions, to Dulcie Barnes who came to help but could not play and to Ethel Jack who took herself out of her sickbed purely to help, keep Katherine sane - sorry, company - and open and shut the firedoors to let people in and out. Noreen and Marjory were quite helpful too.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Summer Meeting Draw at Haddington

The Summer Meeting at Haddington will take place on Tuesday 7th June. Here is the draw.

9.30 Joanne Watt, Noreen Fenton, Ellice Cackett
9.38 Anne Mckenzie, Christine Simpson, Irene Campbell
9.46 Ros Thoresen, Anne brownie, Elinor Blair
9.54 Moira Thomson,Ethel Jack, Gilly Glen
10.02 Margaret Campbell, Anne Hanna, Jean Dawson
10.10 Isobel Hastings, Mary Richardson, Vivien Mitchell
10.18 Sandra Ashurst, Marjory Lauder, Barbara Biggart
10.26 Alice Jack, Katy Gillies, Dulcie Barnes
10.34 Patricia Rose, Sylvia Cunninghame, Elizabeth Smith
18.42 Moyra Loughran, Sandra Simpson, Christine Reid
10.50 Karen Ballantyne, Fiona Hunter, Pam Townsend
10.58 Rosemary Denny, Margo Blair, Phyl Early
11.06 Maureen Cranston, Val Hallam, Margaret Dalrymple
11.14 May Hardy, Clare Bowe, Lyn Lockerbie
11.22 Cynthia Guthrie, Sophia Spiewak, Alice Archbold
11.30 Molly Woolgar, Fiona McLaren, Dorothy Silver
11.38 Margaret Thompson, Fiona Ford, Kate Johnston
11.46 Wendy Ross, Denise Mitchell, Caroline Johnstone
11.54 Ruth Brown, Susan Penman, Ray Lynch
12.02 Sydena Cullen, Lesley Johnston, Beth Freedman
12.10 Catriona Shedden, Jacqui Squires, Seonaid Stewart
12.18 Elsa Todd, Maureen Stewart, Jane Herd

The balance to be paid is £5 and it would be appreciated by the officials on the desk if you had the exact money on arriving. The draw has been made so withdrawals at this stage are not entitled to a refund of their deposit, as we have still to pay Haddington whether the time is used or unused.

Remember that Distance Measuring Devices are allowed but none which measure wind or slope.

This is the qualifying competition of our East Vets Championship for which the top eight scores count. The quarter-finals match-play stage of the competition will take place over the week prior to July 10th on which day the semis and final will be played so please check prior to coming if you would be available to take part should you qualify.

Last but not least, for those who have not entered, should your circumstances change or should you just have forgotten to enter but wish still to play, please contact Katherine who will be able to slot you into any cancellation time or at the end of the draw - but only up to the last time we have booked with Haddington which is 12.34. We would not be expecting an avalanche of latecomers so this should be OK.

Have a good game

Heavy Winds and Rain result in Cancelled Match

The long awaited return of the East v Midlands match came to a sorry end today when the weather caused an abrupt cancellation. It was found out later that the procession of vets transport to Pitfirrane might have got across the Forth Bridge, but they might not have got back! It was also noted that only one very honest team member said "Thank goodness" when informed of the postponement - because it was awful - but the others bled crocodile tears. Many a kettle had been switched on after that phonecall!

It is to be hoped that another date will be found in August.

Friday, 20 May 2011

East Vets v Midlands at Pitfirrane

The East Vets team to play in the scratch singles match at Pitfirrane for handicaps between 6 and 10 is as follows:

Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)
Elinor Blair (North Berwick)
Cynthia Guthrie (Longniddry)
Caroline Johnstone (Murrayfield)
Sheila Lyon (Kingsknowe)
Joan Marshall (Baberton)
Frances McFadzean (Craigmillar Park)
Non-travelling reserve: Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse)

Good luck to the team. The Liz Miskimmin Friendship Trophy is at stake.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Noreen Eliminated After First Round in Scottish

Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) was eliminated in the first round of the Scottish Ladies at Machrihanish today. She lost to Susan Wood of Drumpellier, a scratch golfer, on the eighteenth by one hole after a tough ding-dong match. Susan went one up at the fifth after getting a birdie two but Noreen took this back the very next hole with a par. She lost the sixth but won the seventh with a birdie. She lost the ninth and then the fourteenth to an eagle to go two down. Noreen then won the fifteenth with a par and the sixteenth with a birdie two. All square. Unfortunately the seventeenth saw the second shot to the green plug under the lip of the bunker from which there was absolutely no satisfactory recovery and so she went into the eighteenth one down again. A half in par was not enough but both enjoyed a really good game. No vets left!

Susan won her next round by 5 and 4 and proceeds into the quarter-finals.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Lone East Vet makes it into the Scottish Championship Match-Play

Only one of the East Vet contingency has made it into the match-play stages of the Scottish Ladies' Close Amateur Championship at Machrihanish today after the second qualifying round. Noreen Fenton of Dunbar brought in a solid second round score of 77 in very blustery conditions, (described as a "four-wind" extra club status) together with squally showers. This score led the second round leader board for several hours until Rachael Watton from Midlothian upstaged her by bringing in the same score but with the better inward half. She was playing in the second last group of the day, having been one of the first day lowest scores. Rachael won the Glover 21st Anniversary Cup with Noreen as runner-up but Noreen won the Lyon Salver for the best nett score on the second day.

This was a reduction only day and the CSS rose from 75 to 78 RO.

Noreen who indicated at the end of last season that she did not wish to be considered for further international events was delighted with her score, especially as this is the very last time she will enter this competition. In line with many other senior golfers she feels this competition is geared almost entirely for the younger lady golfer especially those with greater length. Having said that, her successful score was most likely due to the lower controlled ball in the gale force wind. We all know there is more to golf than the big drive.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

East Vets Participate in Scottish Ladies at Machrihanish

There are about a dozen Scottish Vets playing in the Scottish Ladies at Machrihanish this week but only three from the East Division, Pamela Williamson (Baberton),Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) and Barbara Biggart (North Berwick). However not to forget June McEwan and Gillian Kirkwood who were also whizzing around all day in buggies doing admirable work on the refereeing front. There were many lost balls particularly at the fifth hole (Punchbowl) where often the ball-spotters had been quite unable to spot wayward balls. Several of the holes had been lengthened to accommodate the need to challenge our younger massive hitters. There were delays almost from the beginning which was thought to be due to the eight minute interval between the pairings. (Can't really say pairings surely because they went out in threes). However this is liable to change to ten minutes which should reduce the terrible waiting which occurred with obvious deletrious effects on the concentration.

The weather was very kind at least for the early players as there was none of the destructive effects of wind that was so prevalent yesterday in the practice round. It was indeed a perfect golfing day which showed itself in some wonderful scoring from many of the competitors. Tomorrow might not be quite so kind when the second of the qualifying rounds takes place.

Readers are reminded that there is live scoring throughout the day on the SGA website.

East Vet scores
82 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
91 Barbara Biggart (N. Berwick)
93 Pamela Williamson (Baberton)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Ramsden Cup Results - first round

The first round of the Ramsden Cup has been completed and the draw for the second round is as follows:

Clare Bowe v Mary Davidson
Christine Simpson v Madge Hutchison
Denise Mitchell v Kate Milne
Rita Dee v Senga Grant

Sandra Simpson v Kate Johnston
Sandra Ashurst v May Hardie
Karen Ballantyne v Ruth Brown
Christine Clarke v Norma Richmond

Liz McLelland v Sandra Kempson
Dulcie Barnes v Betty Redwood
Fiona McLaren v Margo Blair
Maureen Stewart v Isobel Hastings

Seonaid Stewart v Christine Reid
Marion Cantley v Hilary Thomson
Isobel Halliday v Muriel Armstrong
Mairi Pollock v Katy Gillies

Good luck to all.

Friday, 13 May 2011

East Vets Blown Off-course at Elie

The idea was to chalk up a victory at Elie after the annual slap-up lunch and refreshments - heavens who said that. Completely misleading - dry bread and water followed by the very serious match between the East Vets and the Senior Golfers' Society yesterday - but we didn't. Almost but not quite. Two and a half points us - three and a half points them. That was pretty close, really.

The captain who chose a select team fulfilling certain criteria, had been promised with a drastic end, by one member of the team, if it rained so she put in an order for dry with a slight breeze. However, anyone at Elie on Thursday afternoon might have argued the toss about the 'slight breeze'. To be realistic that breeze was nothing short of a howling gale. It would be difficult to say who actually coped better with it, the ladies with more controlled but shorter shots under the wind or the gents taking an unfair advantage from very high shots pushed on miles by a following wind. When it came to the greens, it was however anybody's and balls could find themselves further from the pin after the gentlest of nudges.

The gentlemen had as usual provided an excellent lunch and prompted many replenishments of the wine-glass but all members of the team had been pre-warned about this evil tactic. The only unfortunate thing was having to uplift ourselves from our comfortable lunch-table to go out and face that wind.

All good fun. We are already looking forward very much to trying again next year.

Noreen Fenton and Gillian Kirkwood beat Peter Bucher and Gilbert MacIntosh by one hole
Phyl Early and Val Hallam lost to Alec Mudie and Julian James by 5 and 4
Katy Gillies and Margaret Rodger beat Paul Laidlaw and Nigel Watt by one hole
Margo Blair and Liz Simpson lost to Alastair Brown and Ken Smith by 4 and 3
May Hardie and Isobel Halliday halved with Ian Galloway and Alisdair MacDonald
Katherine Thomson and Norma Richmond lost to Alastair Kerr and John Stevenson by 3 and 2

Well done ladies. It was tough out there.
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Monday, 2 May 2011

East Vets in close games in East Lothian Championship

None of the East Vets who qualified last Thursday - 28th April - to play in the East Lothian Championship at Musselburgh have managed to secure a place in the semi-finals tomorrow. Several of the games were very tight indeed - some not so tight. There were no complaints of the weather as it was a fantastic day.

Qualifying Scores
71 Lesley Nicholson(Haddington)
76 Liz Dunn Butler (Gullane)
78 Moira Thomson (Gullane)
80 Clara Young (North Berwick)Jane Herd (Musselburgh) Sue Penman (Gullane)
81 Morag McPherson (Dunbar)
82 Viv Cupples (Dunbar)
85 Barbara McIntosh (Gullane)
86 Keren Ward (North Berwick)Mary Lou Renton (Gifford) Fiona Larnach (Castle Park)
87 Ros Thorenson (North Berwick) Elinor Blair (North Berwick)
89 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) Jill Rankin (North Berwick)

The first round and quarter-finals were played today in brilliant sunshine although there was a cool wind coming off the sea. Elinor Blair - playing Moira Thomson - Barbara Biggart, Ros Thorenson and Sue Penman unfortunately did not survive into the quarterfinals. Sue sadly lost her fight only on the eighteenth against Mary Lou Renton. However, Moira Thomson, Barbara McIntosh and Jane Herd all made it through the first round. But this was a far as they got. Barbara met Lesley Nicholson, captain of Scotland's victorious Home International team and could do nothing against the brilliance of her game. Jane lost on the seventeenth to Clara Young one of Scotland's most up and coming juniors. Moira lost one of the tightest of tight battles against Mary Lou Renton having to go to one extra hole before losing. Mary Lou will certainly feel she had plenty golf today!
Well done all.