Tuesday, 27 October 2009

East Vets AGM

The Annual General Meeting and Presentation of Prizes of the East Vets Division took place yesterday at Murrayfield Golf Club. It was attended by 59 ladies including the committee.

While the ladies were gathering and enjoying coffee or other refreshments, the financial statement was circulated prior to the opening of the meeting.

The lady captain Elise Guy opened the meeting by announcing the death of Aileen Kelly.

Katherine Thomson then reported that 64 apologies had been received.
The meeting proceeded with the presentation when those who were present came up to receive their prizes.

Spring meeting
Scratch Winner Karen Ballantyne 74
1st Handicap Caroline Kinnaird nett 64
2nd Handicap Elizabeth Simpson nett 68
3rd Handicap Barbara Halliday nett 68
4th Handicap Dulcie Barnes nett 69

Bronze Handicap Winners
1st Handicap Patricia Rose nett 71
2nd Handicap Jean Dawson nett 72

Summer Meeting
Scratch Winner Rita Dee 78 (BIH)
1st Handicap Pam Townsend nett 67
2nd Handicap Libby Campbell nett 69
3rd Handicap Carol Halliday nett 71 (BIH)
4th Handicap Phyl Early nett 71

Bronze Handicap winners
1st handicap Anne McIntosh nett 74
2nd handicap Margaret Dalrymple nett 77 (BIH)

Autumn Meeting
Scratch Winner Caroline Johnstone 77
1st Handicap Kate Johnston nett 71
2nd Handicap Anne Hanna nett 73
3rd Handicap Sandra Ashurst nett 74

Bronze Handicap Winners
1st handicap Anne McIntosh nett 74
2nd Handicap Catriona Shedden nett 81

Next on the agenda would have been the presentation of trophies but as the majority of trophy winners had sent their apologies and were not present , Katherine simply read out the list and requested that a round of applause be accorded at the end. The Senior Salver was won by Elizabeth Simpson, the Wallace Williamson Aggregate Cup won by Pam Townsend, Beddows Trophy won by Pam Townsend and the Rose Bowl won (for the second year running) by Kate Johnston.
The only trophy winner present was Gilly Glen (pictured left having received the Ramsden Cup from the Captain). The East Vets Championship (MacInnes Shaw Trophy) had been won by Moira Thomson with Ruth Brown the runner-up. Ruth elected to say a few words on behalf of Moira who had sent her apologies. She said how much she had enjoyed the game, that it had been well-fought - a great match with great golf. She also mentioned that it would have been a most enjoyable event for supporters had they been there to watch. Perhaps next year we will persuade a few people to come and spectate!

These being all the prizes, Katherine read out the very detailed minutes for 2008, which were duly proposed and seconded. Next on the list was the Financial Report which had been circulated earlier, examined critically by a few but possibly read with glazed eyes by others whilst drinking their coffee and catching up with friends' chat. A question was asked that since there had been a sizeable surplus from the meetings, could the value of the prizes be reviewed. Katherine promised to look into this. Ethel Jack and Isobel McDonald kindly proposed and seconded the financial report.

The captain then gave her report in which she reported on the healthy state of the membership - 154. Results of the matches throughout the year were notified - some good and some not so good. The annual match at Elie against the Senior Men (a very generous opposition) and also the scratch game for the Elise Duncan Trophy against the West, this year at Gullane, were victories for the East Vets. The foursomes match against the West at Troon Portland was a draw but seeing as this was such a welcome move in the right direction, it felt almost like a win! Unfortunately, the game against the Borders was neither a win nor even anything like a draw - but was enjoyed nonetheless. Next year it will be at home.

Elise then mentioned that the Spring Meeting at Gullane 3 had an entry of 93, the Summer meeting at Haddington, 66 but the Autumn Meeting at Murrayfield had only 36 entrants rather a disappointing downturn .

Next the captain reported on the successes of the lower handicap players who had played in events such as the Scottish Women's Championship at Southerness, the Scottish Senior Championship at Kinross and the British Senior Open Championship at Pyle and Kenfig in Wales. She also congratulated Moira Thomson and Fiona Hunter who had done particularly well, Moira being runner-up twice, the first in the Scottish Seniors and the other in the Scroggie Cup at Blairgowrie, and also Fiona, for being the Scottish Senior Strokeplay Champion. Fiona was selected to play for the Scottish Vets against an Irish Select team, both Fiona and Moira were selected in the Vets Jamboree and the European Team Championship and then accompanied by Noreen Fenton all three played in the victorious Scottish Senior team in the Home Internationals , a team captained yet again by Pamela Williamson.

This completed Elise's report and she finished by thanking Murrayfield for the room to hold the AGM.

The company was quick to agree to the committee serving for a further year. AOCB initially continued in the same gentle vein with a recommendation by the committee to admit all those on the waiting list in an effort to push numbers up at the declining Autumn meeting. This passed without demur.

And then everyone woke up. Elise told the meeting that it had been decided by committee that qualifying for the championship would in future be decided over two rounds, one from the Spring Meeting and the other, as before, from the Summer Meeting. And that the matchplay would take place over the weekend following the summer meeting! Well if anyone thought the meeting was dozing quietly in a corner, they were soon put right. That weekend was no use for Lothianburn members as it was their club championship. No one else thankfully claimed club championship clashing. A request for a return to the old days and have a hole 'n hole was disputed by the vice-captain who pointed out that most of the other Divisions had changed to a matchplay format over two days and that this was in keeping with what the East Vet Champion (and all the other regional champions) would be required to do at Blairgowrie. It was also to help those working ladies who could not take more time off during the week.

The wisdom of two qualifying rounds instead of one was also challenged. What if people could not play in both competitions? The committee stated that entries from both Spring and Summer Meetings had been examined and only two ladies of low handicap had not played in both. What if it was bad weather in Spring but a bemused snort from the front row silenced that. The rationale for suggesting two scores was explained by referring to last year when finding eight people for the matchplay stages had been an administrative nightmare involving a great deal of work and persuasion by the committee. With two rounds from which to take the eight best aggregates of those actually wishing to play in the match-play stage, it was most likely to produce eight people all of whom would make good champions worthy to carry the East's flag to Blairgowrie - that freak good scores or similarly bad scores influencing qualifying, could be limited.

Pamela Williamson suggested trying to find a weekend in July which was a change from previous practice and this seemed to find favour although objection was made to the word "try" and what would would happen if a date could not be achieved. It was decided by the committee that such a date would be investigated and in the event of no such date being found, a "one-off " return to the hole 'n'hole would be set up, but the matter would definitely be looked at again the following year.

The meeting closed there being no further business and a very delicious meal enjoyed thereafter by the company - although the salmon did look a little as if it was being divided to grace one or two more plates than originally planned for.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Annual AGM

The annual AGM and presentation of prizes will be held at Murrayfield Golf Club on Monday 26th October at 11am followed by lunch. There may still be the chance of attending and having lunch should anyone now be able who previously was not. Please contact Katherine Thomson.

A full report of the AGM will be available on the website for those who cannot attend.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Slideshow of Newport

Each country puts on a party piece. Scotland attempted to do a skit on "The Apprentices" with Ethel starring as Lady Alana MacSugar. The black bin liners were an essential part of this show and only truly committed team members would have taken part with the same enthusiasm shown on the golfing field - although committed is possibly exactly what they should have been! It is fair to say the participants probably enjoyed this more than their previous golfing opponents. What stars!

Friday, 2 October 2009

History is Made

Scotland won the Senior Ladies' Home Internationals yesterday at Newport Golf Club in Wales for the first time ever, since it was inaugurated in 2003. Until last year, when Wales unexpectedly snatched victory, England had had a vice-like grip on the Sue Johnson Trophy and now it was Scotland's turn.

There was no question that losing Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) from the team just days before departure was a heavy blow. Everyone knew that they would have to find that extra little something from somewhere, that one loose putt per match or a drop in focus, could totally affect the final result and had to be avoided at all costs. So that's exactly what they did. Day One against Ireland, victory by 5½ to 2½. Day Two against England, victory by 4½ to 3½ - so long-awaited, so very sweet. Day Three against Wales, the holders, victory by 5½ to 2½. (An easy calculation had demonstrated that a loss to Wales was a likely win yet again for England, on goal difference)

Captain Pam Williamson of Baberton was a skipper with a mission. Her energy and purpose was unquenchable and she inspired her team which included three East Vets, Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies), Fiona Hunter (Baberton) and Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) together with Heather Anderson (Alyth), Fiona de Vries (St Rule), Mary Smith (Tain) and Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose) who replaced Lorna Bennett. Pamela padded round and round the whole course morning and afternoon, wired up, not to Classic FM but a succession of communicated hole by hole results of all her players, relayed by volunteer scorers with each match. These scorers were excessively keen but just occasionally, at the height of the backswing on the following tee, one could hear syncopated reports being relayed back to base with a crisp "over and out" at the finish which was often quite off-putting. Also from the East Vets were two other supporters, Ethel Jack (president SLGA) and Janet Wake of Merchants who was team manager and whose duffel bag was stuffed with goodies - fruit and nuts, kitkats and jaffa-cakes which have been clinically proven to fit the necessary nutritional bill. With this kind of preparation, how could we fail!

The team had been hard at it from Saturday but the worst bit was definitely getting up between five o'clock and six o'clock every morning to get to the golf course via the bus driven by Janet, get kitted out with clubs and caddy-cars, fit in some pre-match practice and other necessary visits before eight o'clock when it all began. For some obscure reason, Scotland had drawn the short straw and was out early on all three days so there was never any let-up and no chance of slightly longer lies. On the practice ground, it was just light enough to see the ball flight and the early morning mist so enshrouded the players that from a distance, only their top halves could be seen. That quickly burnt off.

The next major problem for the captain was organising the organisers of the caddycar allocations and the caddies themselves. These caddies were all volunteer members (and all claiming some percentage however small of Scottish blood). Some of the caddies were quite senior even compared to the Ladies themselves and they travelled at their own speed which was often slightly slower than the LGU speed guidelines. One or two of them introduced themselves to their player, slowly deposited all their own requisites - clothes, drinks etc - in the players' already crammed bag only to discover they were in fact the caddies of the opposition and the process had to start all over again. There were many hiccups and this was indeed a major operation requiring tact and diplomacy. But everything was always ready by eight o'clock.

The weather every day was wonderful - almost an unblemished sky which on day three, more than once was sporting a celestial saltire - an auspicious omen indeed. The course and greens were in wonderful condition and it was a joy to play or walk on. For the supporters watching there were closely fought matches or - should the inclination be more geared toward Nature - there were squirrels, croaking toads, screeching buzzards, tapping woodpeckers, jays, robins, long-tailed tits, quite the inexhaustable supply of ornithological specimens.

And throughout there was the very best atmosphere between the players, many of whom had been friends for years but whose matches were played out in the most highly competitive manner. The on-line scoring which was provided for supporters at home showed just how many birdies, even eagles, that were scored, all proving the superior quality of senior ladies' golf, something which is often overlooked.

Scotland should be proud that their Senior Ladies Team - unlike its women's team and its girls team - actually managed to do just what it set out to do - win the Home Internationals. Congratulations to them. A wonderful achievement.

All the results day by day were reported in great detail on Kirkwoodgolf. A slideshow will follow.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Senior Home Internationals

The webmaster is unable to report on this at the moment due to playing commitments and recommends a quick link to Kirkwoodgolf (down the left hand side) to read all about how Scotland are top dogs at the moment but all rests on tomorrow - Thursday - when they meet Wales. An informal report of the "True Goings-on" may follow on returning home and one or two pictures. East Vets Home players are Fiona Hunter, Moira Thomson and Noreen Fenton.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Team Change for the Senior Home Internationals

Sadly after her success at Blairgowrie this week in winning the Scottish Veteran Ladies' Championship, Lorna Bennett has withdrawn from the Scottish Senior Home International Team due to family concerns. Her place has been filled by Kathleen Sutherland(Royal Montrose) a former Scottish Vets Champion. Lorna wishes the team the very best of luck but her departure is unquestionably a great disappointment.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

East Vets are successful at Blairgowrie

Jane Herd (Musselburgh) and Noreen Fenton(Dunbar) were a winning combination in the Scottish Veterans Greensome over the Lansdowne Course at Blairgowrie on Tuesday. In extremely windy, although sunny conditions, they produced a steady score of 76 (handicap 4.2) - one over par, and lifted the Beddows Quaichs for best nett score and the Toni Moffatt Memorial Quaich for best scratch. This is the first time either has played in this competition and indeed, this is Jane's inaugural vet's competition. Their score included two, two's.

Their playing partners from the West, Helen Faulds and Carol Fell brought in the second scratch of 80 (bemoaning the fact - if it hadn't been for these two sevens all might have been different!)

Did anyone else see the little chap in the rusty brown fur coat, whizzing up and down trees? He wasn't very impressed that Carol Fell (West webmaster) didn't have her camera when he had bothered to put in an appearance.

N Fenton and J Herd (East) 76 (4.2) - 71.8 Beddows Quaich and Toni Moffatt Memorial Scratch Trophy
H Faulds and C Fell (West) 80 (7) - 73 Toni Moffatt Memorial Scratch Voucher
M Chalmers and P Campbell (North) 87 (13.2) - 73.8 second handicap
S Young and J Blackwood (West) 89 (14.2) - 74.8 third handicap

Three East Vets in Scottish Team

Three East Vets have been selected to play in the Senior Home Internationals next week at Newport in Wales under the captaincy of Pamela Williamson of Baberton.They are Fiona Hunter (Baberton), Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies) - both represented Scotland in the recent European Team Championship - and adding to their number is Noreen Fenton (Dunbar). The team leaves on Saturday, has two practice rounds, one on Sunday and one on Monday and then plays against Ireland on Tuesday, England on Wednesday and Wales on Thursday. The format is the same as usual with three foursomes in the morning and five singles in the afternoon. With the recent surge by Wales in other Home Internationals, their card is definitely marked.

Scottish Team
Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies)

Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose)
Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)

Captain - Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
Manager - Janet Wake (Merchants of Edinburgh)
President - Ethel Jack (Gullane Ladies)

The East is certainly well represented.

Some pictures from Blairgowrie

Here are some pictures taken at the annual vets golfing bonanza known affectionately as "Blairgowrie".

Monday, 21 September 2009

East Vets Scores in Patrick Rosebowl at Blairgowrie

Scoring in the Patrick Rosebowl round Rosemount was, on the whole, fairly high although the CSS only jumped by one to 75 so clearly scores were not high for everyone. The wind was gusty and the greens were variable - but possibly only found by those with higher scores. The winning scratch score was actually 76, so it was definitely possible.

Here are the scores for East Vets. The best scratch was from Barbara Biggart with a commendable 83.

Barbara Biggart 83 - 9 = 74
Sue Penman 84 - 6 = 78
Noreen Fenton 87 - 3 = 84
Sandra Ashurst 91 - 13 = 78
Ethel Jack 93 - 10 = 83
Clare Bowe 93 - 12 = 81
Margaret Sneddon 96 - 14 = 82
Carol McLeod 96 - 13 = 83
Pat Mavor 97 - 15 = 82
Elise Guy 103 - 22 = 81
Asp Robertson 105 - 18 = 87
Nancy Gow 105 - 15 = 90
Isabel McDonald 108 - 20 = 88
Kate Milne 109 - 20 = 89
Catriona Shedden 115 - 21 = 94
Avril Robertson 116 - 24 - 92
Marion Cantley NR

A great day was held by all - in spite of the scores!

Lorna Bennett wins Scottish Vets Championship

Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) won the Scottish Veteran Championship 2009 for the second time, the first being in 2004. She beat Moira Thomson (East) at the 19th after a most exciting final, when the spectators were treated to a veritable golfing display, incorporating a plethora of birdies.

The day dawned a little dull and certainly threatened rain on many occasions but nothing ever came of it. In the morning Lorna played Sheila Cuthbertson of Peebles, a game which could have gone either way if Sheila had persisted with yesterday's putting but this was not to be. Lorna played the tighter game and emerged the victor by 4 and 3.

In the other half, Moira played Lynne Terry and although Lynne had her name first on the board, Moira soon got back to all square and played securely. Holes were won in general with pars but it was enough and the game finished at the 14th.

In the afternoon Moira took the first hole when Lorna got herself in difficulties in a bunker but pars followed at the second and third. Lorna won the 4th to bring the score back to all square. On the short fifth, Moira was nearer the pin but Lorna swept the ball right across the green for a two. Nothing daunted, Moira reciprocated and sank hers also for a two.

Thereafter followed a ding-dong of a hole exchange with neither player ever getting more of a lead than one hole. Lorna won the 13th with a par to go one up but Moira got it back on the 15th. The next three holes, when nerves must surely have been coming to the fore, were halved in par and with the game all square, the two proceeded to the first hole again to begin afresh. Good drives , two good lay-ups and both pitching well to the green, left the possibility of either one finishing the game with a birdie, but for an entirely strange reason, Moira was overly positive and left herself too much to do. Lorna sank hers and won the Championship. A great game.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

First Round Results at Blairgowrie

The first round at Blairgowrie in the Scottish Vets championship produced one or two surprise results. The weather was possibly pretty well perfect for late September, sun, no rain and next to no wind. The course looked good but one competitor said it was a little "tattie" - and she won! As in previous years, the greens had been tyned very recently leaving a less than smooth surface which was possibly a little different from some of the player's home conditions - and certainly very different from those experienced last week at Kyle and Penfig.

Moira Thomson, the East Vets champion won fairly easily with a 6 and 4 victory over Pearl Beattie, from Dumfries and indeed she looked very much the champion with a secure game and easy swing. She was ably supported by Sue Penman, who caddied for her - pictures of both will follow when the blogger has returned home. Pearl seemed initially very much at ease with the course and greens but Moira eventually built up an over-powering lead. Tomorrow she meets the North Champion Dr. Lynne Terry who squeezed out a previous champion, Kathleen Sutherland, on her way to this final. Lynne is always a sticky opponent so this should be a good match. She had met and beaten Christine Brown from Galloway, again by 6 and 4. Christine is a long-hitting 12 handicapper who unfortunately was just less fortunate when she strayed from the straight and narrow than Lynne was.

In the other half of the draw and fresh back from Kyle and Penfig in Wales, were Lorna Bennett (Midlands) and Helen Faulds (West Vets Captain). The conditions here at Lansdowne could not have been more different than Wales with the course being more lush and the greens running at almost half the speed. Lorna on the whole putted better and sank several very useful putts. Initially the game was very tight but eventually, in the second half, Lorna simply took advantage of one or two slack shots by Helen and eased her out with a 4 and 3 scoreline.

The remaining tie was between Mary Smith of Highland and Sheila Cuthbertson of Borders. Mary will have been very disappointed to lose by 7 and 5 to Sheila as she had had some good results in the recent County Finals at Baberton. Possibly the change of terrain was unsettling but on the other hand, Sheila was the only person spoken to who "loved the greens" and apparently she sank a lot of great putts. Tomorrow Sheila and Lorna will battle it out and this also promises to be an interesting tussle.

Moira Thomson (East) beat Pearl Beattie (Dumfries) 6 and 4
Lynne Terry (North) beat Christine Brown (Galloway) 6 and 4
Lorna Bennett (Midlands) beat Helen Faulds (West) 4 and 3
Mary Smith(Highland) lost to Sheila Cuthbertson 7 and 6

Good luck everyone tomorrow

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Late Post - Kate Johnston wins Autumn Meeting at Murrayfield

Thanks to Kirkwoodgolf for this report. Kate Johnston(Baberton) picked up the trophy for the Autumn Meeting at Murrayfield on a lovely late summer day with a superb nett 71. She just pipped her namesake, home player Caroline Johnston who had a nett 72. Caroline was possibly well-pleased to have the best scratch score of the day - a four above par 77. Well done both. Great scoring.

71 Kate Johnston (Baberton)83 - 12
72 Caroline Johnston (Murrayfield) 77 - 5
73 Ann Hanna (Murrayfield)92 - 19
74 Sandra Ashurst (Murrayfield) 87 - 13, Norma Richmond (Murrayfield) 82 - 8
75 Anne McIntosh (Gullane Ladies) 96 - 21 (best bronze score) Pam Townsend (Murrayfield) 87 - 12

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Friday, 18 September 2009

"Blairgowrie" weekend approaches

The Vets golfing weekend (equivalent to Glastonbury) starts on Sunday with the first round of the Scroggie Cup when the East Champion Moira Thomson will play against the Dumfries Champion. For all details look back in the archives for Tuesday 8th September.

Vets/Scottish results from British Senior Championship

Due to networking difficulties at Kyle and Penfig, a report on the championship was not possible - but thanks to Kirkwoodgolf and West Vets websites, readers were able to follow the results. Lorna Bennett from Ladybank (pictured ) was the top Scot at the British Senior Ladies Championship, finishing the competition in the Top Ten. The winner was Vicki Thomas from Wales and runner-up, Roz Adams from England. Here is an abbreviated list of the East Vets and other Scottish scores.
232 Vicki Thomas (Wales) 76,74,82
235 Roz Adams (England) 75,78,82
242 Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) 83,82,77
245 Fiona de Vries (St Rule) 81,83,81
248 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) 82,80,86
255 Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 89,81,85
262 Lynne Terry 87,85,80

176 Ruth Brown (Lothianburn) 92,84
178 Helen Faulds (Douglas Park) 87,91
180 Jennifer Mack (Haggs) 92,88
181 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park) 93,88


The British Senior Ladies Championship is over, fairly successful for some, not so successful for most. At the cocktail party the night before Day One, one caddy-husband (of whom there were many) declared knowingly that three 72's would take the championship but in spite of some very good scores (including Scotland's Lorna Bennett) this was not to be and there were actually only twenty-three scores below eighty in all the three days' play.

The sun shone 24/7 (us blogmasters have to adopt modern terminology) but the wind affected everyone at some point or other - although some more than others, depending on the timing of their rounds. Mornings and late afternoons seemed quieter, but perhaps that is self-delusory.

Many courses are made up of two different halves, especially older clubs which started life as nine holes, then on acquiring further land, incorporated a second nine later on. But Kyle and Penfig in Wales (P and K) has two halves which are as different from each other as Adam and Eve. The first nine were tricky enough especially the sloping par 3's, whose heavily bunker-protected greens produced nightmare scores that rendered the player a quivering wreck. However the second nine were hidden away in fern-strewn high dune country, where the only people one met were playing partners, dog-walkers and kindly ball-spotting volunteers, always nice, always encouraging with words like "no, don't do it, try to carry on, only six more holes and then the agony is over".

We should all be used to wind up here but the wind at P and K was definitely the main enemy (apart from one's psychological deficiencies). Such was the architecture of the greens, together with many unnecessarily evil pin positions, a seemingly perfect putt or chip could look good one minute and be twenty feet away the next, due entirely to the speed of the surface aided by a cruel and uncompromising side-ways wind. Three and four putting was EASY.

The semi-rough, often visited due to the afore-mentioned side-ways wind, looked innocuous from afar but on near examination was found to have closed round the ball with a claw-like grip and as for the bunkers - veritable caverns which left many in floods of tears and scores sent up in flames.

The LGU officials seemed a more benign lot than last year - in fact, although some were quite nice, most of them were very nice and the time warnings so common last year, were regretfully but so sweetly delivered.

The K and P members couldn't do enough. Even the solicitous lady who looked after the wonderful flowers in the locker room, was on hand to urge "wrap up well - it could get cold" which generally meant putting on a light jersey over one's scanty teeshirt.

Memorable championship? Well maybe when the great grandchildren are crawling round one's feet, one might look back in gentle reflection "when I was at Pyle and Kenfig ..." but for the bulk of the players with giant scores, maybe not quite yet.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Windy Wales hosts the British Senior Ladies

The webmaster is playing in the above competition and has been unable to send a report which will follow on her return. You will find all details on Kirkwoodgolf.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

East Vets fade out in Irish Strokeplay

Alison Murdoch of Canada lifted her fourth Irish title today at Laytown and Bettystown, getting into gear no doubt for her next coveted prize at the British Seniors next week. With almost perfect golf she had a third round of 76 for a total of 231, two shots clear from local girl Phil O'Gorman. Scotland's best result came from Janice Paterson of Drumpellier who had a third round of 87 for a total of 253. Pamela Williamson of Baberton was unable to set the heather on fire with her third round of 89 to give a final total of 261. Barbara Biggart of North Berwick finished on 276.

This is a great tournament and hopefully more Scottish seniors will be able to take part next year.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Second round Scores in the Irish Senior Strokeplay

Two East Vets have qualified for the third round of the Irish Senior Ladies Open Strokeplay at Laytown and Bettystown situated 30 minutes from Dublin. The top 40 was the cut-off point and Barbara Biggart made it by the skin of her teeth. Pamela Williamson also qualified but is 17 strokes off the lead, so will feasibly only be hoping to have a really hot score tomorrow to cut this deficit. The weather was much kinder than yesterday as the wind had eased considerably, leading to greatly reduced scores on this superb links course.

155 Alison Murdoch (Canada) 81,74
156 Phil O'Gorman (Laytown and Bettystown) - yesterday's leader
157 Vicki Thomas (Wales) 83,74
158 Helen Jones (Ireland) 81,77
159 Karen Pults (Canada) 79,80
161 Diane Williams (Canada) 82,79
162 Ruth Lindley (England) 81,81
164 Edeltraud Jacob (Germany) 81,83
166 Sheena McElroy (Ireland), Janice Paterson (Scotland) 82,84
Other Scores
172 Pamela Williamson (Baberton) 85,87
184 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick) 95,89

Many of the entrants to this competition are using it as a prelude to the British Senior Ladies at Pyle and Kenfig, Wales which starts Tuesday 15th September and has the same format as the Irish - i.e. two rounds with the top 40 qualifying for the 3rd round. Apart from a very high entry from Canada, Sweden, France, Germany etc there are eight from Scotland including Pamela Williamson, Ruth Brown, Karen Ballantyne and Noreen Fenton from the East Vets.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

East Vets feature in Irish Seniors

Two East Vets are playing in the Irish Senior Women's Open Stroke-play which is being played over Laytown and Bettysdown Golf Course. Pamela Williamson of Baberton - fresh from leading her Scottish Senior team to sixth position in the European Team Championship last week - and Barbara Biggart of North Berwick have completed their first round in driving rain and gale-force winds which laid waste to most scores. The best of the day was by Phil O'Gorman, a home player from Laytown and Bettysdown with a 78. The format is one 18 hole round on each of days one and two and the top 40 go through to a third round on Thursday.

Results (Scottish players)
78 Phil O'Gorman (Ireland)
82 Janice Paterson (Drumpellier)- nice picture on the West vets site
85 Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
95 Barbara Biggart (North Berwick)

Hope the weather tomorrow is a little kinder.

Scroggie Cup looms

Apart from the great golfing weekend, covered for most people by the vague denomination of "Blairgowrie" one of the main events of that weekend 27th - 28th September is the playing out of the Scroggie Cup. The finalists from each of the eight vets divisions(created in stone), meet to fight it out and produce a worthy Scottish Vets Champion. Our champion is Moira Thomson of Gullane Ladies and she will meet Pearl Beattie of Dumfries. For those who have never thought about it the different divisions are North, Highland, Midland, East, West, Dumfries, Borders and Galloway, a more detailed description of the individual counties in each, being on the SVLGA website - it makes interesting, if somewhat puzzling, reading.

The draw for this tournament is as follows:
Christine Brown (Galloway) v Lynne Terry (North)
Moira Thomson (East) v Pearl Beattie (Dumfries)
Lorna Bennett (Midlands) v Helen Faulds (West)
Sheila Cuthbertson (Borders) v Mary Smith (North)

From a reader's point of view there looks like several interesting matches ahead!

Gilly Glen wins the Ramsden Cup

Gilly Glen of Craigmillar Park has won the Ramsden Cup. She beat Mary Davidson, who has herself had a pretty successful golfing year, by 2 and 1 at Kingsknowe, after a very exciting and close final. AND, unbelievable though it may seem, inspite of the game starting off in breezy conditions it was dry - note, no rain. When they tumbled off the seventeenth green, the wind had completely disappeared and the midgies were out in force to see them in.
Gilly was excited about the result but she enthused primarily about having enjoyed the game very much as she had done with all previous rounds. It appears to have been a close game throughout, although Gilly was pleased to say she has never played the 11th so well having had a lovely iron shot to within three feet of the pin - always welcome. Despite many pertinent questions, all that was further gleaned of the game was the major disappointment of not catching sight of the mummy deer and the five little baby deers, seen the previous week!
Well done Gilly and bad luck Mary. It sounded like a great final.Posted by Picasa

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Scotland lose to France

The Scottish Senior Ladies team with its two East Vets, Moira Thomson and Fiona Hunter, sadly were unable to get the better of a strong French team who beat them 4 - 1 to take the fifth position in the first flight of the tournament leaving Scotland in sixth. Although disappointing, the captain Pam Williamson (Baberton) must still feel this is still a huge improvement on Scotland's position in last year's competition.

Results (Scotland first)
Heather Anderson(Alyth) and Fiona Hunter (Baberton) lost to Helene Dutertre and Kadija Boutahchicht 2 and 1
Mary Smith (Tain) lost to Virgine Burrus
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank) beat Cecilia Morgue d'Algue
Fiona de Vries (St Rule) lost to Anita Remoleur 1 hole
Moira Thomson (Gullane ladies) lost to Marie Jose Ibarlosa
Scotland 1 France 4

Final table of results
1. Germany
2. Italy
3. England
4. Spain
5. France
6. Scotland
7. Sweden
8. Ireland

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Scotland beats Ireland in European

Scotland beat Ireland, the leading qualifier by 3-2 in yet another day of torrential rain, heaving winds and even hailstones. In the history of the tournament never surely has there been such meteorological hazards thrown into the ring - not consistently anyway. It is to the credit of all competitors that they are still out there fighting.

Our resident spokesperson was again drying off but was happy with Scotland's performance although the time was not suitable for more details of the games. Results are as below.

Scotland first
Heather Anderson and Fiona Hunter beat Valerie Hassett and Violet McBride 3 and 1
Mary Smith beat Marilyn Henderson 2 and 1
Lorna Bennett beat Phil O'Gorman 3 and 2
Fiona de Vries lost to Helen Jones 3 and 2
Moira Thomson lost to Sheena McElroy 3 and 2
Scotland 3 Ireland 2

Scotland will now play France who beat Sweden. Scotland will at worst be sixth in the competition but hopefully fifth which is a pretty good result. Play well tomorrow all .

PS Webmaster in soggy Badenoch with poor reception.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

East v Borders Annual Match at Ashkirk

The team representing the East Vets has been selected. This is a greensomes competition for players with a handicap in excess of 12 and this year is hosted by Borders at the Woll Golf Club at Ashkirk. In recent years this has been won more by Borders than by the East. 2009 must surely bring a change!

East Vets Team

Val Hallam and Phyl Early

Clare Bowe and Mary Davidson

Liz McLelland and Senga Grant

Kate Milne and Marion Cantley

Isobel Hastings and Sylvia Cunningham

Elise Guy and Maureen Cranston

The Woll Golf Course is reportedly a testing 18 hole parkland course of outstanding natural beauty. Many holes are surrounded by mature trees and the Woll burn comes into play several times. There are also ponds to contend with although the drainage throughout is very good indeed - just as well on such a wet year.

Three holes in particular are outstanding and even their names whet the appetite. The first hole - "the Island" is a short dog-leg par 4 which is surrounded by the Woll Burn. The twelfth, named "the Thief's Road" - is a long doglegged par 5. But the fourth hole - "Dipper Haugh" is the Woll Golf Club's feature hole which requires a good drive from an elevated tee with a pond lurking to catch the unwary. It sounds a real treat and watch out for the wild-life.

Scotland lose to England

Scotland was knocked out of a possible top four position, by "the auld enemy" in the European Senior Ladies' Team Championship today, at Dun Laoghaire Golf Course. They lost by 3.5 - 1.5 on yet another day of fearsome weather when the mere thought of going out must have made them want to run for cover! They were not the only disappointed team since Ireland - the leading qualifier - fell by a similar margin to Germany, the eighth seed. Similarly, Sweden the number two seed lost unexpectedly to Italy with a 3 - 2 margin.

Tomorrow the losing teams play each other to identify the fifth to eighth line-up. Scotland will play the home nation, Ireland, whereas Sweden will clash with France. On Friday the winners and losers of each of these matches will battle it out to determine who will be fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth respectively. So, still plenty to play for.

Our spokesperson in Dun Laoghaire was kind enough to stop drying her hair, to describe the situation in slightly more lurid detail as can be gleaned from mere paper results. She confirmed that this is a monster of a course, very long, very difficult, very windy, very wet!! needing exact placing of the ball. What changes. This surely, we ask, is always the plan. Well apparently, the weather changes. The course is American-style with bunkers and water galore - not just from the sky - and it has been constructed on top of a hill. So not only does one get wet, one sees it coming and one knows what one is in for.

The webmaster happened to comment that four out of our six girls all started their scores on day one with a seven and on day two with a six. Sensing unjust criticism, our spokesperson indignantly explained that even in the terrible conditions that they have endured, on an already long hole, the first tee was from the gents. This required a huge carry to cover water to the right and very little space if one went left - straight not being an option due to arboreal specimens of a blocking nature.

Not complaining - more resigned to the inevitable - our spokesperson further elaborated, on how England ("the auld enemy") in the shape of Janet Melville (playing Fiona de Vries) and Chris Quinn (playing Mary Smith) both sank mid-iron shots from the fairway, which are unquestionably very good shots but are also very lucky ones. Everyone has lucky breaks but there is one country whose lady golfers must spend every night on their knees because this hasn't been the first time by a long shot. Sour grapes? Maybe - but true!!!! We love them really.

Our halved match - Lorna Bennett v Jo Ashmore - was stopped by an official who informed them that the match had been lost (or won depending on your allegiance) and they could pack in (out of the rain) with an honourable half should they wish. Apparently the score was all square at the very long 17th, which required three good woods to the green, but the webmaster is reliably informed Scotland looked very much like taking that hole - unless of course England holed out from the very deep rough in which they were sheltering!!!

It sounds as if they all deserve a medal.

Results (England first)

Chris Stirling and Lucy Newton lost to Heather Anderson and Fiona Hunter 2 and 1

Chris Quinn beat Mary Smith 2 and 1

Janet Melville beat Fiona de Vries 4 and 3

Jo Ashmore halved with Lorna Bennett

Sue Dye beat Moira Thomson 3 and 2

It is to be noted that England played Roz Adams for both rounds in the strokeplay only but substituted her in the matchplay with the fresher Lucy Newton and Chris Stirling who only played one of the two qualifying rounds, the reason for this not being known outwith the tournament itself. This substitution is perfectly in keeping with the rules but of course can only be taken advantage of by teams who registered seven players - which Scotland did not do. Others teams did likewise which in the terrible conditions when players must have been pretty tired, was quite an asset.

Team results:

Ireland lost to Germany 3.5 - 1.5

England beat Scotland 3.5 - 1.5

France lost to Spain 3 - 2

Italy beat Sweden 3 - 2

Good luck tomorrow!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Senior Ladies European Team Championship

Days 1 and 2 of the Strokeplay Qualifying stage of this competition have been completed at Dun Laoghaire Golf Course in Ireland in very difficult conditions, when all competitors have donned the obligatory waterproofs and worn concrete-soled golf shoes simply to keep their balance. Scoring has been fairly high with few really low rounds. However Scotland has achieved its primary goal by qualifying for the first flight of the competition after which all teams are on an even playing field when the matchplay games kick off.

Scotland was fifth out of fifteen having a total for the top five players of +109 over par for both days. Ireland (home team) hold the honours with +78 over par. Scotland's total of 423 on Day One was improved by seven strokes on Day Two. The first flight consists of (in order of scoring) - Ireland, Sweden, Spain, England, Scotland, France, Italy and Germany.

At the time of posting, the draw had not been made but following general principles it will be:

Ireland v Germany
Scotland v England
Spain v France
Italy v Sweden

Individual scoring for our girls over the two days was :

Fiona de Vries(St Rule) 81,87
Lorna Bennett(Ladybank) 83,85
Mary Smith(Tain) 87,82
Heather Anderson(Alyth) 90,79
Moira Thomson(Gullane Ladies) 86,85
Fiona Hunter(Baberton) 86,85

An aimless meandering through the individual hole-scoring by our team produced only four birdies - two by Mary Smith, one by Moira Thomson and one by Fiona de Vries. Less than half the holes throughout the two days were pars. This gives some idea of the horrendous conditions. Many congratulations to Heather Anderson who recouped on a disastrous first round of 90 with a pretty fantastic 79 in Round 2 - and that included a seven at the par 5 twelfth which she successfully put straight out of her mind by producing six straight birdies. Well done, Heather.

Tomorrow the matchplay stage begins with one two ball foursome and four singles, each game having the same value when it comes to scores on the doors. Good luck to you all!

PS Have you noticed that there is a link straight to the live scoring on the left hand side? Just in case this only applies to the qualifying rounds you should have access to the matchplay results as they happen if you go into http://www.ilgu.ie/. and click on the European Senior Ladies Championship top left.

Draw for Autumn Meeting

The draw for the East Vets Autumn Meeting at Murrayfield on September 15 has been made and is as below.

9.30 Marjory Lauder, Norma Richmond
9.38 Elizabeth Simpson, Maureen Stewart
9.46 Gillian Kirkwood, Ellice Cackett
9.54 Sandra Ashurst, Anne Chainey
10.02 Cynthia Guthrie, Veryan Biggar
10.10 Elise Guy, Betty Redwood
10.18 Catriona Shedden, Anne McIntosh
10.26 Sylvia Cunningham, Irene Lindsay
10.34 Dorothy Thomson, Margaret Shedden
10.42 Denise Mitchell, Caroline Johnstone
10.50 Asp Robertson, Seonaid Stewart
10.58 Jane Neville, Kate Johnston
11.06 Avril Robertson, Martha Beatson
11.14 Mary Davidson, Gratian Andrew
11.22 Pam Townsend, Margaret Magson
11.30 Anne Brownie, Val Hallam
11.38 Margaret Dalrymple, Phyl Early
11.46 Gillian Glen, Sydena Cullen

Here's hoping for a DRY,WINDLESS day and tumbling handicaps!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Two East Vets to play in Senior European Team Championship

Two East Vets are in a team of six to represent Scotland in the Senior Ladies' European Team Championship starting on Monday August 31. Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies) and Fiona Hunter (Baberton) will be packing their bags tomorrow night for a very early flight on Saturday morning over to Ireland together with their teammates Heather Anderson (Alyth), Lorna Bennett (Ladybank), Fiona de Vries (St Rule) and Mary Smith (Tain), captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton) and team manager Janet Wake (Merchants of Edinburgh).

The championship takes place on Dun Laoghaire golf course outside Dublin. Constructed in 2007 in Ballyman Glen, this is a beautiful parkland course of 27 holes, situated between the Wicklow Mountains and the sea. These 27 holes allow different combinations of each of the three nine-hole courses. The Lower and Middle Courses have been chosen for this event which will be a true test indeed for all the competitors. Despite generous fairways, wayward shots risk running the gauntlet of streams, large bunkers, new and mature trees, water hazards and even ravines. And no one yet has mentioned the weather!

The format is basically the same as in the last two years except that this year there are only two flights in the competition. Since there are fifteen teams competing, the first flight will consist of eight teams with seven in the second. Monday and Tuesday are the stroke-play days, with Wednesday to Friday, match-play.

The agreed format is that each team has six players with an option of a seventh player to allow substitution should there be a problem. These are senior ladies when all said and done - but perhaps one should not say that. Strangely all but four of the teams have registered their intention to have seven players, which is its own safeguard. Austria, Denmark, Spain and Scotland, all being well, will keep clear of twisted ankles, joint problems and fresh seafood salads! Our captain Pamela Williamson (Baberton) jokingly said if anything goes wrong after the team has boarded the plane, she'll take up the injured person's golf clubs and play herself! Hopefully she wasn't serious and has room in her handbag for her own clubs.

The aggregate of the lowest five scores out of six on both the Monday and the Tuesday goes towards determining a total score for each team. The top eight aggregate scores will constitute the first flight (from whom the eventual winner will come) and the remainder the second flight. Naturally we expect Scotland to be in the top eight. Each flight will then have its own seeded draw. In the event of a tie, the scores from the sixth person will go towards the decision, so no pressure anyone! Our Scottish ladies have been drawn to play with fellow seniors from Slovenia, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain on the Monday and Tuesday and expect to be fluent by the end of the week.

The matchplay format (Wednesday to Friday) consists of one foursome and four singles. Win or lose every team continues to play into the second day's matchplay so there will be no time for sight-seeing! With all the usual tiring tournament- added-extras like processions, photographs, cocktail parties, etc,etc it is to be hoped they will all be fed and watered and in bed by ten o'clock!

There will be live scoring on the various websites so that everyone at home will be able to follow the day's progress just as it happens. It promises to be very exciting!

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


A little bird has let this blog know that our East Vets Captain Elise Guy has successfully contested the Bronze Championship at Gullane and is now the Gullane Ladies Bronze Champion of 2009. No details of the game are available suffice to say that it was fought very tenaciously. Congratulations Elise. What a star! Posted by Picasa

Ramsden Cup - latest (but approaching the end!)

The Ramsden Cup has been proceeding quietly but efficiently throughout the year (keeping to the specified dates despite the problems of holidays) and is now rapidly getting down to the nitty-gritty - THE FINAL.

Mary Davidson(Kingsknowe) beat Anne Brownie(Lothianburn)
Gilly Glen(Craigmillar Park) beat Norma Richmond (Murrayfield)

Mary Davidson will now meet Gilly Glen in the final. Since this IS the final and since holidays have inconveniently got in the way of a great battle, leniency has permitted an extension. The result will be determined by September 3rd.

Good luck to both.

Friday, 14 August 2009


Pamela Williamson (Baberton) was beaten on the eighteenth hole in the fourth round by Anne Ramsay of Kirriemuir. She in turn succumbed to Rachel Hanlon who had defeated Helen Faulds the previous day. Rachel was the eventual winner.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Strathtyrum Success for an East Vet

Pamela Williamson is the only surviving East Vet in the hard-fought annual tournament at St Andrews - the Strathtyrum. Tomorrow Pamela will compete in the 3rd round when she takes on Ann Ramsay of Kirriemuir, the winner of the Munross Cup at Montrose in June.

To qualify for the matchplay stage of the Strathtyrum there are two qualifying rounds from which the top scratch 32 players go through. The first of these qualifying rounds is over the Eden course and the second over the New Course, both St Andrews. The matchplay stage is played over the Eden. Both Pamela Willliamson and Joan Marshall from Baberton qualified, Pamela having scores of 90,82 and Joan 78, 95. (Joan's daughter Karen was the top seed with a great score of 71 over the Eden and an 80 over the New) The West Vet captain Helen Faulds also qualified with scores of 83,86.

In the first round Pamela beat Marsha Button of Nuneaton by 4 and 3 and in the second, she won by 4 and 2 against J. Fallows of Manchester. Joan unfortunately lost in the first round to Lynnette Hebden of Pryor Hayes by 4 and 2. Bad luck. Helen won through in her first round against Sarah Ledinghame of Murrayfield, when she won by 2 holes. However she met the number 3 seed, Rachel Hanlon of St Regulus in the second round, and unfortunately lost by 5 and 4.

So its all over to Pamela. Good luck tomorrow.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Slideshow from Troon - better sit down and put on the kettle

The Asp Trophy

The Asp trophy was kindly donated by Asp Robertson of Gullane Ladies in 2003. She had noted the lack of something to play for - a focus in this popular annual foursomes match between the East and West, which had been running for more than 30 years. Most appropriately, the Asp Trophy stands for Amicitia Semper Palma which roughly translates as "Friendship always wins the prize" . The smiling faces and happy chatter in the clubhouse after the game speaks volumes for the aptness of this quotation. Posted by Picasa

Very Enjoyable Day at Troon Portland in East v West Foursomes

Click to enlarge

In the annual foursomes match between the East and West Vets, there was a welcome change to what was beginning to be a bit of a "bad habit" - East drew with the West 2 1/2 points each. Since 2005 the Friendship Trophy - the ASP trophy - had taken up lodgings in the Troon Portland Trophy cupboard. Certainly although the draw means it is going to stay there for another year, changes are afoot. So next year at Gullane, West Vets, watch out.

The day started off poorly as the skies were heavy indeed. Everyone peering through swishing wiper blades whilst travelling to Troon Portland, from the East and the West (and one person from Galloway) must glumly have been thinking of wet clubs and waterproofs, but by 11am, the skies had cleared and the sun came out. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And when the final result came up with a draw, that just seemed the perfect result .
The West had already got two points on the board when East notched up their first with Janet Wake chipping very nicely over a bunker on to the 16th green. The West (Jinty Halley and Jean-Helen Stobie) were not successful in getting out of the bunker from their tee shot - the bunkers were a little wet from the overnight rain and quite difficult. Carol Fell (West vets webmaster) and Bunnie Grant missed on the last hole to allow the East a half. Then the icing on the cake - a victory on the eighteenth by Carol McLeod and Carole Ross, after a great tussle, even although oddly enough they seemed to prefer the tourist route down the right-sided rough. Thanks girls.
Results (East names first)
Clare Bowe & Sydena Cullen halved with Carol Fell & Bunnie Grant
Maureen McRobb & Kate Johnstone lost to Enid Young & Nora McCrossin 5 and 3
Carol McLeod & Carole Ross beat Ruth Henderson & Jennifer Graham 1 hole
Gilly Glen & Ellice Cackett lost to Sandra Gilchrist & Elspeth Dewar 3 and 2
Caroline Kinnaird & Janet Wake beat Jinty Halley & Jean-Helen Stobie
Halved match

Thanks to our West friend for a great day at Troon Portland

Friday, 7 August 2009

Scottish Winners at the Jamboree in Bath

Happy smiling faces and well there should be. Scotland's victorious Vets team with the captain Dr. Lynne Terry holding the Miller Stirling Trophy. Clearly a lot of people from different angles were taking pictures! On whom to bestow the smile?

Click on the picture to enlarge

From left to right - Helen Faulds (Douglas Park), Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose), Mary Smith (Tain), Dr Lynne Terry, captain (Cruden Bay), Heather Anderson (Alyth), Fiona de Vries (St Rule), Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies), Lorna Bennett (Ladybank), Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Not in the picture Pamela Williamson, vice-captain (Baberton)

Hope you all got home safely, girls. Thanks to Helen Faulds with her able assistant Kathleen Sutherland for the supply of pictures.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Scotland win the Miller Stirling Trophy at Bath

It may not have been the traditional method of winning the Jamboree inasmuch as it was a foursome short of the agreed format, but who cares. With maximum points, Scotland were the clear winners and have lifted the trophy and none of the other teams should have anything untoward to say.

In the morning, before the rains came (back in Roman times the town planners must have scoured the country to find the wettest place in which to build Bath), Scotland drew with England South in the foursomes.

Lorna Bennett and Fiona de Vries halved with two players one of whom, Carol Caldwell was a very old adversary but a weil-kent face indeed, having appeared more years than can be remembered. Our second couple, Heather and Fiona had a very tight but successful game against two ladies who were included in last year's team. Moira and Mary had a tough game against the redoubtable Chris Stirling and her partner Jeannie O'Keefe, also in last year's team. Unfortunately they lost, but only on the 17th.

So tactics were discussed over lunch and over the drawn scoreline. Helen and Kathleen, who were supposed to be 'resting' while the others slogged round the course, took this quite literally and were to be seen slumped in the top deck of the English equivalent of a 'Guid Friday' bus, occasionally rising to their feet to take photographs like their Japanese cousins.

In the afternoon Scotland took the honours four games to two.


Morning Foursomes

Fiona de Vries and Lorna Bennett halved with Carole Caldwell and Jo Rumsey

Heather Anderson and Fiona Hunter beat Irene Brien and Cathy Armstrong 3 and 1

Mary Smith and Moira Thomson lost to Jeannie O'Keefe and Chris Stirling 2 and 1

Afternoon Singles

Fiona de Vries lost to Jeannie O'Keefe 1 hole

Lorna Bennett beat Carol Caldwell 0ne up

Heather Anderson beat Jo Rumsey 7 and 6

Kathleen Sutherland beat Irene Brien 5 and 3

Moira Thomson beat Cathy Armstrong 1 hole

Helen Faulds lost to Chris Stirling 2 and 1

Scotland 5 1/2 English South 3 1/2

In the afternoon, it rained - again - but who noticed. No one needed dry things the next day. Many of the games were very close indeed. Many old scores were settled! Many games were won with a generous margin but NO games were lost in similar vein. Fiona de Vries must have been extremely disappointed to lose when she had six birdies in her game against Jeannie O'Keefe, such was the quality of the golf. Congratulations also go to the management team of Lynne Terry, Pamela Williamson, Isobel McIntosh and the invisible but tireless Jean Lambert. After the presentation of the Miller Stirling Trophy, requests over the telephone were made for interesting chitchat to the afternoon play but little was to be gleaned above the babel in the background. The Vice-captain was only just heard saying that there had been "super golf" played this afternoon. Well done everyone.
PS Pictures of the winning team and their trophy have been promised for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Scotland must now be Favourites to win the Jamboree

After yesterday's torrential rain, twelve pairings of willing golfers assembled bright and early this morning for their foursomes at a soggy Bath Golf Club - four pairings were 'resting' back in the hotel oblivious to everything and they were the lucky ones since no one went out in the morning at all. Someone had forgotten to pull the plug out in Bath with consequent overflowing all over the golf course . This must be the most unfortunate of annual competitions when it would seem almost unheard of if some part of the game were not cancelled due to rain, resulting in the inevitable frenetic calculation of a winner from games points. It was exactly the same thing last year at Southerness, and before then at Strathmore, Seaton Carew, Frilford Heath etc etc.

This morning the foursomes were cancelled due to flooding on the greens and it was decided to send out eight single matches in the afternoon only, all teams getting the ninth point to make up the deficit.

Scotland took on the Midlands who had won the previous day against the South. The games were not quite so close as yesterday but the result of the whole match was. It fell to the back-marker, Helen Faulds to produce the winning point for Scotland to chalk up yet another victory - the only team so far to have maximum points.

This last game was all the more exciting because, with the match sitting at 4/3 to Scotland, a win by the Midlands would have meant a drawn match. Helen didn't make it easy on herself (or her supporters) by driving out of bounds and over a dry stane dyke at the seventeenth, where her game was all square. Minor problem - three off the tee, mid-iron to the green and a 10 yard tramliner to halve the hole in five! Eighteenth hole and still all square, saw a nice par five for Helen and bunker trouble for Angela Dawson. Hole, game and match to Scotland.

Out of the eight matches, four were won, two were halved and two were lost. Fiona de Vries met a barrage of five birdies from Janet Collingham (a former English champion) and Heather Anderson lost very narrowly at the seventeenth to Paula Parker. Lorna Bennett was one down going into the eighteenth but won the hole to get a halved match and Mary Smith likewise got a drawn match after being two down with three to play. Moira Thomson played very well to win by 5 and 4 against Andrea Stockdale. Good wins by Fiona Hunter and Kathleen Sutherland brought the total to 5-3. Well done girls.

Fiona de Vries lost to Janet Collingham 4 and 3
Lorna Bennett halved with Jo Ashmore
Heather Anderson lost to Paula Parker 2 and 1
Kathleen Sutherland beat Pat West 5 and 3
Mary Smith halved with Julie Walter
Fiona Hunter beat Denise Parker 3 and 2
Moira Thomson beat Andrea Stockdale 5 and 4
Helen Faulds beat Angela Dawson 1 up

The South who lost to Midlands yesterday, maintained their losing streak with a 6 1/2 - 2 1/2 defeat by the North who now have two points. Scotland play the South tomorrow but can assume nothing.

Scotland 4 points
Midlands 2 points
North 2 points
South nil points

Still all to play for.

Pictures from Bath

In order from the top,
1. Scotland (the official photograph)
2. Scotland (the unofficial photograph - maybe a wasp had been trying to get in on the act - either that or Pamela is practising shoulders back, bust out, Moira and Helen are comparing sizes, and Heather is compassionate. Fiona's definitely somewhere else (what's new) Fiona H. is showing off her nails and Kathleen is suitably impressed. Mary is asleep on her feet and Isobel - well she can't quite believe she's president of this motley crew. Lorna is the only one paying attention!)
3. Midlands
4. North
5. The South
Click should you wish to enlarge.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Scottish Vets win against England North on Day 1

Scotland started off the batting by winning all of their morning foursomes against the North of England, despite two of the team being rather unwell from about four o'clock - possibly with food poisoning. No changes were made to the announced team for the morning (possibly because healthier players were fast asleep) but all was well. The North of England was fielding somewhat of a new-look team with four different faces from the 2008 lineup, but it didn't put our girls off in the slightest. In the afternoon we carried the day with a 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 victory where all games were very close and went to either the seventeenth or eighteenth holes. Helen Faulds was delighted to report that she holed her second shot at the first, for an eagle, which had no doubt helped unsettle her disgruntled English opponent from the very beginning. All that mid-iron practice helps!

Bad weather was enjoyed by all and in fact was described by our spokesperson as "hellish". Everyone was soaked through and all rooms in the hotel have more than a passing similarity to chinese laundries, (is one allowed to say that?). However, since 2009 had brought forth an adequate supply of the new teeshirts, (for which everyone is grateful) hopefully by tomorrow, with other garments and equipment dried off, the team will be up and raring to go.

Morning Foursomes
Fiona de Vries and Lorna Bennett beat Fiona Anderson and Pat Wrightson 2 and 1
Heather Anderson and Fiona Hunter beat Elaine Elliot and Caroline Marron 6 and 5
Mary Smith and Moira Thomson beat Sue Dye and Lucy Newton 5 and 4
Scotland 3 - North of England 0

Afternoon Singles:
Fiona de Vries beat Caroline Marron 2 and 1
Lorna Bennett halved with Sue Dye
Heather Anderson lost to Fiona Anderson 1 hole
Kathleen Sutherland beat Alison Wood 3 and 1
Mary Smith beat Ruth Lyndley 3 and 1
Helen Faulds beat Lucy Newton 2 and 1
Scotland 4 1/2 - North 1 1/2
Total result Scotland 7 1/2 - North 1 1/2

Two great points to Scotland. Tomorrow is against the strong Midlands team. Good luck!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Jamboree Starts Tuesday 4th August

The annual Jamboree is upon us and the Scottish team hopefully are assembled and all systems go. They will be desperate to retain the Miller Stirling Trophy which they won last year at Southerness, although the competition was cut short after two days due to inclement weather.

Two of our East Vets are in the team, Fiona Hunter (Baberton) and Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies). They and the other six members of the team are under the genial guidance (believe that if you want!) of Dr Lynne Terry (captain) and vice-captain Pamela Williamson(Baberton). Press-ups at dawn.

Today, Monday was practice day. If you want a look at Bath Golf Course - go into "Link" down the left hand side, select 'Bath Golf Club' and each of the holes can be brought up at the touch of a button - or mouse. Tomorrow, Tuesday, they play against the North of England, Wednesday against the Midlands and on Thursday, (whether or not this is the strongest opposition, it is ALWAYS the one to beat) our Scottish team plays against the South.

So tomorrow, three foursomes in the morning and six singles in the afternoon. Good luck to them

OK - agreed not quite an East Vet yet

So Catriona Matthew (North Berwick) isn't quite old enough to play for the East Vets but we should celebrate her anyway. Today many will have been rooted to their television screens, our Scottish Girls Team were actually there en masse at Lytham St Annes waving our flag and the Scottish Vets team, bless 'em - down in Bath for the Jamboree, getting geared up for their practice round tomorrow - may or may not have arrived in time to see the exciting but emotional finishing stages of the Ricoh British Open - depending on whether they took the least circuitous route or in fact left early enough this morning.

For the last few days , Catriona has been hogging the limelight, quietly proceeding through this competition, seemingly unflustered, smiling and generally issuing an enviable air of serenity. There have been days when the golf was fantastic, when she probably felt "it was going her way". She certainly looked as if she could putt with her eyes closed. And that's great. We all know what that's like because it generally happens so infrequently we would remember. But then there's the other days when things don't quite happen - the drives aren't so straight, the irons don't make the green, there's far too many bunkers or rough and then it gets more difficult. Was that what happened today to Catriona when her overnight lead started to look just a little less secure. But champions are made when they can buckle down, grit their teeth, ignore the less than perfect shot and still get that ball in the hole. OK, Catriona wasn't always on the fairway, with her ball spraying uncharacteristically all over the place but some of her recovery shots - to die for. And the consistency on the greens - that putter was just sizzling.

Well done Catriona - a true embassador for Scotland and surely a great inspiration for our girls down in Bath.

One small point - was that our Gillian Kirkwood by any chance advising on a bunker shot at the 14th?

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

East v West Foursomes at Troon Portland

The annual foursomes match between the East and West Vets will take place this year at Troon Portland on Monday August 10th and the team to seize the Friendship Trophy back from the West Vets has been selected. Having noted the lack of something to play for, this trophy was kindly donated by Asp Robertson and she has been patiently waiting for it to grace the East Vets Trophy cupboard since its arrival on the scene. The match itself has been going for over thirty years but recent success has been denied us. This is all about to change and the team to do it (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

Clare Bowe (Gullane Ladies)
Ellice Cackett (Broomieknowe)
Sydena Cullen (Turnhouse)
Gilly Glen (Craigmillar Park)
Kate Johnston (Baberton)
Caroline Kinnaird (Glencorse)
Carol Macleod (Gullane Ladies)
Maureen McRobb (Kingsknowe)
Carole Ross (North Berwick)
Janet Wake (Merchants)

Reserves to be announced later.

The format is foursomes and all games are played off scratch. It'll be tough but our girls are up for it. Wish them luck.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Spare a Thought

Who amongst us didn't feel for that pretty famous "vet" at the Open yesterday - Tom Watson. He was an icon to the "over fifties" right to that very last putt.

All the way round each of the four rounds, apparently unperturbed by the hype, the event, all these younger than young, new hopefuls, with their confidence, their energy, their flexibility- whatever happened to gangliness - and obvious skill, ever the gentleman, he quietly got on with his own game. If he thought to himself that if he heard the "fifty-nine going on sixty" "great for his age" etc etc, one more time he would definitely be making an alternative use of his four iron, parting someone's hair- it certainly did not show in his expression. But, with each of the four extra holes, despite the gentle smile, there was no hiding the pain behind his eyes, the slight hesitancy in his step and in his play, as his hopes were dashed slowly and torturously. What would he have given not to continue playing, not to watch the game which had excited audiences everywhere, quite simply disintegrate. He must have been in mental agony. Who amongst us, at whatever level we play this game, has not been just where he was, has not later re-run the whole nightmare over and over again, pin-pointing the moment in time when it all went wrong and used that time-worn phrase "if only" - but at least we didn't do it in front of the world.

Spare a thought for this golfer who smiled and behaved impeccably throughout and ask yourself - who was a winner?

Scottish Team for the European Senior Ladies Championship includes East Vets

The team to represent Scotland in the European Seniors Ladies Championship in Ireland this September includes two east vets - Moira Thomson (Gullane ladies) and Fiona Hunter (Baberton). First reserve is Noreen Fenton (Dunbar).Each country sends a team of six players - although last year this was subject to variation. Initially there are two rounds of strokeplay competition to determine which flight of the competition that country will play in - in groups of four - and thereafter each flight is subject to matchplay. one foursome and four singles to determine a winner, semifinalist and third or fourth.

The results will be posted by live scoring on the LGU website and hopefully fairly soon after by your truly.

Scottish team:
Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies)
First reserve: Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
Second reserve: Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Third reserve: Kathleen Sutherland (Royal Montrose)
Captain Pamela Williamson

Saturday, 18 July 2009

East Vets in Scottish Team for Annual Jamboree

Two vets will represent the East Division in the Scottish team selected to play in the annual Jamboree at Bath in August 4 - 6. They are Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies) who was runner-up in the recent Scottish Senior Ladies Championship at Kinross and Fiona Hunter (Baberton) Scottish Stroke-play Champion 2009. The team is as follows:

Heather Anderson (Alyth)
Lorna Bennett (Ladybank)
Fiona de Vries (St Rule)
Helen Faulds (Douglas Park)
Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
Mary Smith (Tain)
Moira Thomson (Gullane Ladies)
Reserve Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie)
Dr. Lynne Terry (Cruden Bay) Captain
Pamela Williamson (Baberton) Vice-captain

Friday, 10 July 2009

Results from Duddingston for East Vets

Despite a respectable presence of East Vets at the Midlothian Centenary Celebrations at Duddingston, the prizelist was not avalanched by vet names.

However Pamela Williamson, Joan Marshall and Karen Marshall all of Baberton uplifted second prize with 137 points (the winners from Broomieknowe had 134 points). Very well done to them.

Fiona Hunter (Baberton) had nearest the pin in 3 at the 8th hole.
Fiona Verth (Gullane Ladies) won the Centenary Surprise
Ellice Cackett (Broomieknowe) was nearest the line on the 18th fairway.

A great day and enjoyed by all.

Success at Pitlochry and in the Morison Millar

Mary Davidson of Kingsknowe has had a successful appearance at Pitlochry in the Highland Women's Open. She was second in the Silver Handicap Division with a total of 143. This took her into the Matchplay stage where she first of all won against Catherine Simpson of Bridge of Allan by 4 and 3 in the first round. A tight game in the second round unfortunately resulted in a 2 and 1 defeat by Fiona Robertson of St Michael's.

Bad luck but still well done Mary!

However -Mary was at it again when she, partnered by Sheila Lyon in a Kingsknowe team including Louise Fraser and Sheila Halliday, won the Morison Millar last week at Lothianburn on Thursday 2nd July where the only sane place apparently to be in the soaring temperatures was half-way up a mountain. They had a marvellous total of 291 which just plucked the trophy from Baberton B and the homegrown team of Lothianburn (Ruth Brown, Christine Clement, E.Adair and V. Thomson.)

Great week for Mary and Sheila

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Midlothian Centenary Celebrations

Posted by Picasa

Click to enlarge - but be careful

Midlothian Ladies' County Golf Association held their Centenary Tri-am at Duddingston Golf Club today 9th July and it was a fantastic day, weather-wise and because it was an organisational dream of a day - thanks going to, amongst others, two East Vets who were on the Centenary Committee, namely Karen Ballantyne and Mairi Pollock of Craigmillar Park. Trios of ladies went out all day from 8.50 to 5.30. a total of over 160 competitors. Many of these trios were purely East Vets and some were a "mixed age bag". All were smiling hugely and enjoying a great day in celebration of the Centenary.

Our picture at the top of this report shows our own Ethel Jack and Gillian Kirkwood, accompanied by their guest, that well-known raconteur, Helen Faulds, captain of the West Vets. The webmaster happened to knock into them as they approached the eighteenth hole and was able to take a few snaps.

Out of the entire field of roughly 160 ladies, a quarter were East Vets, but as most were in mixed teams, their performance in the field as a whole was not meaningful. They just enjoyed themselves. In each of the first six holes, the nett best ball counted of the three. This was just to get them going! In the second six holes, two better balls of the three counted - but in the last six holes, from the long Temple Hole until driving straight for Craigmillar Castle at the 18th, everyone had to mind their P's and Q's. Unworthy sevens and eights could not now be ditched in the rough or behind bushes - they were all counting. Ethel Jack, (in the Ethel Jack, Gillian Kirkwood and Helen Faulds(W-K R)trio) said that Gillian Kirkwood (referee) was very severe indeed, wouldn't let her off with a thing and penalised her right, left and centre. However as noted in the above photo, they emerged still smiling.

Results tomorrow.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Belated Results at Kinross

Here are the actual matchplay results at Kinross- apologies for the lateness but the sister ships at West vets and Midland Vets pretty well covered everything.

First Round:
FIONA HUNTER lost to Heather Anderson 7 and 5
Sheila Cuthbertson lost to Suzanne Cadden by 1 hole
Fiona de Vries lost to Helen Faulds 6 and 4
PAMELA WILLIAMSON lost to Alex Glennie 5 and 3
NOREEN FENTON beat Frances Neish 1 hole
Mary Smith beat Anna Telfer 4 and 3
Kathleen Sutherland lost to MOIRA THOMSON 2 and 1
Margaret Tough lost to Lorna Bennett 3 and 2

Second Round:
Heather Anderson beat Suzanne Cadden 3 and 2
Helen Faulds lost to Alex Glennis 2 and 1
NOREEN FENTON beat Mary Smith 2 holes
MOIRA THOMSON beat Lorna Bennett at the 20th

Heather Anderson beat Alex Glennie 6 and 4

Heather Anderson beat MOIRA THOMSON 5 and 3

Second Flight Competition results (for losers in the first round)
FIONA HUNTER beat Sheila Cuthbertson
Fiona de Vries beat PAMELA WILLIAMSON
Frances Neish lost to Anna Telfer
Kathleen Sutherland beat Margaret Tough

Second Flight Semi-finals:
Fiona de Vries beat FIONA HUNTER
Anna Telfer lost to Kathleen Sutherland

Second Flight Final:
Fiona de Vries lost to Kathleen Sutherland

Congratulations to Carol Fell on her magnificent, humorous and very full reporting for the West Vets, Where DO you find these sources

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Some pictures of East Vets at Kinross

Click to enlarge

Moira Thomson beaten in the final at Kinross

Moira Thomson(Gullane ladies) failed to take the Scottish Senior ladies Championship 2009 at Kinross yesterday after an exciting match watched only by true stalwarts who braved the much promised about-turn in the weather.
Heather Anderson of Alyth, a previous winner of the Scottish Veteran Ladies Golf Championship (as is Moira) took on not only the consistently steady Moira, but a bevy of other ladies of proven record, a very worthy course, a complete kaleidoscope of weather and a guerilla war waged by resident clegs, to lift the trophy. A worthy champion indeed.Posted by Picasa
The final score of 5 and 3 for Heather did little justice to the great golf on view when over the first seven holes none were halved and at that point, she was only one up. Tit for tat.
Despite mistakes on both sides, with visits to dark forests and obliging bunkers, Heather, by virtue not only of great golf shots but an increasingly lethal putter, took control of the match and won four in concession from the ninth. A 20 foot racer secured the 11th - (pictured above) followed by a putt of similar length from off the green at the very slopey 12th, which was little short of a kamikaze dive into the hole. Moira must have thought, seeing it charge down the incline that she had a hope of getting one back, since it would surely have gone right off the green. Unfortunately for her, the pin got in the way! At that point Moira went 5 down.
However characteristically, she capitalised on unexpected errors by her opponent at the 13th and reduced that to four. Despite a beautiful iron to the long-short 14th by Moira, giving her an easy three, Heather produced a mouth-watering chip from beyond the back of the green, to stop right at the pin for a half.
Both drove nicely down the increasingly heavy, long 15th, Heather playing her second safely down the right but Moira finding the mid-fairway bunker with hers. Harbouring a huge lip, a recovery from this bunker, sufficient to reach the green was never on the cards but Moira came out very well. Her next found the back of the green but a necessary attacking putt, bearing in mind her dormie-down situation, left her too much to do, leaving Heather free to secure the match and the title.
Moira had a difficult half on the way to the final, beating Kathleen Sutherland, Lorna Bennett and Noreen Fenton - all previous winners of the Scottish Vets - Lorna Bennett also being the defending champion of the Scottish Seniors. Moira was runner-up in this competition in 2005 at Grantown-on-Spey. Next year it is at Fortrose and Rosemarkie. She'll be hoping to splat that old saying - twice the bridesmaid never the bride.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Fiona Hunter wins Strokeplay

Fiona Hunter of Baberton successfully managed to add a good second score to her fantastic first round score of yesterday, to win the Scottish Senior ladies' Strokeplay Championship at Kinross today. With a score today of 80 this gave her a total of 153, one stroke clear of Lorna Bennett(Ladybank) Noreen Fenton (Dunbar) and Alex Glennie (Kilmarnock Barassie). Lorna Bennett was the runner-up having the best second day score of 74 to add to her 80 in round 1.

Playing a defensive game is not Fiona's favourite but aside from trying to score well, like all the other positively glowing ladies, she found the temperature, humidity and constant threat of thunderstorms a gruelling test. Well done Fiona. Pictures will follow when the webmaster has access to them.

East vets managed to have four ladies in the top sixteen who go forward to the matchplay event tomorrow, these being Fiona Hunter, Noreen Fenton, Moira Thomson and Pamela Williamson (Scottish Vets captain).

East vets leading scores today - please link to west vets or kirkwoodgolf for the full list

153 Fiona Hunter 73,80
154 Noreen Fenton 75,79
161 Moira Thomson 80,81
162 Pamela Williamson 79,83
167 Rita Dee85,82
170 Sue Penman 82,88
177 Karen Ballantyne 84,93
183 Lesley Johnstone 95,88

Matchplay tomorrow

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

East Vets do well in First Round of Scottish Seniors

Out of a field of over sixty Scottish Senior lady golfers, East Vets can lay claim to a very respectable five in the top sixteen, sixteen being the magic number after Round 2 (Wednesday) which will see the contenders through to the matchplay stage of the competition. After Round 1 the cut off for the top sixteen is 82 - congratulations to Sue Penman of Gullane Ladies - this was you.

The first ladies out at 8.40 were greeted with pretty misty conditions but it was not at all cold or unpleasant - and there was no wind. It did however become increasingly humid and swarms of hungry flies and midges were a bit of a nuisance. Flies have this aptitude for grabbing one's attention by hovering just at eye level in the middle of one's putt. Rounds of four hours were the norm andwith the sun breaking through the slight mist, most ladies were very glad indeed to reach the clubhouse at the eighteenth and see about replenishing all that fluid lost out on the course. The greens were very slow but the course was in excellent condition.

Fiona Hunter of Baberton brought in a pretty fantastic 73 which remained the best for day one.

Leading East Vets Scores:

73 Fiona Hunter (Baberton)
75 Noreen Fenton (Dunbar)
79 Pamela Williamson (Baberton)
80 Moira Thomson (Gullane ladies)
82 Sue Penman (Gullane Ladies)
84 Karen Ballantyne (Craigmillar Park)
85 Rita Dee (Kingsknowe)
91 Maureen McRobb
90 Mairi Pollock (Craigmillar Park)
95 Lesley Johnston (Gullane Ladies)

At the point of posting this, the times for tomorrow's draw were not available but the CSS had risen to 74 All to play for tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Nine East Vets in Scottish Senior Championship at Kinross

Nine East Vet ladies have entered the Scottish Senior Ladies' (Close) Amateur Championship playing over the Montgomery Course, Kinross which starts this Tuesday 30 June. There is a practice round on Monday.

It takes the format of two strokeplay rounds, one on Tuesday and the other on Wednesday, the winner of the Strokeplay Championship having the best scratch aggregate of the 36 holes. The top sixteen scratch scores then proceed into the matchplay part of the competition, two rounds on Thursday and the semi-final and final on Friday. The eight losing first round competitors have a second bite at the cherry by being able to compete in the Second Flight Matchplay which so often is every bit as nail-biting as the actual championship.

East Vet representatives and their starting times on Tuesday:

8.50 Pamela Williamson(Baberton)
9.00 Karen Ballantyne(Craigmillar Park), Lesley Johnstone(Gullane Ladies)
9.10 Sue Penman(Gullane Ladies)
9.40 Fiona Hunter(Baberton)
9.50 Noreen Fenton(Dunbar), Moira Thomson(Gullane Ladies)
10.30 Rita Dee(Kingsknowe)
10.50 Maureen McRobb(Kingsknowe)

Good scoring to all and also to Mairi Pollock of Craigmillar Park